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1000 computer science projects ideas,topics or titles (New and Updated list)
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1. Graphbased Recommendation on Social Networks
2. Adaptive Multiagent System For Traffic Monitoring
3. Architectural Risk Analysis of Software Systems Based on Security Patterns
4. Providing Architectural Languages and Tools Interoperability through Model Transformation Technologies
5. SAMI: The SLA Management Instance
6. The CoQUOS Approach to Continuous Queries in Unstructured Overlays
7. Introduction to the DomainDriven Data Mining Special Section
8. Beyond Redundancies A MetricInvariant Method for Unsupervised Feature Selection
9. BinRank Scaling Dynamic AuthorityBased Search Using Materialized Subgraphs
10. Predicting Missing items in Shopping Carts
11. Application Layer Traffic Optimization in the eMule System
12. Efficient PeertoPeer Similarity Query Processing for Highdimensional Data
13. ISRABased Grouping: A Disk Reorganization Approach for Disk Energy Conservation and Disk Performance Enhancement
14. Dependability Evaluation with Dynamic Reliability Block Diagrams and Dynamic Fault Trees
15. Probabilistic Topic Models for Learning Terminological Ontologies
16. Optimal Jamming Attack Strategies and Network Defense Policies in Wireless Sensor Networks
17. Social Surroundings Bridging the Virtual and Physical Divide
18. Requirements for Distributed Eventbased Awareness in PP Groupware Systems
19. Data Mining Approach for Detecting HigherLevel Clones in Software
20. Exception Handling Patterns for Process Modeling
21. A Quadratic, Complete, and Minimal Consistency Diagnosis Process for Firewall ACLs
22. An Improvement in Apriori algorithm Using Profit And Quantity
23. OneTripTime based Congestion Control for Distributed Realtime Applications
24. WSOTF: An Automatic Testing Tool for Web Services Composition
25. Using Recommendation to Limit Search Space in Web Services Discovery
26. A Parameterized Approach to SpamResilient Link Analysis of the Web
27. Detecting Suspicious Motion with Nonimaging Sensors
28. KTR: An Efficient Key Management Scheme for Secure Data Access Control in Wireless Broadcast Services
29. Webbased Personal Health Records Filtering using Fuzzy Prototypes and Data Quality Criteria
30. Robust Runtime Optimization of Data Transfer in Queries over Web Services
31. A qos control mechanism to provide service differentiation overload protection to internet scalable servers
32. Optimizing Resource Conflicts in Workflow Management Systems
33. Lord of the Links: A Framework for Discovering Missing Links in the Internet Topology
34. Stabilization of Parametric Active Contours Using a Tangential Redistribution Term
35. Making Smart Cards Truly Portable
36. Information Overload A Collaborative Dance Perform
37. Probabilistic Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries on Uncertain Data
38. AWorkflow Fragmentation Framework for Enterprise GridWorkflow Systems
39. Profitdriven Service Request Scheduling in Clouds
40. Consistency Management Strategies for Data Replication in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
41. BlogMiner: Web Blog Mining Application for Classification of Movie Reviews
42. KeyframeBased Video Summary Using Visual Attention Clues
43. LowEnergy Symmetric Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
44. VEBEK Virtual EnergyBased Encryption and Keying for Wireless Sensor Networks
45. Discovering Services during ServiceBased System Design Using UML
46. ClusteringBased Denoising With Locally Learned Dictionaries
47. The Effects of Stitching Orders in PatchandStitch WSN Localization Algorithms
48. SelfSimilarity and Points of Interest
49. Predicting the missing items in the shopping cart
50. CAR : Contextaware Adaptive Routing for Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks
51. A Coverage Inference Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
52. LargeScale IP Traceback in HighSpeed Internet: Practical Techniques and Theoretical Foundation
53. On Fairness, Optimizing Replica Selection in Data Grids
54. Effective Clustering of Dense and Concentrated Online Communities
55. Optimal Accounting Policies for AAA Systems in Mobile Telecommunications Networks
56. A Framework for Programming Robust ContextAware Applications
57. Target Association Rules: A New Behavioral Patterns for Point of Coverage Wireless Sensor Networks
58. A Novel Design of Internet Digital Content Distribution Platform
59. Daios: Efficient Dynamic Web Service Invocation
60. Towards a Unifying View of QoSEnhancedWeb Service Description and Discovery Approaches
61. Multimodal Fusion for Video Search Reranking
62. Discovering Activities to Recognize and Track in a Smart Environment
63. PrivacyAware Collaborative Spam Filtering
64. Mining nonderivable frequent item sets over data stream
65. Two Novel Adaptive Symbolic Representations for Similarity Search in Time Series Databases
66. Model Checking Probabilistic and Stochastic Extensions of the ;Calculus
67. Mining Predictive kCNF Expressions
68. A Context Conflict Resolution with Optimized Mediation
69. PeertoPeer Overlay Gateway Services for Home Automation and Management
70. Adaptive Scheduling for Staged Applications: The Case of Multiple Processing Units
71. Weight based DSR for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
72. Detecting Application DenialofService Attacks A GroupTestingBased Approach
73. Video Management over Relational Database
74. Configurable Composition and Adaptive Provisioning of Web Services
75. A Platform for ContextAware and Digital Rights ManagementEnabled Content Adaptation
76. TradeOffs in BitRate Allocation for Wireless Video Streaming
77. Enhancing an Incremental Clustering Algorithm for Web Page Collections
78. Dynamic Multiple Fault Diagnosis: Mathematical Formulations and Solution Techniques
79. Activityaware chat system based on a study of distributed collaborative learning
80. Enhanced Modeling and Solution of Layered Queueing Networks
81. Mitigation of Control Channel Jamming under Node Capture Attacks
82. A Theoretical and Empirical Study of SearchBased Testing Local, Global, and Hybrid Search
83. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Personalized Web Search
84. Impact of Feature Reduction on the Efficiency of Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems
85. Applications of Multimedia Technology in Deformation Monitoring of Subway Tunnel
86. Campus Internet Culture and Ideological and Political Education
87. A Review of Literature in Mobile Learning: Affordances and Constraints
88. Asking Generalized Queries to Domain Experts to Improve Learning
89. A Practical PasswordBased TwoServer Authentication and Key Exchange System
90. A Query Construction Service for largescale Web Search Engines
91. A Coupled DurationFocused Architecture for RealTime MusictoScore Alignment
92. Regression Testing Techniques for Object Oriented Software
93. Visual Network Simulator VNS: A GUI to QoS simulation for the ns simulator
94. LargeScale Collection and Sanitization of Network Security Data: Risks and Challenges
95. Orchestrating Learning in a onetoone Technology Classroom
96. Traffic Modeling and Proportional Partial Caching for peer to peer systems
97. Grid of Segment Trees for Packet Classification
98. Visual Navigation for Mobile Devices
99. Selecting Attributes for Sentiment Classification Using Feature Relation Networks
100. Network Traffic using Joint Security
101. Landscaping Future Interaction: Special issue on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
102. Engineering a Sound Assertion Semantics for the Verifying Compiler
103. WSOTF An Automatic Testing Tool forWeb Services Composition
104. PAWS:Managing Primary Context through Web Services
105. Route Stability in MANETs under the Random Direction Mobility Model
106. Incremental Maintenance of Hop Labeling of Large Graphs
107. LogicBased Pattern Discovery
108. Preference Learning to Rank with Sparse Bayesian
109. Ranking Mortgage Origination Applications using Customer, Product, Environment and Workflow Attributes
110. Improved classification association rule mining
111. Reducing Soft Errors through Operand Width Aware Policies
