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cse projects topics and ideas for final year students
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1. Landscaping Future Interaction Special issue on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
2. Kernel Discriminant Learning for Ordinal Regression
3. Efficient Skyline Computation in Structured PeertoPeer Systems
4. Extended XML Tree Pattern Matching: Theories and Algorithms
5. False Negative Problem of Counting Bloom Filter
6. Scalable Video Multicast Using Expanding Window Fountain Codes
7. FiVaTech PageLevel Web Data Extraction from Template Pages
8. Social Surroundings Bridging the Virtual and Physical Divide
9. Progressive Parametric Query Optimization
10. Data Preprocessing Based on Usage Logs for Efficient Web User Profiling at Client Side
11. Constrained Dimensionality Reduction Using a MixedNorm Penalty Function with Neural Networks
12. Modeling Media Synchronization with Semiotic Agents
13. Towards an Effective XML Keyword Search
14. PAM An Efficient and PrivacyAware Monitoring Framework for Continuously Moving Objects
15. Local Wavelet Features for Statistical Object Classification and Localization
16. Efficient Techniques for Online Record Linkage
17. Incremental Evaluation of Visible Nearest Neighbor Queries
18. Special Issue on QualityDriven CrossLayer Design for Multimedia Communications
19. Ranking and Suggestion Popular items
20. Experience Transfer for the Configuration Tuning in LargeScale Computing Systems
21. DomainDriven Data Mining Challenges and Prospects
22. Energy and LatencyEfficient Processing of FullText Searches on a Wireless Broadcast Stream
23. Spectral Anonymization of Data
24. Defending Against Buffer Map Cheating in DONetLike PP Streaming
25. A Performance Evaluation of IP Mobility Support Protocols
26. Rapid Developing Technology Research Based on OpenSource to Ecommerce Site
27. Landscaping Future Interaction: Special issue on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
28. Filtering Data Streams for EntityBased Continuous Queries
29. Dynamic Attack Tree and Its Applications on Trojan Horse Detection
30. Media Beat: uncharted pages from a voyage of the beagle
31. Incremental and General Evaluation of Reverse Nearest Neighbors
32. A Fast Multiple Longest Common Subsequence MLCS Algorithm
33. Adaptive Rendering Cluster System Based On BrowserServer Architecture
34. Estimating and Enhancing RealTime Data Service Delays: ControlTheoretic Approaches
35. An Improved Twofactor Authentication Protocol
36. Parallelizing ItineraryBased KNN Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
37. Intertemporal Discount Factors as a Measure of Trustworthiness in Electronic Commerce
38. Personalized ServiceOriented ELearning Environments
39. Text document clustering based on neighbors
40. Ensemble Rough Hypercuboid Approach for Classifying Cancers
41. Hiding Multitone Watermarks in Halftone Images
42. PP Reputation Management Using Distributed Identities and Decentralized Recommendation Chains
43. A communication Perspective on Automatic Text Categorization
44. Discovering Conditional Functional Dependencies
45. An UpDown Directed Acyclic Graph Approach for Sequential Pattern Mining
46. A Nonsupervised Learning Framework of Human Behavior Patterns Based on Sequential Actions
47. Multimodal Fusion for Video Search Reranking
48. Prospective Infectious Disease Outbreak Detection Using Markov Switching Models
49. Efficient Algorithm for Localized Support Vector Machine
50. Web Applications Using Dynamic Test Generation and ExplicitState Model Checking
51. News Filtering and Summarization on the Web
52. TEXT: Automatic Template Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Pages
53. LogicBased Pattern Discovery
54. Highquality Query Relaxation Solution on the Deep Web
55. Bregman DivergenceBased Regularization for Transfer Subspace Learning
56. An Intelligent ContentBased Routing for Multimedia Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
57. Bridging Domains Using World Wide Knowledge for Transfer Learning
58. BranchandBound for Model Selection and Its Computational Complexity
59. A Novel Approach to Steganography in High DynamicRange Images
60. Mining Projected Clusters in HighDimensional Spaces
61. Intelligent Multimedia Presentation in Ubiquitous Multidevice Scenarios
62. Mining nonderivable frequent item sets over data stream
63. Control System Design For Contantpressure Water Supply
