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ece mini projects abstracts list
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1. 8085 Simulator
2. Real Time Implementation of Library Management and survey counting System using RFID
3. Mileage meter
4. Remote Control of PC/Computer using GSM Modem or Cell Phone.
5. ECG Data Acquisition through IR
6. Distributed Output System.
7. Servo Motor Speed Controller
8. Stroboscope based speed control system
9. Automatic Packing Machine
10. Weight& Height Measurement with printer Facility
11. AVR for alternators
12. Smart Clothes
13. Automatic Drilling System.
14. Digital Taxi Meter
15. Ultrasonic Alarm for Visually Impaired
16. Microcontroller based Heartbeat Monitoring over GSM Mobile.
17. Stepper Motor controlled By Remote Control
18. Locker Security Monitor
19. Programmable Outgoing Barring System for Telephones
20. Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
21. Automatic pattern cutting M/C in garments
22. Cache memory Simulator
23. BIOMETRIC finger print Recognition access control system
24. Smart Cards with I2C EPROM
25. Remote Power On/Off Control for Home Electric Outlets Based on a Low-Power Embedded Board and Zigbee communication
26. Temperature Monitoring using Thremistor
27. Long Distance Communication for I2C EPROM Devices
28. GSM based Energy Meter Monitoring and Control System.
29. Soil Moisture Controller
30. RC5 Decoder
31. IR adaptor for I2C BUS
32. GPS and GSM based real-time vehicle tracking on GoogleEarth (with two GSM Modems)
33. Glass Breakage Detector
34. Telephone Switching
35. Position control System
36. SMS based Juke Box
37. Remote Security System
38. Pigment Adding System using Image Processing
39. Authorized home appliances control with i-Button
40. Smart Networking
41. A RFID-based Material Tracking Information System
42. Remote control of critical software applications with mobile phone.
43. Microcontroller Based Machine Monitoring
44. Multi-stage Real Time weather Monitoring via ZigBee in Smart Homes
45. Lift control System
46. Fuzzy Logic Based Heat Exchanger with Simulation Result
47. Boiler Controller
48. Production counter
49. Ultrasonic Vibration Detector
50. Luminosity Meter
51. Mark Announcement Through SMS
52. Advanced i-button based access control system
53. Security System for Remote Access using Telephone Line
54. Optical Thermometer
55. Motor position Control
56. Motor Speed Reverse, Jogging, Breaking And Plugging System
57. Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to PC
58. I.V. Drip Through Motor Controller
59. Digital Code Locking System
60. Telephone Operated Temperature Control System with Remote Control
61. Battery Level Monitor
62. Quality Control System
63. Irrigation control system
64. Data Sharing through communication port with LCD Display
65. IR Data Analyzer
66. e-Cash like ATM cards
67. Cryptography using Microcontroller
68. File Transfer using PSTN
69. Device Switching through Card System.
70. Air Leakage Detection Based on Pressure Sensor
71. Design and development of Mobile phone using Modem, Graphical LCD, buzzer and Touchscreen based keypad.
72. EPROM Programmer
73. Temperature Voice Announcement System
74. GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police.
75. RF Based Automation
76. Automated industrial security system using GSM
77. 2D and 3D Games
78. DTMF Generation using Microcontroller
79. Programmable Wire Feeder For Welding Robots
80. GSM & GPS Technology
81. Programmable Serial Hub
82. RFID Alert System for patients
83. Induction motor speed monitoring & control using PWM Technique
84. Centralized wireless monitoring in textile industries
85. Light Brightness control Depends Upon Sunlight Intensity
86. Field Identification System
87. GSM GPS based school kids tracking system.
88. Distributed Input for Microcontroller
89. Complete Boiler Guard
90. Secured Data Acquisition System
91. Data Logger With Graphics Display
92. Noise and vibration detectors
93. Long Distanced Communication using IR
94. Remote Appliance Control through SMS
95. (GPS GSM Microcontroller)
96. Distributed Control System
97. Temperature Monitoring And Recording Device
98. Load Sharing using DC Motors
99. Environmental Monitoring
100. Generator Synchronization.
101. Automatic weighing Bridge
102. Pc to Microcontroller communication Through USART.
103. Power Theft Indicator
104. The purpose of this project is to measure the temperature using LM35 sensor. This temperature is processed by microcontroller and sent to the user over GSM mobile.
