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Biometric Fingerprint Based attendance system
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Hey guys i developed controller program on biometric project i just need fingerprint module sm-630 and FIM-10 so please anyone help me out where should i find those device in mumbai with address and price ( approx.) so please let me know if anyone have any kinda of information...!!
Thank you..!!
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.ppt  Biometric Fingerprint Attendance PPT1.ppt (Size: 1.16 MB / Downloads: 1332)
Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Management System


Fingerprint verification is one of the most reliable personal identification methods in biometrics .With the rapid development of fingerprint verification, a number of its applications have been proposed until now including time attendance system etc. In this paper, a fingerprint attendance management system is designed and implemented .This system based biometrics and serial port communication technique solves the problem of spurious attendance and trouble of maintaining the register. It can make the users’ attendances more easily and effectively.
Key-Words: - fingerprint verification; biometrics attendance management

While the move towards the digital era is being accelerated every hour, biometrics technologies have begun to affect people’s daily life more and more. Biometrics technologies verify identity through characteristics such as fingerprints, faces, irises, retinal patterns, palm prints, voice, hand-written signatures, and so on. These techniques, which use physical data, are receiving attention as a personal authentication method that is more convenient than conventional methods such as a password or ID cards. Biometric personal authentication uses data taken from measurements. Such data is unique to the individual and remains so throughout one’s life.
This technology has been applied for controlling access to high-security facilities, but it is now being widespread developed in information systems such as network, e-commerce, and retail applications. In these technologies, fingerprint becomes the most mature and popular biometrics technology used in automatic personal identification. In the beginning, fingerprint verifying used in the military affairs and in the criminal identification. But now, this technology is also being used in several other applications such as access control for high security installations, credit card usage verification, and employee identification.

The reason for the popularity of fingerprint verifying is that fingerprints satisfy uniqueness, stability, permanency and easily taking. Just for this, a number of fingerprint verification approaches have been proposed until now
This system is an application of the fingerprint verifying and serial port communication techniques and it is mainly used for employee identification. Through practices, this system is proved to be easy-to-use and effectively. And this paper is organized as follows. Section 2 describes the technological requirements for this system design. Section 3 outlines the functions of this system briefly and describes the hardware and software design of this system. Section 4 introduces some key problems in the implement of this system and finally Section 5 contains conclusions and future research plan.


Most of the attendance systems use paper based methods for taking and calculating attendance and this manual method requires paper sheets and a lot of stationery material. Previously a very few work has been done relating to the academic attendance monitoring problem. Some software’s have been designed previously to keep track of attendance. But they require manual entry of data by the staff workers. So the problem remains unsolved. Furthermore idea of attendance tracking systems using facial recognition techniques have also been proposed but it requires expensive apparatus still not getting the required accuracy.
2 Requirements for System Design
2.1 Authentication Using Fingerprints:-

A attendance management is an important part of companies management system. It can be in contact with salary of employee, work efficiency of company and even affects business image of company and staff morale. So the problem of reasonably, effectively and scientifically managing of staff attendances has become all companies facing issue. Traditional styles of attendance management include hand-written signatures, card bell, magnetic card, IC card and RF card attendance machines. These styles cannot avoid replacer checking out just because that people can be separated from cards.
The great advantage of the authentication using fingerprints is the irreplaceable nature. Through the analysis of the overall and local characteristics of fingerprint such as ridges, valleys, ending, bifurcation points and ridge divergence points, we can extract enough detail data. Such data is unique to the individual and remains so throughout one’s life. We can use these data to identify or verify a person operating as follows:  

(1) a digital image of one person’s fingerprint to be verified is captured; a feature extracting algorithm is carried out; minutiae are extracted and stored as a template for verifying later; people to be verified place his finger on the fingerprint sensor so as to extracting the minutiae from the captured image; a matching algorithm is applied to matches the minutiae with the stored template previously. The overall block diagram of the
fingerprint verifying is shown in Figure below,