64. Mining Discriminative Patterns for Classifying Trajectories on Road Networks
65. Reducing Redundancy in Subspace Clustering
66. Dynamic Dissimilarity Measure for SupportBased Clustering
67. Modeling Nonsaturated ContentionBased IEEE Multihop Ad Hoc Networks
68. The Influence of E service Quality on Consumers Satisfaction and WOM
69. A DivideandConquer Approach for Minimum Spacing TreeBased Clustering
70. TradeOffs in BitRate Allocation for Wireless Video Streaming
71. kAnonymity in the Presence of External Databases
72. Mining Predictive kCNF Expressions
73. IRTree: An Efficient Index for Geographic Document Search
74. A ControlTheoretic Approach to Rate Control for Streaming Videos
75. Ranked Query Processing in Uncertain Databases
76. Association and Temporal Rule Mining for PostFiltering of Semantic Concept Detection in Video
77. PrivacyPreserving GradientDescent Methods
78. Contextdependent workspace awareness in an ecollaboration environment
79. SimilarityProfiled Temporal Association Mining
80. A Scheduling and Management Algorithm about Proxy based on AFEC
81. Technique of Image Retrieval based on Multilabel Image Annotation
82. Design and Implementation of Ecommerce Feature Major Website
83. Hierarchical distributed peer to peer document cluster cluster summarizations
84. Finding Correlated Biclusters from Gene Expression Data
85. A Distance Measure Approach to Exploring the Rough Set Boundary Region for Attribute Reduction
86. Automated Bidding for Media Services at the Edge of a Content Delivery Network
87. Discovering Activities to Recognize and Track in a Smart Environment
88. Music Clustering With Features From Different Information Sources
89. Optimization of MANET Connectivity Via Smart DeploymentMovement of Unmanned Air Vehicles
90. DomainDriven Data Mining: Challenges and Prospects
91. ViDE A VisionBased Approach for Deep Web Data Extraction
92. Design and Implementation of a Bilingual Conversation Ability Training System
93. Exploring Correlated Subspaces for Efficient Query Processing in Sparse Databases
94. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Personalized Web Search
95. Ranking Spatial Data by Quality Preferences
96. Improving Personalization Solutions through Optimal Segmentation of Customer Bases
97. A Mobile Multimedia Technology to Aid Those with Alzheimers Disease
98. Patch alignment for Dimensionality Reduction
99. Mobility Management for Video Streaming on Heterogeneous Networks
100. Personalizing Web Community Directories Based on Web Usage Data
101. Estimation methods for software project management
102. Signaling Potential Adverse Drug Reactions from Administrative Health Databases
103. The CoQUOS Approach to Continuous Queries in Unstructured Overlays
104. Development of the Packaging Engineering Experimental Teaching Platform Based on Interaction Design Concept
105. Concealment of WholePicture Loss in Hierarchical BPicture Scalable Video Coding
106. Building a RuleBased Classifier :A FuzzyRough Set Approach
107. Efficient Multidimensional Suppression for KAnonymity
108. Learning Video Preferences Using Visual Features and Closed Captions
109. Beyond Redundancies A MetricInvariant Method for Unsupervised Feature Selection
110. Adaptive Join Operators for Result Rate Optimization on Streaming Inputs
111. Data Mining over peer to peer networks
112. Dominant Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
113. An Adaptive Ordering Framework for Filtering Multimedia Streams
114. Optimization of Linear Recursive Queries in SQL
115. Simple Vehicle Detection with Shadow Removal at Intersection
116. Information Extraction from Web pages
117. Predicting Missing items in Shopping Carts
118. Query oriented concept based Profile from Search Engine
119. Projective Distribution of XQuery with Updates
120. Query Processing Using Distance Oracles for Spatial Networks
121. Information Overload A Collaborative Dance Perform
122. Asking Generalized Queries to Domain Experts to Improve Learning
123. Discovery of Structural and Functional Features in RNA Pseudoknots
124. Peer Assisted Video Streaming With SupplyDemandBased Cache Optimization
125. Structural and RoleOriented Web Service Discovery with Taxonomies in OWLS
126. Geometric Distortions Correction Scheme based on Hausdorff Distance for Digital Watermarking Image
127. The Impact of Diversity on Online Ensemble Learning in the Presence of Concept Drift
128. Presence without Complete World Knowledge
129. Answering Frequent Probabilistic Inference Queries in Databases