112. A Synchronous Scheduling Service for Distributed RealTime Java
113. Prime: Byzantine Replication under Attack
114. IDSec: an Identification Layer Security Model
115. FTPA: Supporting FaultTolerant Parallel Computing through Parallel Recomputing
116. Local Wavelet Features for Statistical Object Classification and Localization
117. Improving Personalization Solutions through Optimal Segmentation of Customer Bases
118. Intelligent Multimedia Presentation in Ubiquitous Multidevice Scenarios
119. Analysis of Shortest Path Routing for Large MultiHop Wireless Networks
120. Predicting Project Velocity in XP Using a Learning Dynamic Bayesian Network Model
121. Design and Implementation of a Bilingual Conversation Ability Training System
122. Improvement of Image Contrast with Local Adaptation
123. Multipoint Relay
124. Securing AndroidPowered Mobile Devices Using ELinux
125. CAPTCHA Using Strangeness in Machine Translation
126. Theory and Techniques for Automatic Generation of VulnerabilityBased Signatures
127. Survey of Pedestrian Detection for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
128. TEXT: Automatic Template Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Pages
129. Music Clustering With Features From Different Information Sources
130. Continuous Flow Wireless Data Broadcasting for HighSpeed Environments
131. Implementation Architecture of Proxy Mobile IPv Protocol for NS Simulator Software
132. How Developers Experience and Ability Influence Web Application Comprehension Tasks Supported by UML Stereotypes A Series of Four Experiments
133. Experimental Analysis of a Wireless Sensor Network Setup Strategy Provided by an Agentoriented Middleware
134. The Role of Cognitive Styles in Investigating ELearning Usability
135. Adopting Pervasive Computing for Routine Use in Healthcare
136. Extended XML Tree Pattern Matching: Theories and Algorithms
137. The Emerging Field of Semantic Scientific Knowledge Integration
138. Continuous Stereo SelfCalibration by Camera Parameter Tracking
139. Man in the middle attack
140. Replica Placement for Route Diversity in TreeBased Routing Distributed Hash Tables
141. Histograms and Wavelets on Probabilistic Data
142. Building SmallWorld PeertoPeer Networks Based on Hierarchical Structures
143. Predective Ensemble Pruning By Expecting Propagation
144. A Quantitative Investigation of the Acceptable Risk Levels of ObjectOriented Metrics in OpenSource Systems
145. HiTrust: A Hybrid Tree based Trust Negotiation Service
146. Understanding Exception Handling Viewpoints of Novices and Experts
147. Using a Benchmark in CaseBased MultipleCriteria Ranking
148. Social Trustaware Recommendation System: A TIndex Approach
149. Patch alignment for Dimensionality Reduction
150. MagicNET: The Human Immune System and Network Security System
151. EpisodeConstrained CrossValidation in Video Concept Retrieval
152. Exploiting and Defending Opportunistic Scheduling in Cellular Data Networks
153. Investigation on Applying Information Technology in Graduation Design
154. Service Collaboration Network: A Novel Mechanism for Web Service Management
155. A Novel Probability Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application
156. A Traffic Engineering Approach for Placement and Selection of Network Services
157. DomainDriven Classification Based on Multiple Criteria and Multiple ConstraintLevel Programming for Intelligent Credit Scoring
158. Security Decision Support Challenges in Data Collection and Use
159. Image Denoising Using Mixtures of Projected Gaussian Scale Mixtures
160. Analytical Temporal Specification Issues for Industrial Control Systems
161. Key Agreement in PeertoPeer Wireless Networks
162. Dynamics of Malware Spread in Decentralized PeertoPeer Networks
163. Resource Bundles Using Aggregation for Statistical LargeScale Resource Discovery and Management
164. SORD: A FaultResilient Service Overlay for MediaPort Resource Discovery
165. Securing Topology Maintenance Protocols for Sensor Networks
166. Towards Formal Verification of RoleBased Access Control Policies
167. Efficient and Scalable HardwareBased Multicast in FatTree Networks
168. Clustering Relational Database Entities using Kmeans
169. Modeling of Sensor Data and Context for the Real World Internet
170. AgentEnriched Data Mining: A Case Study in Brain Informatics
171. Generating Event SequenceBased Test Cases Using GUI Runtime State Feedback
172. Placegram: A Diagrammatic Map for Personal Geotagged Data Browsing
173. A Novel Cross Layer Intrusion Detection System in MANET
174. Extending the Bayesian Classifier to a ContextAware Recommender System for Mobile Devices
175. Opportunistic Scheduling with Reliability Guarantees in Cognitive Radio Networks
176. Using Clouds to Elastically Extend Site Resources
177. Distributed Throughput Maximization in Wireless Mesh Networks via PrePartitioning
178. Spatial SparsityInduced Prediction SIP for Images and Video: A Simple Way to Reject Structured Interference
179. MARS: Multistage Attack Recognition System
180. Personalized Ontology for Web Search Personalization
181. Invariances, LaplacianLike Wavelet Bases, and the Whitening of Fractal Processes
182. Enhanced Gestalt Theory Guided Web Page Segmentation for Mobile Browsing
183. Minimizing Execution Costs when using Globally Distributed Cloud Services
184. On the Relevance of Node Isolation to the KConnectivity of Wireless Optical Sensor Networks
185. A Calculus Approach to Minimum Energy Transmission Policies with Quality of Service Guarantees
186. Key Parameters in Identifying Cost of Spam
187. A MIMO Based Crosslayer Approach to Augment the Security of Wireless Networks
188. An Artificial EmergencyLogisticsPlanning System for Severe Disasters
189. Projective Distribution of XQuery with Updates
190. A Link Analysis Extension of Correspondence Analysis for Mining Relational Databases
191. Quality Metrics for Software Process Certification based on Kmodel
192. Using Classbased Reasoning to Improve the Accuracy of Symbolic Rules in a Hybrid Possibilistic Approach
193. A Case Study of Networks Simulation Tools for Wireless Networks
194. Optimization of MANET Connectivity Via Smart DeploymentMovement of Unmanned Air Vehicles
195. Crawling Online Social Graphs
196. Kinematics Analysis, Design, and Control of an Isoglide Parallel Robot IGPR
197. Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic Based on Statistical Inference and alphaStable Modeling
198. AVA: AdjectiveVerbAdverb Combinations for Sentiment Analysis
199. Integrity Codes: Message Integrity Protection and Authentication over Insecure Channels
200. ReputationBased Resource Allocation in PP Systems of Rational Users
201. The Economics of Click Fraud
202. On the Thermal Attack in Instruction Caches
203. On the Phase Transition Width of KConnectivity in Wireless Multihop Networks
204. Robust synchronization of absolute and difference clocks over networks
205. Detecting Unauthorized Modification of HTTP Communication with Steganography
206. FilterBased Data Partitioning for Training Multiple Classifier Systems
207. Service Oriented Architecture for Cloud based Travel Reservation Software as a Service
208. A DSLbased Approach to Software Development and Deployment on Cloud
209. A Hybrid Integrated Architecture for Language Service Composition
210. TACLC: TimingAware Cache Leakage Control for Hard RealTime Systems
211. Understand Collaborative Authorization Policies: Models and Specifications
212. Mobility Management for Video Streaming on Heterogeneous Networks
213. Conformance Testing of Temporal RoleBased Access Control Systems
214. A Multilayer Fault Localization Framework for IP over AllOptical Multilayer Networks
215. A Profilebased Approach to Justintime Scalability for Cloud Applications
216. Change Scheduling Based on Business Impact Analysis of ChangeRelated Risk
217. Improving Reliability for ApplicationLayer Multicast Overlays
218. An Improved Private Information Keeper System
219. Adaptive Multiagent System for Network Traffic Monitoring
220. A Visual Semantic Service Browser Supporting UserCentric Service Composition
221. Contextaware Mobile Services Transactions
222. Controlled WiFi Sharing in Cities A Decentralized Approach Relying on Indirect Reciprocity