Matching Result

2.2 Transmission Using Off-Line Technique:-

There are mainly two kinds of fingerprint attendance management system on the market. One is on-line fingerprint attendance management system and the other is off-line fingerprint attendance management system. On-line system always needs to connect with a PC or workstation and all the fingerprints’ templates of people to be verified must stored in the database in the PC or workstation. Thereby, matching fingerprints needs the support of the background PC. This kind of attendance management system is easy to paralysis in case of malfunctions of fingerprint attendance machines, transmission line or PC. Once several systems connect to form a network, burden of PC and the response time of the system will be added.
And one off-line fingerprint attendance management system can finish all the process including capturing the image of fingerprint, extracting minutiae, storing and matching. All the operating of matching fingerprint needn’t support of PC and the burden of PC is lightened. The same systems can connect to form a 485 network and finally connect to the center PC of management system. So off-line systems are widely used in many occasions. And the shortcomings of this system are that there must be a managing PC nearly and it is difficult to lay the transmission lines where topography is bad.

3. System Description:-
3.1. Hardware:

A fingerprint sensor device along with an LCD screen is placed at the entrance of Office room or staff room. The fingerprint sensor is used to capture the fingerprints of staff members or employees while LCD screen notifies the members that his/her attendance has been marked.

3.2. Software Tools:

For the development of the system, the following software tools were used
Java Software Development Kit
Java IDE (Net Beans 6.5)
MySql Database

3.3. Rules for marking attendance: -

I. Employees or staff members should scan his/her finger correctly on the fingerprint sensor as shown in Figure 2. If fingerprint is not enrolled correctly on reader as shown in Figure 3, it could lead to biometric error i.e. biometric device does not make perfect match decision.

There are two reasons for error Failure to enroll rate (FTE) and Failure to capture (FTC) rate of biometric device FTC rate depends on functionality of the system and FTE occur due to poor quality inputs.

3.4. Scenario of automatic attendance system:-

Figure 4 shows the scenario of automatic attendance system attached to a main office or staff room. Database storage contains the fingerprint templates of employees or staff members along with their information (names, registration numbers and in-time, out-time). When employees of staff members enrolls his/her finger on the scanner his/her fingerprint is matched with database to mark the attendance.

SENSOR AND LCD Attendance Scanning Update Database Storage Employees/Staff Members

3.5. Implementation:-

Hardware equipment is placed at the door of Office room. Before entering the room employees or members are identified through fingerprint scanner. On identification of a employee his/her attendance is marked.
Following sequence of steps summarize the process of marking the attendance.
Step 1: Capture the student’s fingerprint sample and create a feature set. A set of unique features created to match fingerprint is called feature set.
Step 2: Retrieve the stored templates from the repository (database).
Step 3: Perform a one-to-n comparison between the fingerprint feature set and the fingerprint templates stored in database, make a decision of match or non-match.


It can be concluded from the above discussion that a reliable, secure, fast and an efficient system has been developed replacing a manual and unreliable system. This system can be implemented in academic institutes for better results regarding the management of attendance. This system will save time, reduce the amount of work the administration has to do and will replace the stationery material with electronic apparatus. Hence a system with expected results has been developed but there is still some room for improvement.


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[12] Yohei KAWAGUCHI, Tetsuo SHOJI , Weijane LIN ,Koh KAKUSHO , Michihiko MINOH ,“Face Recognition-based Lecture Attendance System”, Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
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Plz i need an project based on .Net can u send me.On Biometric fingerprint for attendance of student.
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im in need of this documentation immediately
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Hi Gays how are u am working my final year project in Addis Ababa Institute of technology (AAiT) Electrical Engineering departement in Ethiopia and now i need your help i want to have a schematic diagram of fingerprint based attendance system please help me and you can contact me at the email ismailkamal2009[at]
thank youHeart
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where is the figure that you say finger below and figure above more than one time please if you have a full figure post it thank you Ismail Saeed Kamal (Ethiopia )
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thanks buddy..
please send your ppt about Biometric Fingerprint Based attendance system


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you can refer these pages to get the details on Biometric Fingerprint Based attendance system
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On Biometric fingerprint for attendance of student.
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you can refer these pages to get the details on Biometric Fingerprint Based attendance system

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I am doing a project on fingerprint based attendance system... i need some material for its project report in an arranged manner.. plz help..
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to get information about the topic Biometrics full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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to get information about the topic biomatrix attendance mgmy system full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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to get information about the topic FINGER PRINT BASED ATTENDANCE SYSTEM full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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