130. Communities and Emerging Semantics in Semantic Link Network
131. IMine: Index Support for item Set Mining
132. The Emerging Field of Semantic Scientific Knowledge Integration
133. Effective Clustering of Dense and Concentrated Online Communities
134. Probabilistic Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries on Uncertain Data
135. Effects of sonar shape distortion on time delay estimation method for leftright discrimination
136. Closeness A New Privacy Measure for Data Publishing
137. Maintaining Recursive Views of Regions and Connectivity in Networks
138. Efficient Relevance Feedback for ContentBased Image Retrieval by Mining User Navigation Patterns
139. Cooperative OFDM Channel Estimation in the Presence of Frequency Offsets
140. Publishing composition of atomicity equivalent service of the collaboration
141. A Binary String Approach for Updates in Dynamic Ordered XML Data
142. Multicell OFDMA Downlink Resource Allocation Using a Graphic Framework
143. Purpose based access control for privacy protection in relational database systems
144. Image Annotation Within the Context of Personal Photo Collections Using Hierarchical Event and Scene Models
145. Suggesting TopicBased Query Terms as You Type
146. A Unified Framework for Providing Recommendations in Social Tagging Systems Based on Ternary Semantic Analysis
147. Synchronization of OlfactionEnhanced Multimedia
148. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization
149. A Game Theoretic Approach for Simultaneous Compaction and Equipartitioning of Spatial Data Sets
150. Improvement of Image Contrast with Local Adaptation
151. Introduction to the DomainDriven Data Mining Special Section
152. Improved classification association rule mining
153. Clustering sequential pattern mining of online collaborative learning data
154. DomainDriven Classification Based on Multiple Criteria and Multiple ConstraintLevel Programming for Intelligent Credit Scoring
155. Reflections on the Control of Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning
156. Analysis and Compensation of DC Offset in OFDM Systems Over FrequencySelective Rayleigh Fading Channels
157. Optimizing Resource Conflicts in Workflow Management Systems
158. Investigation on Applying Information Technology in Graduation Design
159. A Novel Semidistributed Localization Via Multinode TOADOA Fusion
160. Closing the Loop in Webpage Understanding
161. Deriving ConceptBased User Profiles from Search Engine Logs
162. EpisodeConstrained CrossValidation in Video Concept Retrieval
163. Selecting Attributes for Sentiment Classification Using Feature Relation Networks
164. Rule Base Coordination of Distributed Web Service
165. A Platform for ContextAware and Digital Rights ManagementEnabled Content Adaptation
166. A Reasoning System of Ternary Projective Relations
167. Superseding Nearest Neighbor Search on Uncertain Spatial Databases
168. The Application Research of OLAP in College Decision Support System
169. RealTime Environmental Monitoring and Notification for Public Safety
170. Optimal Rate Allocation for Video Transmission over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
171. Scene Detection in Videos Using Shot Clustering and Sequence Alignment
172. GDOP Analysis for Positioning System Design
173. Optimal Channel Adaptation of Scalable Video over a MulticarrierBased Multicell Environment
174. RealTime NearDuplicate Elimination for Web Video Search with Content and Context
175. Record Matching over Query Results from Multiple Web Databases
176. Application of Customer Relationship Management in Health Care
177. Personalized Email Prioritization Based on Content and Social Network Analysis
178. Study on the Real time Logdomain Conversion for Detecting the Transient Feeble Optical Signal
179. KnowledgeBased Interactive Postmining of Association Rules Using Ontologies
180. ScaleInvariant Visual Language Modeling for Object Categorization
181. Campus Internet Culture and Ideological and Political Education
182. OneTripTime based Congestion Control for Distributed Realtime Applications
183. Practical Realization of Ad hoc Network based on DSR Protocol Considering QOS for Multimedia Services
184. A Fuzzy SelfConstructing Feature Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification
185. Probabilistic Topic Models for Learning Terminological Ontologies
186. A Unified semantic Framework for user interactive Social Tagging Systems