223. Highly Available IntrusionTolerant Services with ProactiveReactive Recovery
224. Concealment of WholePicture Loss in Hierarchical BPicture Scalable Video Coding
225. Ensemble Rough Hypercuboid Approach for Classifying Cancers
226. Fast Architectures for the eta_T Pairing over SmallCharacteristic Super singular Elliptic Curves
227. Hierarchical Multiple Markov Chain Model for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
228. A GenBased RFID Authentication Protocol for Security and Privacy
229. IT Strategies for Increased Rail Employee Satisfaction
230. Learning Communicating Automata from MSCs
231. Energy Constrained Dominating Set for Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
232. Smart Phone Interaction with Registered Displays
233. MultiTierbased Global Awareness
234. Against Spyware Using CAPTCHA in Graphical Password Scheme
235. A Personalized Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering
236. Development of an ELearning ContentMaking System for Information Security ELSEC and Its Application to AntiPhishing Education
237. A Robust Hidden Markov Gauss Mixture Vector Quantizer for a Noisy Source
238. Dictionary Learning for Stereo Image Representation
239. Hiding Multitone Watermarks in Halftone Images
240. Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks
241. DomainDriven Data Mining Challenges and Prospects
242. Watermarking relational database using optimization based techniques
243. Maturing Software Engineering Knowledge through Classifications: A Case Study on Unit Testing Techniques
244. Cost Minimization Planning for Greenfield PON Network
245. Exploring Alternative Software Architecture Designs: A Planning Perspective
246. Performing Arithmetic Operations on RoundtoNearest Representations
247. Optimization Techniques for Reactive NW Monitoring
248. Acquisition and Management of Semantic Web Service Descriptions
249. Text from Corners: A Novel Approach to Detect Text and Caption in Videos
250. Automated Web Site Evaluation An Approach Based on Ranking SVM
251. Performance Study on Locationassisted and Bluetoothassisted Session Transfer for VoIP Application
252. Kernel Discriminant Learning for Ordinal Regression
253. Multipath Dissemination in Regular Mesh Topologies
254. Scaling Up WideAreaSearchMunition Teams
255. Risk assessment of national security Infrastructure
256. A Proposal of an Associating ImageBased Password Creating Method and a Development of a Password Creating Support System
257. Exploring Correlated Subspaces for Efficient Query Processing in Sparse Databases
258. Dealing with Transient Faults in the Interconnection Network of CMPs at the Cache Coherence Level
259. Global Topk Aggregate Queries Based on Xtuple in Uncertain Database
260. PowerLaw Distributions of Component Size in General Software Systems
261. Fast Query Point Movement Techniques for CBIR
262. Secure Communication For Internet Payment In Heterogeneous Networks
263. ViDE A VisionBased Approach for Deep Web Data Extraction
264. MultiModal CBIR Algorithm based on Latent Semantic Indexing
265. Mining the Web to Create Specialized Glossaries
266. FaultTolerant Relay Node Placement in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
267. Efficient BlockBased Frequency Domain Wavelet Transform Implementations
268. DuplicateInsensitive Order Statistics Computation over Data Streams
269. Optimistic Synchronization of Parallel Simulations in Cloud Computing Environments
270. Security Verification for Authentication and Key Exchange Protocols, Revisited
271. Symbolic Routing for Locationbased Services in Wireless Mesh Networks
272. A Multiagent System for Coordinating Ambulances for Emergency Medical Services
273. DualQuorum: A Highly Available and Consistent Replication System for Edge Services
274. A Binary String Approach for Updates in Dynamic Ordered XML Data
275. Secure Data Objects Replication in Data Grid
276. Google Android: A Comprehensive Security Assessment
277. Active Integrity Constraints for Database Consistency Maintenance
278. On the Capacity of TreeBased PP Streaming Systems
279. IRTree: An Efficient Index for Geographic Document Search
280. Distortion Estimators for Bitplane Image Coding
281. Estimating and Enhancing RealTime Data Service Delays: ControlTheoretic Approaches
282. Towards an Automatic Detection of Sensitive Information in a Database
283. PP Reputation Management Using Distributed Identities and Decentralized Recommendation Chains
284. Study on Realtime Video Monitoring System Base on BSP
285. Dynamic Verification of Memory Consistency in CacheCoherent Multithreaded Computer Architectures
286. Achieving Guaranteed Anonymity in GPS Traces via UncertaintyAware Path Cloaking
287. Exploiting Clustering Techniques for Web Usersession Inference
288. Intelligent Management of Remote Facilities through a Ubiquitous Cloud Middleware
289. Energy and LatencyEfficient Processing of FullText Searches on a Wireless Broadcast Stream
290. The Web Service Modeling Framework WSMF
291. Design and Implementation of an efficient Twolevel Scheduler for Cloud Computing Environment
292. Batch Mode Active Learning with Applications to Text Categorization and Image Retrieval
293. AjaxScope: A Platform for Remotely Monitoring the ClientSide Behavior of web Applications
294. Bayesian Inference on Multiscale Models for Poisson Intensity Estimation
295. Deriving ConceptBased User Profiles from Search Engine Logs
296. Scene Detection in Videos Using Shot Clustering and Sequence Alignment
297. Recording HowProvenance on Probabilistic Databases
298. Optimizing Query Processing for the Hidden Web
299. Security Requirements Engineering:A Framework for Representation and Analysis
300. Runtime Defense against Code Injection Attacks Using Replicated Execution
301. Distributed Generation Interface to the CERTS Micro grid
302. A Queuing Model for Evaluating the Transfer Latency of PeertoPeer Systems
303. MONGOOSE: MONitoring Global Online Opinions via Semantic Extraction
304. A Framework for Exception Handling in ContextAware Applications
305. Efficient Algorithm for Localized Support Vector Machine
306. Comparison of Different Solutions for Solving the Optimization Problem of Large Join Queries
307. Semantic Technology for Capturing Communication Inside an Organization
308. From Service Clouds to Usercentric Personal Clouds
309. The Taming of the Shrew: Mitigating LowRate TCPTargeted Attack
310. Vulnerability Discovery with Attack Injection
311. The Influence of E service Quality on Consumers Satisfaction and WOM
312. SLAbased Online Charging Model in Mobile Environment
313. A CostBased Approach to Adaptive Resource Management in Data Stream Systems
314. Evaluating natural user preferences for selective retrieval
315. The Impact of Diversity on Online Ensemble Learning in the Presence of Concept Drift
316. Spectral Anonymization of Data
317. An EdgeWeighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Model for Image Segmentation
318. Flexible Cache Consistency Maintenance over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
319. Highquality Query Relaxation Solution on the Deep Web
320. The Next Malware Battleground Recovery After Unknown Infection
321. Combining the Missing Link: an Incremental Topic Model of Document Content and Hyperlink
322. Data mining over peer to peer networks
323. Integrating Mobile, Web and Sensory Technologies to Support InquiryBased Science Learning
324. Identification of Move Method Refactoring Opportunities
325. Mining Projected Clusters in HighDimensional Spaces
326. One Bit Is Enough
327. FiVaTech PageLevel Web Data Extraction from Template Pages
328. A CrossLayer Decision for Mobile IP Handover
329. KnowledgeBased Linguistic Annotation of Digital Cultural Heritage Collections
330. Control System Design For Contantpressure Water Supply
331. A New Diskless Check pointing Approach for Multiple Processor Failures
332. On EventBased Middleware for LocationAware Mobile Applications
333. The Method and Tool of Cost Analysis for Cloud Computing
334. Answering Frequent Probabilistic Inference Queries in Databases
335. RealTime NearDuplicate Elimination for Web Video Search with Content and Context
336. Shifting Inference Control to User Side: Architecture and Protocol