105. Multienergy Based X-Ray Baggage Inspection System
106. Automatic humidity control for refrigerator
107. GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System.
108. Home Automation through SMS
109. Automatic Bus Fair System
110. RS 485 Repeater
111. Modular IR Remote Control For Industrial Automation
112. Temperature Monitoring using Thermocouple
113. Password protected GSM based Device control
114. PC interfaced Data Acquisitions System
115. Accident identification system
116. Serial Port Security Key
117. Infrared USART For Microcontroller
118. Microcontroller based GPS Navigator with Google Earth Interface and MMC/SD 1GB Card Data Logging
119. Accident identification with auto dialer
120. Pressure Transmitter
121. Electronic Circuit Breaker
122. This system locates the Vehicle on the earth by the use of GPS and sends the co-ordinates (Longitude & Latitude), Time and Vehicle speed to the owner of the vehicle using GSM Modem.
123. Motor Speed Monitoring over GSM Mobile
124. Security system using IP Camera
125. (GSM Modem Microcontroller Electromagnetic Relays)
126. Vibration Sensing System
127. IR Remote Control
128. GPRS (Web) based Energy Meter realtime Energy Meter monitoring system.
129. File Transfer Through GSM
130. Computer controlled vehicle
131. Railway Helpline Display
132. EMG monitor
133. Fire Monitor using Microcontroller
134. Industrial Monitor through GSM Networks
135. Digital Clock Based on Real Time Clock(RTC) IC
136. GSM & GPS based vehicle tracking system
137. Automatic Street Light ON-OFF Controller
138. Building automation system.
139. Prepaid Cable Card System
140. Universal Remote using IR on Pocket PC
141. Ultrasonic Level Monitor
142. PLC based motor protection system
143. Status Updating through Card System
144. RFID Tags for Tracking Patients Charts and Medical Equipment Within an Integrated Health Delivery Network
145. Wireless Heartbeat Sensor (GSM based)
146. GPS Based train or bus or Aircraft Collision Avoidance
147. I2C Based Sequential Logic System
148. Color Detection using Image Processing
149. Soft starter with overload tripping
150. Electronic Voting Machine using LCD Display and EPROM for Memory Interface
151. Electricity Billing through GSM Modems
152. X-bee (Zigbee) Projects
153. RF Signal Generator
154. UPS Monitoring System
155. Automatic shutter control system with intelligent security system
156. Vehicle Access Control
157. C DevicesSmart Card Security Systems using I2
158. Wireless security system
159. Temperature controlled System
160. GPS & GSM Based Realtime Vehicle Tracking System.
161. Ultra Low Cost Zigbee Biosensor Device
162. GSM based Domestic/Industrial Energy meter billing system.
163. Digital Storage Tachometer
164. SCADA Implementation in microcontroller
165. Digital Frequency Meter
166. Image Transfer Through SMS
167. PIR GSM based Home Security System
168. Data Logger Based on RS 232 Serial Communication
169. Canteen Automation
170. Monitoring System for UPS.
171. Transmission Sensor For Remote Car Starter
172. Digital Panel System
173. Automatic Ticketing Machine
174. I2C Based High Security Data Transmission
175. Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control Using GSM Technology
176. Microcontroller driven GPS Clock (GPS Microcontroller LCD)
177. Wire Less communication From Pc To Pc
178. Level Sensor With 4-20ma O/P
179. Satellite Tracking System
180. Weight Balance Cum Controller
181. ECG Picture Messaging
182. GSM based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates. (No Mobile phone operation knowledge required)
183. GPS-Based Accident Identification System for Vehicles
184. Sound Level Meter
185. Addressable Remote Transmitter Through mains communication.
186. Remote Dish Positioning System
187. Security Recording Station Cards
188. Tele monitoring patient through Internet
189. GSM based digital Notice board with display on Monitor or LCD display.
190. Real-time Kernel for a 68K-based Single-board Computer
191. On-load Tap-change for power transformer
192. 8 - Channel Water Level Controller
193. Finger Print Based Authentication And Controlling System Of Device
194. Digital Anemometer
195. Automatic car parking controller using RF ID
196. Pilot’s Intelligent Knee-pad
197. SMS ticket Reservation
198. (Microcontroller Energy Meter GSM Modem LCD Display)
199. Precise yarn thickness measurement
200. Automatic Pumping System for Vehicles
201. I2C Based Wind Speed Recorder
202. Traffic Light Priority Control for Emergency Vehicles
203. Telephone interface security system
204. Temperature Measurement over GSM Mobile.
205. Prepaid Card for Call Taxi
206. Conveyer Controller
207. Glass Cutting Machine
208. Telephone Answering Machine
209. Transformer protection system
210. EPROM Simulators
211. GPS and Graphical display based tourist-guiding system with Touchscreen keyboard input for dynamic location recording. This can be used any where in the world including Sea and Forest locations.
