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BLUETOOTH technology ppt
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BLUETOOTH technology

.ppt  bluetooth technology ppt.ppt (Size: 3.6 MB / Downloads: 332)

Master Slave Concept
Master Controls All traffic in the Network

It is Defined by its Frequency hopping Sequence



One machine which is connected to one or more devices That type of connection is called Piconet

The Bluetooth piconet consists of 1 master device and up to 7 slave devices

Slaves cannot communicate directly with each other

Priority based scheduling

The master defines the priority in the piconet

Master determines the Frequency hopping sequences


2.4 GHz
Radiation Pattern
It works best if it is placed at 90 degree of the device. Also 45 degree works better, where Lap-Top on desk and cellular phone under desk.
Some patterns are directional
Some are Isotropic
Designed pattern will vary based on the products for which it is built.
LAN access point covers the room and is directional.
Cellular phones need wide range and do not need directional pattern.
Polarization finally has both linear and & circular elements.
ON-Chip antenna
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.doc  Bluetooth.doc (Size: 26.5 KB / Downloads: 32)


Wireless communication revolutionalized the entire world. Bluetooth is one of the newest technologies whose main strength is its ability to simultaneously handle both data and voice transmissions.
Bluetooth is a new technology and standard, launched in 1998. It is essentially, a small microchip, which uses a short-range radio link to exchange information, enabling wireless connectivity between mobile phones, mobile PCs and other peripherals. When two Bluetooth enabled products come within 10 meters of each other, they will automatically connect and synchronize. Because the technology uses a short-range radio link, it means that line of sight is not required for it to function.
Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates the need for numerous wired connections to other devices. Connections are instant and are maintained even if the devices do not have a clear line of sight. The range of each Bluetooth enabled device is around 10 meters but optionally reaches distances of up to 100 meters with an amplifier.
The possibilities for Bluetooth are huge. When arriving home, your PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) synchronizes with your house and the front door unlocks, preferential lighting comes on and any other pre-set configurations become active. Approaching your car, the door unlocks, the radio tunes itself to your preferred station and preset preferences become active.. As you arrive at the reception of your hotel, you are automatically checked in. Your room number and electronic key are transferred to your PDA. As you approach your room, you will be able to unlock the door via your PDA. Bluetooth is regulated by governments worldwide.
Bluetooth also uses a short packet length, which is another benefit. This technology is suited for low-power, low-cost radio implementations and is used in some wireless LAN products.
Software has developed something called ProximityMail which uses Bluetooth to create a spontaneous "Relay Area Network" (RAN) in which users can exchange text messages via PDA’s without the e-mail addresses of mobile phone numbers within ad-hoc networks. Using this new technology, it will soon be possible to send a print command from your computer to the printer in the next room, via radio link directly through the wall!
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Bluetooth Technology

.ppt  Bluetooth.ppt (Size: 1.88 MB / Downloads: 36)


Bluetooth is a short range (10-100 m) and low-cost wireless network system to replace cables and give RF connection between consumer devices.

Why this name?

It was taken from the 10th century Danish King Harald Blatand who unified Denmark and Norway.

When does it appear?

1994 – Ericsson study on a wireless technology to link mobile phones & accessories.
5 companies (Ericssn,Nokia,IBM,Toshiba & Intel)joined to form the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in 1998 named.
First specification released in July 1999.


1 .Bluetooth is a high-speed, low-power microwave wireless link technology, designed to connect phones, laptops, PDAs and other portable equipments together with little or no work by the user.
2. Unlike infra-red, Bluetooth does not require any line-of-sight positioning of connected devices like Infra-red.
3. Two Bluetooth products can exchange their addresses and capabilities just after coming within the range of about 10metres.
4. The radio operates on the globally-available unlicensed radio band, 2.45 GHz and supports data speeds of up to 721 Kbps.


1. By installing a Bluetooth network in office you can do away with the complex task of networking between the computing devices. Each Bluetooth device could be connected to 200 other devices. It supports both point to point and point to multipoint connections.
2. The Bluetooth technology connects all your peripherals wirelessly. Connect your pc or to printers , scanners and other devices without the trouble of cable attachments. You can increase your connections by connecting your keyboard wirelessly to your computer.

Share Voice and Data

The Bluetooth standard allows compatible devices to share both voice and data communications. For example, it is probably no surprise that a Bluetooth enabled cell phone is capable of sharing voice communications with a compatible Bluetooth headset , however, the same cell phone may also be capable of establishing a GPRS connection to the Internet. Then, using Bluetooth, the phone can connect to a laptop. The result: The laptop is capable of surfing the web or sending and receiving email.
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