337. Towards a Generic ContextAware Framework for SelfAdaptation of ServiceOriented Architectures
338. Practical Threshold OneTime Proxy Signature Scheme
339. Nontraditional Approach to XML Web Services Interactions
340. Building Accountability Middleware to Support Dependable SOA
341. A Collaborative Multiagent System for Mining Transcriptional Regulatory Elements
342. A CrossLayer Approach for PerStation Fairness in TCP over WLANs
343. A Unified Framework for Providing Recommendations in Social Tagging Systems Based on Ternary Semantic Analysis
344. Towards an XML AdaptationAlteration Control Framework
345. BPE Acceleration Technique for SW Update for Mobile Phones
346. An Efficient and Scalable Approach to Correct Class Model Refinement
347. Deployment of a Secure Wireless Infrastructure oriented to Vehicular Networks
348. Adaptive Clustering Protocol for Wireless Networks
349. SIPBased IMS Signaling Analysis for WiMaxG Interworking Architectures
350. Secure Synchronization of Periodic Updates in Ad Hoc Networks
351. Reliable and EnergyEfficient Routing for Static Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Unreliable Links
352. Improved Dot Diffusion by Diffused Matrix and Class Matrix CoOptimization
353. Natural Language Processing and the Web Mobile WiMAX Network: A Survey
354. Adaptive Rendering Cluster System Based On BrowserServer Architecture
355. Semi concurrent Online Testing of Transition Faults through Output Response Comparison of Identical Circuits
356. Global SOA: RSSbased Web Services Repository and Ranking
357. A Novel Semidistributed Localization Via Multinode TOADOA Fusion
358. Optimized Resource Allocation for Software Release Planning
359. Software Reliability and Testing Time Allocation An ArchitectureBased Approach
360. Efficient and Strategy proof Spectrum Allocations in Multichannel Wireless Networks
361. Bounded Fano Decoders over Intermediate Hops Excluding Packet Retransmission
362. Closeness A New Privacy Measure for Data Publishing
363. The Reaction Time to Web Site Defacements
364. Geometric FeaturesBased Filtering for Suppression of Impulse Noise in Color Images
365. Estimation methods for software project management
366. Effects of sonar shape distortion on time delay estimation method for leftright discrimination
367. Online Periodic SelfTest Scheduling for RealTime ProcessorBased Systems Dependability Enhancement
368. Towards Near RealTime Data Warehousing
369. Superseding Nearest Neighbor Search on Uncertain Spatial Databases
370. ContextAware Person Identification in Personal Photo Collections
371. Logging in the Age of WebserviceSecure and privacy
372. Structural and RoleOriented Web Service Discovery with Taxonomies in OWLS
373. Coupling RDFRSS, WSRP and AJAX for Dynamic Reusable Portlets: An Approach and a Use Case
374. Design and Implementation of a Call Center in IC Card Management System
375. A Secure Key Management Model for Wireless Mesh Networks
376. Performance Analysis and Multichannel Coordinated Access Points
377. Finding Correlated Biclusters from Gene Expression Data
378. Data Preprocessing Based on Usage Logs for Efficient Web User Profiling at Client Side
379. A Global knowledge for Information Retrieval in PP Networks
380. Signaling Potential Adverse Drug Reactions from Administrative Health Databases
381. An Adaptive Service Selection Approach to Service Composition
382. Android, Java ME and Windows Mobile interplay
383. A Solution Model and Tool for Supporting the Negotiation of Security Decisions in EBusiness Collaborations
384. Simple Vehicle Detection with Shadow Removal at Intersection
385. On the time synchronizing the log files in networks with local broad cast media
386. Design and Implementation of Ecommerce Feature Major Website
387. PrivacyPreserving Admission to Mobile PeertoPeer Groups
388. A Framework for Mitigating Attacks Against MeasurementBased Adaptation Mechanisms in Unstructured Multicast Overlay Networks
389. Online Intrusion Alert Aggregation with Generative Data Stream Modeling
390. Learning to find interesting connections in Wikipedia
391. Recognition of Complex Settings by Aggregating Atomic Scenes
392. Continuous Monitoring Using EventDriven Reporting for ClusterBased Wireless Sensor Nerworks
393. InDepth Packet Inspection Using a Hierarchical Pattern Matching Algorithm
394. Feature Selection Using fInformation Measures in Fuzzy Approximation Spaces
395. An Unsupervised Automated Essay Scoring System
396. Reputationbased Systems within Computer Networks
397. Stream Switching Resilience In PP Streaming
398. Dynamic Auction Mechanism for Cloud Resource Allocation
399. The SHIP Validator: An Annotationbased ContentValidation Framework for Java Applications
400. Experience Transfer for the Configuration Tuning in LargeScale Computing Systems
401. Global Featurebased Image Classification and Recognition In Small Sample Size Problem
402. Intrusion Tolerant Services Through Virtualization: a Shared Memory Approach
403. A Fuzzy SelfConstructing Feature Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification
404. Discovering Conditional Functional Dependencies
405. Text document clustering based on neighbors
406. A CrossLayer Approach to Multichannel MAC Protocol Design for Video Streaming Over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
407. Bridging Domains Using World Wide Knowledge for Transfer Learning
408. WebQuest: MLearning for Environmental Education
409. Atomicity Analysis of Service Composition across Organizations
410. Reflections on the Control of Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning
411. ApplicationLevel Diagnostic and Membership Protocols for Generic TimeTriggered Systems
412. Multicell OFDMA Downlink Resource Allocation Using a Graphic Framework
413. A Query Processing Approach Based on Queuing Model for CyberPhysical Systems
414. Development of Adaptive Vocabulary Learning via Mobile phone Email
415. False Negative Problem of Counting Bloom Filter
416. Web Spambot Detection Based on Web Navigation Behaviour
417. Information Content Weighting for Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
418. A Reasoning System of Ternary Projective Relations
419. A Native APIs Protection Mechanism in the Kernel Mode against Malicious Code
420. HealthPass: Finegrained Access Control to Portable Personal Health Records
421. Optimization of Linear Recursive Queries in SQL
422. Efficient Relevance Feedback for ContentBased Image Retrieval by Mining User Navigation Patterns
423. ResidualBased Measurement of Peer and Link Lifetimes in Gnutella Networks
424. Knowledge Acquisition, Sharing Intention, and Sharing Behavior
425. Reducing Redundancy in Subspace Clustering
426. Localized Multicast: Efficient and Distributed Replica Detection in LargeScale Sensor Networks
427. SAGe: Sensor Advanced Gateway for Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet
428. Personalized ServiceOriented ELearning Environments
429. An UpDown Directed Acyclic Graph Approach for Sequential Pattern Mining
430. The Tiled Bitmap Forensic Analysis Algorithm
431. A UserCentered Contextsensitive Privacy Model in Pervasive Systems
432. Exception Handling for Repair in ServiceBased Processes
433. Efficient and Continuous Nearduplicate Video Detection
434. Trustworthiness among Peer Processes in Distributed Agreement Protocol
435. IMine: Index Support for Item Set Mining
436. Scalable Video Multicast Using Expanding Window Fountain Codes
437. Accountability Computing for eSociety
438. Improving Scalability of Software Cloud for Composite Web Services
439. HostIP Clustering Technique for DeepWeb Characterization
440. Scheduling Multisource Divisible Loads on Arbitrary Networks
441. CommunityAware Scheduling Protocol for Grids
442. An Efficient Parallel Implementation of the Hidden Markov Methods for Genomic Sequence Search on a Massively Parallel System
443. An Efficient Resource Management System for Online Virtual Cluster Provision
444. SAMAC: A CrossLayer Communication Protocol for Sensor Networks with Sectored Antennas
445. TRIC An Infrastructure for Trust and Reputation Across Virtual Communities
446. Maintaining Recursive Views of Regions and Connectivity in Networks