212. Wireless Keypad
213. RF Based House Security System
214. Computerized Student Testing System
215. Traffic Announcement through GSM Networks
216. Automatic Wheel Alignment Robot
217. Pocket Dictionary
218. Tension control system
219. RFID and GSM based intelligent letterbox (mailbox).
220. Hospital connecting system
221. The Wireless Sensor Network for Home-Care System Using ZigBee
222. BIOMETRIC Technology
223. DC Motor Speed controlled using Remote
224. Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring
225. DTMF mobile phone controlled dam water gates controlling system with high-level protection.
226. Voice over IP
227. Chemical Titration
228. Automatic Voice Dialer
229. Traffic Priority for Ambulance
230. GSM based Highway vehicle traffic monitoring system.
231. I2C Based Temperature Recording System
232. Voting Machine through GSM Modem

233. Remote Sales Terminal Networking
234. GPS Navigator/Logger
235. Automatic Bus Fare System Using RFID
236. Programmable Multi Channel Water Level Controller
237. Attendance recorder
238. Data feeding system through card.
239. GSM Based Video Surveillance Recorder
240. Wind Mill Control System
241. On line weighing balance
242. Rescue Indicator
243. I2C Based Weather Station Recorder
244. FFT Implementation in Microcontrollers
245. Microcontroller and GPS based geographical map drawing instrument. Very useful for Civil engineers.
246. FRC Meter
247. Portable Recording System for Monitoring Vehicle Speeds
248. This updates time (GMT) from satellites and displays on LCD.
249. I2C Based Storage Oscilloscope
250. Robot Operated Through Voice
251. SMS Through landline
252. Standalone GPS Coordinates(Latitude,Longitude...) Locater. (GPS Microcontroller LCD)
253. Precision Temperature Sensing Using RTD
254. I2C EPROM Programmers
255. Air Velocity Monitor
256. Remote control for Home Appliance
257. Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control.
258. ID Card Identification
259. IC-engine monitoring system
260. Zigbee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission
261. GPS based station name announcement and display system for Trains/buses.
262. GSM Based automatic Irrigation Water Supply System.
263. Sequential control system for conveyer system
264. TSR Based Multi Channel Motor Speed Monitor
265. Assembly Language Teaching Aid
266. Telephone Operated Motor Control
267. Servo Motor Speed Controller with Feedback
268. Library Management Using RFID
269. Telephone Operated Remote Robot
270. Heart Beat Monitor And Recorder
271. Solar Tracking System.
272. Watt-Hour-Meter using Microcontroller
273. Engine Monitoring through Mobile Phones
274. Door Security System
275. SMS Games
276. Remote cable disconnection system
277. I-BUTTON Technology
278. Current Loop Modem Communication from MC to MC
279. Multi-channel Temperature Monitor & controller
280. RH Controller
281. GPS based office cab monitoring system very useful for the safety of female employees. This system records the travel path and location with timings. Also records the destination of each employee home.
282. Moving Message 16 Character Display
283. PC To PC communication Through Laser/IR
284. Servo Motor Speed Control using IR Remote
285. Remote control Using Modem
286. Programmable Hopper Controller
287. UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability systems (banking/finance/medical etc).
288. Wireless Door Control System
289. (GSM Modem/Mobile/Cell Phone) Microcontroller)
