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Design and analysis of connecting rod 4s S.I engine
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Design and analysis of connecting rod 4s S.I engine.


Connecting rod is a structural member in the engine, which transfers reciprocating motion into rotary motion of crank shaft
The connecting rod while transferring the power from piston to crank shaft takes load from piston due to combustion process in the combustion chamber
The load acts at a particular crank angle to the max hence the connecting rod is analyzed due to stress developed, due to load conditions and changes mentioned
In this analysis a model of connecting rod is generated in pro/e and analyzed in ansys using FEM (finite element method) by applying loads and boundary conditions, and then solved for engineering responses
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hai i am kiran .i deside to done my project on "design and analysis of connecting rod " by using ansys&pro-e .i want full details on that project
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Hello,can I get design details about this project.
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Can i have the detail of the project please?
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Can anyone give the documentation for Design and analysis of connecting rod 4s S.I engine?
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hi i want in detail about this project
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only small report about the topic"Design and analysis of connecting rod 4s S.I engine"
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Need more information about this project topic
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To get more information about the topic "Design and analysis of connecting rod 4s S.I engine" please refer the link below
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hai i am karthik.i deside to done my project on "design and analysis of connecting rod " by using ansys&pro-e .i want full details on that project
my mail id is adhithyan90[at]
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tell me how analyses in fem
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to get information about the topics"Design and analysis of connecting rod 4s S.I engine" refer the link bellow
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i want the complete report please ...
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to get information about the topic"Design and analysis of connecting rod 4s S.I engine" refer the link bellow

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