447. An Intelligent ContentBased Routing for Multimedia Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
448. VEBEK: Virtual EnergyBased Encryption and Keying for Wireless Sensor Networks
449. The Application Research of OLAP in College Decision Support System
450. Semantic technology for communication with in an organization
451. On Game Theoretic Peer Selection for Resilient PeertoPeer Media Streaming
452. Prefetching with Helper Threads for Loosely Coupled Multiprocessor Systems
453. Automated Bidding for Media Services at the Edge of a Content Delivery Network
454. Dynamically Analyzing Time Constraints in Workflow Systems with FixedDate Constraint
455. Expanding the Cloud: A componentbased architecture to application deployment on the Internet
456. A General Framework of TimeVariant Bandwidth Allocation in the Data Broadcasting Environment
457. Publishing composition of atomicity equivalent service of the collaboration
458. Probabilistic proactive routing with active route traceback for highly mobile Ad Hoc Networks
459. Video Streaming Over InHome Power Line Networks
460. EnergyEfficient Reprogramming of a Swarm of Mobile Sensors
461. Securing UserControlled Routing Infrastructures
462. ArchitectureDriven Variation Analysis for Designing Cloud Applications
463. An Analytical Approach to Optimizing Parallel Image RegistrationRetrieval
464. An Advanced Hybrid PeertoPeer Botnet
465. Hide and Seek in the Cloud
466. Verification and TradeOff Analysis of Security Properties in UML System Models
467. Contextaware Campaigns in Social Networks
468. Directed Explicit StateSpace Search in the Generation of Counterexamples for Stochastic Model Checking
469. Enriched Cyberspace through Adaptive Multimedia Utilization for Dependable Remote Collaboration
470. Evaluating Elastic Buffer and Wormhole Flow Control
471. Landscaping Future Interaction Special issue on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
472. Hierarchical distributed peer to peer document cluster cluster summarizations
473. Error Detection and Fault Tolerance in ECSM Using Input Randomization
474. Trust worth computing under down policy
475. Adaptive Network Precoding Based on SJNR to Mitigate InterCell Interference
476. Study and Design on Data Management Model of SQL Server CE For Mobile Application
477. A RESTful Approach to the Management of Cloud Infrastructure
478. WindowLevel Rate Control for Smooth Picture Quality and Smooth Buffer Occupancy
479. Analyzing Human Behavior using CaseBased Reasoning with the help of Forensic Questions
480. A Promotion Mechanism for Scalable Stealth DHT
481. Performance Evaluation of Database Designs
482. Incremental Test Generation for Software Product Lines
483. A Highly Decoupled Frontend Framework for High Trafficked Web Applications
484. SContextAware Interaction Models in CrossOrganizational Processes
485. Secure Ubiquitous House and Facility Control Solution
486. Designing and Implementing an IEEE Network Simulator for Performance Evaluation of Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms
487. Uncertainty Modeling and Reduction in MANETs
488. On the Security of Route Discovery in MANETs
489. Adaptive FaultTolerant QoS Control Algorithms for Maximizing System Lifetime of QueryBased Wireless Sensor Networks
490. Suggesting TopicBased Query Terms as You Type
491. Identifying Noncooperative Subjects at a Distance Using Face Images and Inferred ThreeDimensional Face Models
492. The Dartmouth Cyber Security Initiative
493. ReplicationBased Fault Tolerance for MPI Applications
494. Intertemporal Discount Factors as a Measure of Trustworthiness in Electronic Commerce
495. Application Performance Isolation in Virtualization
496. A Generic Multilevel Architecture for Time Series Prediction
497. A Semantic Search Agent Approach: Finding Appropriate Semantic Web Services Based On User Request Terms
498. A Computationally Sound Mechanized Prover for Security Protocols
499. Cooperative OFDM Channel Estimation in the Presence of Frequency Offsets
500. Semantic Modeling for Cloud Computing, Part
501. Spectrum Sensing of OFDMA Systems for Congnitive Radio Networks
502. PrivacyPreserving Updates to Anonymous and Confidential Databases
503. Salient Motion Features for Video Quality Assessment
504. HighLevel SideChannel Attack Modeling and Simulation for SecurityCritical Systems on Chips
505. Dominant Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
506. A Unified semantic Framework for user interactive Social Tagging Systems
507. Special Section on Communities and Media Computing
508. Improved Gait Recognition Performance Using Cycle Matching
509. Picture Context Capturing for Mobile Databases
510. Learning to Adapt Web Information Extraction Knowledge and Discovering New Attributes via a Bayesian Approach
511. RiMOM: A Dynamic Multistrategy Ontology Alignment Framework
512. The Beacon Movement Detection Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks for Localization Applications
513. Rough setsbased search engine for grid service discovery
514. Adaptive Workload Prediction of Grid Performance in Confidence Windows
515. Flexible Rollback Recovery in Dynamic Heterogeneous Grid Computing
516. Policybased Eventdriven Servicesoriented Architecture for Cloud Services Operation Management
517. Principles and Tools for Collaborative EntityBased Intelligence Analysis
518. Deadline Aware Virtual Machine Scheduler for Grid and Cloud Computing
519. Intelligent Network Communications for Distributed Database Systems
520. Ondemand Dynamic Locationbased Services Using Web Services
521. SocioNet: A SocialBased Multimedia Access System for Unstructured PP Networks
522. An Adaptive Routing Protocol for Bus Networks
523. Handling Very Large Numbers Of Messages In Distributed Hash Tables
524. Retrieving Cultural Heritage Information with Google Earth
525. SideChannel Attacks on Cryptographic Software
526. FullInformation Lookups for PeertoPeer Overlays
527. The Impact of LessonsLearned Sessions on Effort Estimation and Uncertainty Assessments
528. Algorithms for Reducing the Total Power Consumption in Data Communicationbased Applications
529. Dynamic Wavelet Synopses Management over Sliding Windows in Sensor Networks
530. RiskBased DeIdentification of Health Data
531. Development of the Packaging Engineering Experimental Teaching Platform Based on Interaction Design Concept
532. Phosphor: A Cloud based DRM Scheme with Sim Card
533. Continuous Monitoring of Spatial Queries in Wireless Broadcast Environments
534. Evenly Distributing Combinatorial Tasks in a PeertoPeer System
535. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization
536. Environmental Sustainability and Improved Quality of Life Through Service Convergence Technologies
537. Localized Multicast Efficient and Distributed Replica Detection in LargeScale Sensor Networks
538. Securing Structured Overlays against Identity Attacks
539. ELMO: Energy Aware Local Monitoring in Sensor Networks
540. A Cautionary View of Mobility and Connectivity Modeling in Vehicular AdHoc Networks
541. Service oriented Security indications for use
542. Query Processing Using Distance Oracles for Spatial Networks
543. Combined AuthenticationBased Multilevel Access Control in Mobile Application for DailyLifeService
544. SOARWare: A Service Oriented Software Production and Running Environment
545. Clustering and Sequential Pattern Mining of Online Collaborative Learning Data
546. Security Solution for Mobile Ad Hoc Network of Networks MANoN
547. Sinkinitiated Geographic Multicasting Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
548. Computing large skylines over few dimensions: The curse of anticorrelation
549. RandomCast: An EnergyEfficient Communication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
550. A reference architechture for scientific workflow management systems the view SOA solutions
551. Podcast in Higher Education: Students Experience and Assessment
552. Distributed Robust Optimization DRO
553. OptimalLocationSelection Query Processing in Spatial Databases
554. IsoMap EnergyEfficient Contour Mapping in Wireless Sensor Networks
555. Greedy Routing with AntiVoid Traversal for Wireless Sensor Networks
556. A Generic Local Algorithm for Mining Data Streams in Large Distributed Systems