290. GSM Based Security System
291. Blood Dripping System
292. IVRS Based Data
293. Automatic room control system
294. Oscilloscope using Graphics LCD
295. SMS Based Weather Reporting
296. GPS Interface In GSM Networks
297. Time and Attendance system using RFID
298. Code lock for electrical devices
299. Vehicle Speed Storage System
300. Remote Data Logging using Current Loop Modems
301. Billing using RFID
302. Embedded lift controller
303. Process Controlling through SMS
304. Motion Recorder & Play Back
305. Weather Monitor
306. Maximum demand power meter
307. Signal Plotter Based on Graphic Led
308. Tachometer
309. Reactive Power Compensation
310. Power factor monitor & control
311. Object Counter
312. Remote Mouse Controlled Automation
313. GSM and Microcontroller based Single phasing Indicator and Protection System.
314. Heat exchange controller
315. RFID Technology
316. Motor speed control through power line
317. Telephone Operated Machine
318. Input Water Sensing And Overhead Tank Filling System
319. Object Detection using Ultrasonic Waves
320. Mark Announcement System using Telephone
321. Fuel Gas Detection Robot In Remote
322. Inbuilt protector for motors
323. Weather Monitoring
324. Personal Safety And Tracking Through GPS
325. Remote RPM Data Logger
326. 3 phase Monitor
327. Hack Saw Controller
328. RF Based Billing System.
329. GSM/Mobile/Cell Phone Based Device Monitoring and Control System.
330. Oil-Tank Level Indicator
331. Card Based Message Transferring.
332. Digital Weight Analyzer for Weight Bridge
333. Incubator control system
334. Automatic Dim Dipper Programmable ON/OFF Timer Control
335. Crack Detector
336. I2C Based Security Code Locks
337. RS 485 Extender
338. Scrolling message Display
339. Accident Alertness in Vehicles
340. RF Based Data Retrieving System
341. Capacitance Meter
342. Single Phase Preventer
343. Energy billing through main line.
344. Temperature Data Logger
345. Smart Computing Through SMS
346. Anesthesia Control System for Medical Application
347. Maximum Demand Control
348. PC- printer communication through power line
349. Respiration Monitor
350. (GSM Microcontroller)
351. I2C Based Running Message System
352. Virtual Router
353. Bank locker security system with SMS mobile alert
354. Smart Beds
355. Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) Using Zigbee Technology
356. Mobile technology (GSM) based remote monitoring and control of digital Energy meter. Useful for Electricity Department personal for remote meter reading. Also useful to disconnect the power supply to consumer incase of non-payment of electric bill. This is also used to exchange messages like power cut timings with the consumers.
357. GSM Based Home Security System. Get intrusion alerts like door/windows open alerts onto your Cell Phone.
358. Electricity theft Identification using RF Modems
359. Tilt Measurement Using Microcontroller
360. Phone Book Dialer
361. Time Annunciation
362. Paint Spraying Robot
363. Enterprise Distributed System
364. IR Car Detector for Changing Lanes
365. Wireless Water Level Controller
366. Automatic Panel System
367. Refrigeration Using Remote Modem Interface
368. Home Appliances Controlled Through Telephone
369. IR Light Dimmer
370. (Microcontroller Board Memory Card PC Software)
371. Coil - winding machine
372. Automatic dyeing machine
373. Credit Card Reader
374. i-Button based ticketing
375. Remote control using GSM
376. Motor Monitoring System (V,I,F, Temp, Pf)
377. Dish Positioning using Wiper Motor
378. Wireless Voting Machine
379. PS GSM based Realtime Bus/Train Location Finder and display on Earth's Map
380. Embedded Intelligent security System
381. Intelligent traffic light controller
382. Tyre pressure monitoring system
383. Home Automation System
384. Microcontroller and voice based alerting system for blind people with GPS enabled location identification.
385. Power room monitor with data logger
386. The purpose of this project is to get SMS alerts whenever the electrical power status changes to ON or OFF. Use your mobile phone to switch on/off the water pump from any location in the world.
387. Car security system
388. Motor Speed control using IR Sensor
389. Voice Operated Home Appliance control System
390. High Precision Digital Timer
391. Networking Based on IR
392. Message Transfer System Through Telephone
393. Power Monitoring System for Motors
394. i-button based time and attendance system
395. Electronic Voting Machine
396. Fuzzy Logic Based Flow Control
397. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
398. RF Card Based Security Accessing.
399. Video signal transmitter
400. Machine control & fault recognition through telephone
401. Voltage - Current, speed monitor through power line
402. Automatic Railway Gate Controlling System
403. The purpose this project is to get the Latitude and Longitude from the satellites and display them on LCD display.
404. Telephone Call Meter with Call Over Alarm
405. Automatic Phase Changer
406. Air and Fuel Ratio control System for Furnace
407. Railway Accident Monitoring System
408. In-Circuit Programmer for ATMEL Controllers
409. Wire Position Sensor Encoder and Distance Measurement
410. Closed Loop control for Servo Stabilizer
411. Priority for Emergency Vehicles in Traffic Signals
412. Telephone Line Monitor
413. Voice Operated Robot
414. Wire Less Communication From PC To µC
415. Industrial monitor.
416. Telephone Account Recorder
417. Digital IC Tester
418. Device Switching through Finger Reorganization System.
419. Wireless Home security System
420. Depth Measurement Based on LVDT
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pls send me some abstracts for ece related topics[/size][/font]
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to get information about the topic"ece mini projects abstracts list" refer the link bellow
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i want mini ups system abstract hlp ths project.
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please provide circuit diagram , abstract ,application of Wireless Door Control System
please provide circuit diagram ,abstarct,application of" Wireless Door Control System":)
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i want some mini projects for my 2nd year ece
based on bio-medical field
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Good Morning Sir,
Please to send me the project abstracts,my mail id is kommana219suresh[at]
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Home Appliances Controlled Through Telephone
Post: #10
Stroboscope based speed control system i need project abstract with circuit diagaram for this miniproject

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