187. Feature Selection Using fInformation Measures in Fuzzy Approximation Spaces
188. Continuous Subgraph Pattern Search over Certain and Uncertain Graph Streams
189. IsoMap EnergyEfficient Contour Mapping in Wireless Sensor Networks
190. Authenticated Multistep Nearest Neighbor Search
191. Automating the Design and Construction of Query Forms
192. An Improved Private Information Keeper System
193. KeyframeBased Video Summary Using Visual Attention Clues
194. Predective Ensemble Pruning By Expecting Propagation
195. Histograms and Wavelets on Probabilistic Data
196. Active Integrity Constraints for Database Consistency Maintenance
197. ContextAware Person Identification in Personal Photo Collections
198. Continuous Monitoring Using EventDriven Reporting for ClusterBased Wireless Sensor Nerworks
199. Study on Realtime Video Monitoring System Base on BSP
200. An Unsupervised Automated Essay Scoring System
201. Apache Struts Applied for Construction of SMS Collection System
202. PID Parameters Tuning Method by Particle Swarm Optimization with Chaotic Disturbance
203. Special Section on Communities and Media Computing
204. Uninterpreted Schema Matching with Embedded Value Mapping under Opaque Column Names and Data Values
205. Learning to Adapt Web Information Extraction Knowledge and Discovering New Attributes via a Bayesian Approach
206. Predictive Ensemble Pruning by Expectation Propagation
207. A Link Analysis Extension of Correspondence Analysis for Mining Relational Databases
208. A Generic Local Algorithm for Mining Data Streams in Large Distributed Systems
209. Automatic Ontology Matching via Upper Ontologies A Systematic Evaluation
210. RiMOM: A Dynamic Multistrategy Ontology Alignment Framework
211. Spectrum Sensing of OFDMA Systems for Congnitive Radio Networks
212. The analysis for the attack on the wireless bridge monitoring system
213. A Multicue Bayesian State Estimator for Gaze Prediction in Open Signed Video
214. Video Streaming Over InHome Power Line Networks
215. Visual Navigation for Mobile Devices
216. Performance Comparison of the Tree and the Quadtree for kNN and Distance Join Queries
217. Temporal Association Rule Mining Based On TAPRIORI Alogrithm And its Typical Application
218. The Tiled Bitmap Forensic Analysis Algorithm
219. Adaptive Network Precoding Based on SJNR to Mitigate InterCell Interference
220. A Framework for Exception Handling in ContextAware Applications
221. Approximate Distributed KMeans Clustering over a PeertoPeer NW
222. Adaptive Multiagent System For Traffic Monitoring
223. FaceSeg: Automatic Face Segmentation for RealTime Video
224. Picture Context Capturing for Mobile Databases
225. Applications of Multimedia Technology in Deformation Monitoring of Subway Tunnel
226. Design and Implementation of a Call Center in IC Card Management System
227. FilterBased Data Partitioning for Training Multiple Classifier Systems
228. A Generic Multilevel Architecture for Time Series Prediction
229. OptimalLocationSelection Query Processing in Spatial Databases
230. Dynamic Wavelet Synopses Management over Sliding Windows in Sensor Networks
231. Batch Mode Active Learning with Applications to Text Categorization and Image Retrieval
232. Cosdes: A Collaborative Spam Detection System with a Novel EMail Abstraction Scheme
233. Exception Handling Patterns for Process Modeling
234. A CrossLayer Approach to Multichannel MAC Protocol Design for Video Streaming Over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
235. Conic Programming for Multitask Learning
236. BinRank Scaling Dynamic AuthorityBased Search Using Materialized Subgraphs
237. DuplicateInsensitive Order Statistics Computation over Data Streams
238. A Novel Design of Internet Digital Content Distribution Platform
239. Optimization Techniques for Reactive NW Monitoring
240. A Personalized Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering
241. A General Framework of TimeVariant Bandwidth Allocation in the Data Broadcasting Environment
242. Video Management over Relational Database
243. Incremental Maintenance of Hop Labeling of Large Graphs
244. Learning SemiRiemannian Metrics for Semi supervised Feature Extraction
245. Learning and Predicting the Evolution of Social Networks
246. Implementation of Autonomous Pricing Mechanism in Grid Computing
247. Automated Web Site Evaluation Based on Ranking
248. IdentityBased Anonymous Remote Athentication for ValueAdded Services in Mobile Networks

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