557. Efficient Uplink Bandwidth Request with Delay Regulation for RealTime Service in Mobile WiMAX Networks
558. Stabilizing Distributed RTrees for PeertoPeer Content Routing
559. Recomputing Coverage Information to Assist Regression Testing
560. An Effective and Highquality Query Relaxation Solution on the Deep Web
561. Effect of Virtual Techniques in Data Storage Access
562. Prospective Infectious Disease Outbreak Detection Using Markov Switching Models
563. A HighCapacity Steganography Scheme for JPEG Baseline System
564. Generating Optimum Number of Clusters using Median Search and Projection Algorithms
565. Guest Editors Introduction: Agents and Data Mining
566. MAC Protocol for Opportunistic Cognitive Radio Networks with Soft Guarantees
567. Performance Evaluation of Handoff Queuing Schemes
568. An Orientation Inference Framework for Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Point Clouds
569. News Filtering and Summarization on the Web
570. Analysis and Compensation of DC Offset in OFDM Systems Over FrequencySelective Rayleigh Fading Channels
571. Multipath Key Establishment for Wireless Sensor Networks Using JustEnough Redundancy Transmission
572. Personalizing Web Community Directories Based on Web Usage Data
573. KnowledgeBased Interactive Postmining of Association Rules Using Ontologies
574. Unibusmanaged Execution of Scientific Applications on Aggregated Clouds
575. A Dynamic HiddenID Authentication Scheme Based On Dimensional Construction
576. Automated Web Site Evaluation Based on Ranking
577. FPGABased Channel Simulator for a Wireless Network Emulator
578. Shifting Inference Control to User Side Architecture and Protocol
579. Optimal Rate Allocation for Video Transmission over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
580. IEEE Transactions Papers
581. CouplingBased Internal Clock Synchronization for LargeScale Dynamic Distributed Systems
582. Routing in DelayTolerant Networks Comprising Heterogeneous Node Populations
583. Failures of TamperProofing in PIN Entry Devices
584. Modeling Media Synchronization with Semiotic Agents
585. A ControlTheoretic Approach to Rate Control for Streaming Videos
586. Layered Approach Using Conditional Random Fields for Intrusion Detection
587. Recording Process Documentation for Provenance
588. Recommending effort estimation methods for software project management
589. Incremental and General Evaluation of Reverse Nearest Neighbors
590. PowerPack: Energy Profiling and Analysis of HighPerformance Systems and Applications
591. A Communication Perspective on Automatic Text Categorization
592. A Cryptographic Approach to Securely Share and Query Genomic Sequences
593. PrivacyConscious LocationBased Queries in Mobile Environments
594. RealTime Environmental Monitoring and Notification for Public Safety
595. CHARMY: A Framework for Designing and Verifying Architectural Specifications
596. kAnonymity in the Presence of External Databases
597. PRoPHET: An Adaptive PRoPHETBased Routing Protocol for Opportunistic Network
598. Collusion Attack Resistance and PracticeOriented Threshold Changeable Secret Sharing Schemes
599. XTS: A Mode of AES for Encrypting Hard Disks
600. Collaborative Spam filtering
601. On the Selection of Optimal Feature Region Set for Robust Digital Image Watermarking
602. IdentityBased Anonymous Remote Athentication for ValueAdded Services in Mobile Networks
603. mTracker: A Mobile Tracking Application for Pervasive Environment
604. AgentBased Approach to FreeFlight Planning, Control, and Simulation
605. Channel Assignment for Multihop Cellular Networks: Minimum Delay
606. Adaptive Content Delivery in Ubiquitous Learning Environment
607. Closing the Loop in Webpage Understanding
608. Cloud Computing for Satellite Data Processing on High End Compute Clusters
609. SLADriven Dynamic Resource Management for Multitier Web Applications in a Cloud
610. Secure Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Randomized Dispersive Routes
611. A Faithful Distributed Mechanism for Sharing the Cost of Multicast Transmissions
612. A Scheduling and Management Algorithm about Proxy based on AFEC
613. Empirical Analysis of Attackers Activity on MultiTierWeb Systems
614. TwoDimensional Polar Harmonic Transforms for Invariant Image Representation
615. A Visual Analytics Approach to Understanding Spatiotemporal Hotspots
616. Design of Fair Scheduling Schemes for the QoSOriented Wireless LAN
617. Building a RuleBased Classifier :A FuzzyRough Set Approach
618. EnergyEfficient RealTime Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
619. Web Service Derivatives
620. Secure and PolicyCompliant Source Routing
621. Iris Recognition: On the Segmentation of Degraded Images Acquired in the Visible Wavelength
622. ServiceLevel Agreements for Electronic Services
623. RuleBased Coordination of Distributed Web Service Transactions
624. Voice Over Internet Protocol
625. Controlling IP Spoofing through Interdomain Packet Filters
626. Sequential pattern mining using Intelligent tutoring Agent
627. A Fast Multiple Longest Common Subsequence MLCS Algorithm
628. An Improved Twofactor Authentication Protocol
629. Knowledge sharing effectiveness measurement
630. Traffic Modeling and Proportional Partial Caching for PeertoPeer Systems
631. Rapid Developing Technology Research Based on OpenSource to Ecommerce Site
632. QueryAware Complex Object Buffer Management in XML Information Retrieval
633. Automatic Extraction of Heap Reference Properties in ObjectOriented Programs
634. A contextaware personalized mlearning application based on mlearning preferences
635. New Techniques for Data Preprocessing Based on Usage Logs for Efficient Web User profiling at Client Side
636. Designing Host and Network Sensors to Mitigate the Insider Threat
637. Managing contextdependent workspace awareness in an ecollaboration environment
638. PAM An Efficient and PrivacyAware Monitoring Framework for Continuously Moving Objects
639. Analysis of Anonymity in PP Anonymous Communication Systems
640. Temporal Association Rule Mining Based On TAPRIORI Alogrithm And its Typical Application
641. Deployment of Services in a Cloud Subject to Memory and License Constraints
642. A Game Theoretic Approach for Simultaneous Compaction and Equipartitioning of Spatial Data Sets
643. Efficient and Reliable LockFree Memory Reclamation Based on Reference Counting
644. Dynamic Multiresolution Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
645. Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Traffic Using Joint Security and Routing Analysis
646. PassiveLogging Attacks Against Anonymous Communications Systems
647. Nonparametric Model Comparison and Uncertainty Evaluation for Signal Strength Indoor Location
648. Tradeoffs among Delay, Energy and Accuracy of Partial Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
649. LogootUndo Distributed Collaborative Editing System on PP Networks
650. Efficient Multidimensional Suppression for KAnonymity
651. Dynamic Attack Tree and Its Applications on Trojan Horse Detection
652. A Metric for Measuring Members Contribution to Information Propagation in Social Network Sites
653. A Novel Approach to Steganography in High DynamicRange Images
654. A Nonsupervised Learning Framework of Human Behavior Patterns Based on Sequential Actions
655. Fusion Moves for Markov Random Field Optimization
656. Apache Struts Applied for Construction of SMS Collection System
657. Robust Correlation of Encrypted Attack Traffic through Stepping Stones by Flow Watermarking
658. A Photonics Based Intelligent Airport Surveillance and Tracking System
659. Towards an Effective XML Keyword Search
660. PID Parameters Tuning Method by Particle Swarm Optimization with Chaotic Disturbance
661. CASTLE: Continuously Anonymizing Data Streams Determining the Diagnosability of ,Matching Composition Networks and Its Applications
662. An Adaptive Ordering Framework for Filtering Multimedia Streams
663. Transaction based QoS web service
664. A CrossLayer ApproachBased Gnutella for Collaborative Virtual Environments over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
665. Rank Classification of Linear Line Structures from Images by Trifocal Tensor Determinability
666. A Distance Measure Approach to Exploring the Rough Set Boundary Region for Attribute Reduction
667. Cosdes: A Collaborative Spam Detection System with a Novel EMail Abstraction Scheme
668. Uninterpreted Schema Matching with Embedded Value Mapping under Opaque Column Names and Data Values
669. NCTUns Network Simulator for Advanced Wireless Vehicular Network Researches
670. Presence without Complete World Knowledge
671. On Technical Security Issues in Cloud Computing
672. A Mobile Biometric Systemon Token System for Signing Digital Transactions
673. Adaptive Join Operators for Result Rate Optimization on Streaming Inputs
674. Purpose based access control for privacy protection in relational database systems
675. Managing Primary Context through Web Services
676. Query oriented concept based Profile from Search Engine
677. Dynamic Multicast in Overlay Networks with Linear Capacity Constraints
678. Efficient Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Complex Software Systems with Information Theoretic Monitoring
679. Improving the Behavior of Intelligent Tutoring Agents with Data Mining
680. Weighing Stars: Aggregating Online Product Reviews for Intelligent Ecommerce Applications
681. CyberThreat Proliferation Todays Truly Pervasive Global Epidemic
682. Application of Customer Relationship Management in Health Care
683. Carving and Replaying Differential Unit Test Cases from System Test Cases
684. Providing Service Guarantees in e EDCA WLANs with Legacy Stations
685. Fairness as a QoS Measure for Web Services
686. Learning and Predicting the Evolution of Social Networks
687. Improving a News Recommendation System in Adapting to Interests of a User with Storage of a Constant Size
688. A Tree Graph Model Based on Mobile Environment
689. Dynamic Dissimilarity Measure for SupportBased Clustering
690. Hierarchical Replication Techniques to Ensure Checkpoint Storage Reliability in Grid Environment
691. ContextBased Operational Transformation in Distributed Collaborative Editing Systems
692. Improving Video Streaming over IEEE Mesh Networks through a CrossLayer Design Technique
693. Study on the Real time Logdomain Conversion for Detecting the Transient Feeble Optical Signal
694. Optimal Radio Resource Partition for Joint Contention and ConnectionOriented Multichannel Access in OFDMA Systems
695. Using Index in the MapReduce Framework
696. Efficient Multilevel Eigensolvers with Applications to Data Analysis Tasks
697. A ConnectivityBased Method for Defining RegionsofInterest in fMRI Data
698. Efficient Algorithms for Global Snapshots in Large Distributed Systems
699. Hierarchical Ensemble of Global and Local Classifiers for Face Recognition
700. QoSAware FaultTolerant Scheduling for RealTime Tasks on Heterogeneous Clusters
701. Active Mask Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscope Images
702. Defending Against Buffer Map Cheating in DONetLike PP Streaming
703. SigFree: A SignatureFree Buffer Overflow Attack Blocker
704. An Asymmetric Similarity Measure for Tag Clustering on Flickr
705. UserExcentric Service Composition in Pervasive Environments
706. Progressive Parametric Query Optimization
707. SAR Image Regularization with Fast Approximate Discrete Minimization
708. High Time for Trusted Computing
709. Automated Trace Analysis of DiscreteEvent System Models
710. Internet Host Geolocation Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation Technique
711. Exploiting Heterogeneity in PP Video Streaming
712. Detecting Insider Theft of Trade Secrets
713. Robust and Efficient Stream Delivery for Application Layer Multicasting in Heterogeneous Networks
714. Complexity of Data Collection, Aggregation, and Selection for Wireless Sensor Networks
715. Risk Mitigation for Cross Site Scripting Attacks Using Signature Based Model on the Server Side
716. PrivacyPreserving GradientDescent Methods
717. Enhancing Emerging Learning Objects with Contextual Metadata Using the Linked Data Approach
718. A Combinatorial Solution for ModelBased Image Segmentation and RealTime Tracking
719. The analysis for the attack on the wireless bridge monitoring system
720. Understanding Linked Open Data as a WebScale Database
721. Ranking and Suggestion Popular items
722. A Situational Resource Rating System
723. Cloud Analyst: A CloudSimbased Visual Modeller for Analyzing Cloud Computing Environments and Applications
724. Program Behavior Discovery and Verification A Graph Grammar Approach
725. Modeling Nonsaturated ContentionBased IEEE Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
726. Exploring Social Patterns in Mobile Data
727. Towards more Trustable Log Files for Digital Forensics by Means of Trusted Computing
728. GNDTD: Graphical Notations for Describing XML Documents
729. The Design of a Generic IntrusionTolerant Architecture for Web Servers
730. A Performance Evaluation of IP Mobility Support Protocols
731. A Hybrid Approach to Detect and Localize Texts in Natural Scene Images
732. An effective quality measure for prediction of context information
733. Using Backpropagation Neural Networks for Functional Software Testing
734. A Policy Enforcing Mechanism for Trusted Ad Hoc Networks
735. Applying TCPFriendly Congestion Control to Concurrent Multipath Transfer
736. Using WebReferral Architectures to Mitigate DenialofService Threats
737. Beyond Output Voting: Detecting Compromised Replicas Using HMMBased Behavioral Distance
738. Better Debugging via Output Tracing and CallstackSensitive Slicing
739. A Scalable and EnergyEfficient Context Monitoring Framework for Mobile Personal Sensor Networks
740. A refernce architechture for scientific workflow management systems the view SOA solutions
741. A DivideandConquer Approach for Minimum Spacing TreeBased Clustering
742. DRAND: Distributed Randomized TDMA Scheduling for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
743. On the Performance Bounds of Practical Wireless Network Coding
744. OrderPreserving Moves for GraphCutBased Optimization
745. Automating the Design and Construction of Query Forms
746. An MRFBased DeInterlacing Algorithm with ExemplarBased Refinement
747. Advanced Collage CAPTCHA
748. Recovery Device for RealTime DualRedundant Computer Systems
749. Controlling File Distribution in The Share Network Through Content Poisoning
750. HAIRIS: A Method for Automatic Image Registration through HistogramBased Image Segmentation
751. SSUM: Smart Server Update Mechanism for Maintaining Cache Consistency in Mobile Environments
752. Bridging Global Divides with Tracking and Tracing Technology
753. MessageEfficient Location Prediction for Mobile Objects in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Maximum Likelihood Technique
754. On Complexity and Approximability of Optimal DoS Attacks on MultipleTree PP Streaming Topologies
755. Image Quality Assessment Based on Multiscale Geometric Analysis
756. MABS: Multicast Authentication Based on Batch Signature
757. Implementation of Autonomous Pricing Mechanism in Grid Computing
758. Learning Peer Selection: A Query Routing Approach for Information Retrieval in PP Systems
759. Cryptanalysis of a Generalized Ring Signature Scheme
760. Traffic modelling and proportional partial caching for peer to peer networks
761. Clustering sequential pattern mining of online collaborative learning data
762. Pitcher: Enabling Distributed Parallel Computing with Automatic Thread and Data Assignments
763. Constrained Dimensionality Reduction Using a MixedNorm Penalty Function with Neural Networks
764. An Instructional Strategy Selection Model Based on Agent and Ontology for an Intelligent Tutoring System
765. Cost and CollisionMinimizing Forwarding Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks: Design, Analysis and Experimental Validation
766. Improving Air Traffic Management with a Learning Multiagent System
767. InnoDB Database Forensics
768. From Canonical Poses to D Motion Capture Using a Single Camera
769. Object Recognition via Adaptive Multilevel Feature Integration
770. Effects of Personality on Pair Programming
771. A PuzzleBased Defense Strategy Against Flooding Attacks Using Game Theory
772. Towards a Unified Trust Model in Pervasive Systems
773. Phenomenabased Management of GeotimeTagged Contents on the Web
774. Gait Feature Subset Selection by Mutual Information
775. Communities and Emerging Semantics in Semantic Link Network
776. Analyzing and Tracking Burning Structures in Lean Premixed Hydrogen Flames
777. Filtering Data Streams for EntityBased Continuous Queries
778. Joint Task Migration and Power Management in Wireless Computing
779. Fuzzy Random Impulse Noise Removal from Color Image Sequences
780. Signature Tree Generation for Polymorphic Worms
781. EnaCloud: An Energysaving Application Live Placement Approach for Cloud Computing Environments
782. FaceSeg: Automatic Face Segmentation for RealTime Video
783. HumanDisplay Interaction Technology:Emerging Remote Interfaces for Pervasive Display Environments
784. Mining Discriminative Patterns for Classifying Trajectories on Road Networks
785. Rule Base Coordination of Distributed Web Service
786. Media Beat: uncharted pages from a voyage of the beagle
787. Compression and Aggregation for Logistic Regression Analysis in Data CubesOLAP
788. Dynamic LoadBalanced Multicast for DataIntensive Applications on Clouds
789. Autonomic Policy based Management using Web Services
790. Synchronization of OlfactionEnhanced Multimedia
791. Meshbased Data Delivery over Multiple TreeShaped Routes in PP Overlay Network
792. Bickering InDepth Rethinking the Composition of Competing Security Systems
793. SimilarityProfiled Temporal Association Mining
794. ZMAC : A Hybrid MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks
795. Modeling Soft Errors at the Device and Logic Levels for Combinational Circuits
796. A Video Coding Scheme Based on Joint Spatiotemporal and Adaptive Prediction
797. Towards Video Management over Relational Database
798. Automatic Application Signature Construction from Unknown Traffic
799. Dynamic Web Service Composition: A New Approach in Building Reliable Web Service
800. PLR: A Software Approach to Transient Fault Tolerance for Multicore Architectures
801. Delay Analysis for Wireless Networks With Single Hop Traffic and General Interference Constraints
802. Virtual Database Technology for Distributed Database
803. Reinventing the Web Browser for the Semantic Web
804. A Dynamic NormalizedWeighting based Context Reasoning in Homebased Care
805. On the Time Synchronization of Distributed Log Files in Networks with Local Broadcast Media
806. Separating Operational and Control Behaviors
807. Efficient Maintenance of kdominant Skyline for Frequently Updated Database
808. NonInteractive Information Reconciliation for Quantum Key Distribution
809. Applications to PhotonLimited Image Denoising
810. A hybrid technique for efficient Medium Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
811. A Hybrid Algorithm of Backward Hashing and Automaton Tracking for Virus Scanning
812. AACK: Adaptive Acknowledgment Intrusion Detection for MANET with Node Detection Enhancement
813. Decentralized QoSAware Checkpointing Arrangement in Mobile Grid Computing
814. Efficient Techniques for Online Record Linkage
815. BranchandBound for Model Selection and Its Computational Complexity
816. Super Resolution With Probabilistic Motion Estimation
817. Geometric Distortions Correction Scheme based on Hausdorff Distance for Digital Watermarking Image
818. Special Issue on QualityDriven CrossLayer Design for Multimedia Communications
819. On the Benefits of Cooperative Proxy Caching for PeertoPeer Traffic
820. Record Matching over Query Results from Multiple Web Databases
821. StateDensity Functions over DBM Domains in the Analysis of NonMarkovian Models
822. Contextdependent workspace awareness in an ecollaboration environment
823. Resist Intruders Manipulation via Contextbased TCPIP Packet Matching
824. Learning Video Preferences Using Visual Features and Closed Captions
825. Conic Programming for Multitask Learning
826. Ranking and suggesting popular items
827. Approximate Distributed KMeans Clustering over a PeertoPeer NW
828. Design of network based software
829. Network monitoring for Video Quality over IP
830. Cost collision mining forwarding schemes in wireless sensor network design experimental validation
831. A Novel Cache Management Using Geographically Partial Matching for Locationbased Services
832. ScaleInvariant Visual Language Modeling for Object Categorization
833. RepresentationIndependent InPlace Magnification with Sigma Lenses
834. Endtoend network simulator for conversational quality measurements
835. An Authentication and Authorization protocol using Ticket in Pervasive Environment
836. Routing based on Message Attraction
837. DomainDriven Data Mining: Challenges and Prospects
838. Automatic Ontology Matching via Upper Ontologies A Systematic Evaluation
839. A Multicue Bayesian State Estimator for Gaze Prediction in Open Signed Video
840. The Significance of Instant Messaging at Work
841. Optimal Resource Placement in Structured PeertoPeer Networks
842. Ranking Spatial Data by Quality Preferences
843. Casual Multiuser Web Collaboration by Lowering Communication Barriers
844. Schedule Distributed Virtual Machines in a Service Oriented Environment
845. RuleBased Coordination of Distributed Web Service Transactions TRIC:An Infrastructure for Trust and Reputation Across Virtual Communities
846. HERO: Online RealTime Vehicle Tracking
847. Bayesian Approaches to Matching Architectural Diagrams
848. Image Annotation Within the Context of Personal Photo Collections Using Hierarchical Event and Scene Models
849. Association and Temporal Rule Mining for PostFiltering of Semantic Concept Detection in Video
850. A Better Approximation Algorithm for Computing Connected Dominating Sets in Unit Ball Graphs
851. Energyefficient packet scheduling algorithms for realtime communications in a mobile wimax system
852. Servicebased Development of Mobile Realtime Collaboration Applications for Social Networks
853. Evaluating the effectiveness of the personalized web search
854. Geometric Video Approximation Using Weighted Matching Pursuit
855. Efficient and Secure Content Processing and Distribution by Cooperative Intermediaries
856. A Mobile Multimedia Technology to Aid Those with Alzheimers Disease
857. Domainoriented Deep Web Data Sources Discovery and Identification
858. Mobile Social Video Sharing Tool for Learning Applications
859. An Adaptive Approach to Detecting Black and Gray Hole Attacks in Ad Hoc Network
860. Web Applications Using Dynamic Test Generation and ExplicitState Model Checking
861. On the Security of an Efficient TimeBound Hierarchical Key Management Scheme
862. Using Ontology for Personalized Mobile Message Computation
863. Practical Realization of Ad hoc Network based on DSR Protocol Considering QOS for Multimedia Services
864. The Topology of Gaussian and EisensteinJacobi Interconnection Networks
865. CONVEX: SimilarityBased Algorithms for Forecasting Group Behavior
866. Snoogle A Search Engine for Pervasive Environments
867. Multiprefix Trie: A New Data Structure for Designing Dynamic RouterTables
868. Linking Documents to Encyclopedic Knowledge
869. Maximizing the Lifetime of a Barrier of Wireless Sensors
870. CoMoM: Efficient ClassOriented Evaluation of Multiclass Performance Models
871. Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Handling Prioritized Heterogeneous Traffic
872. Peer Assisted Video Streaming With SupplyDemandBased Cache Optimization
873. EnergyRobustness Tradeoff in Cellular Network Power Control
874. SAMAC A CrossLayer Communication Protocol for Sensor Networks with Sectored Antennas
875. SelfHealing Control Flow Protection in Sensor Applications
876. RealTime Detection and Tracking for Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones
877. Learning SemiRiemannian Metrics for Semi supervised Feature Extraction
878. Adaptive Topk Algorithm in SLCABased XML Keyword Search
879. Propagation Modeling of PeertoPeer Worms
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To get full information or details of 1000 computer science projects ideas,topics or titles please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on 1000 computer science projects ideas,topics or titles please reply in that page and ask specific fields in 1000 computer science projects ideas,topics or titles
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