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.pdf  ( papaer 2003.pdf (Size: 267.29 KB / Downloads: 67)

1. Consider the following statements with
reference to a system with velocity error
constant Ky = 1000
1. The system is stable.
2. The system is of type 1
3. The test signal used is a step input.
Which of these statements are correct?
a. 1 and 2
b. 1 and 3
c. 2 and 3
d. 1, 2 and 3
2. Which one of the following statements is
NOT of correct?
a. With the introduction of integral
control, the steady state error increases
b. The generalised error coefficients
provide a simple way of determining
the nature of the response of a
feedback control to any arbitrary input
c. The generalized error coefficients lead
to calculation of complete steady state
response without actually solving the
system differential equation
d. For a type-1 system, the steady state
error for acceleration input is infinite
3. Consider the following statements with
reference to the root loci of the
characteristic equation of unity feedback
control system with an open loop transfer
function of
( ) ( 1)( 3)( 5)
( 2)
G s K s s s
s s

1. Each locus starts at an open loop pole
and ends either at an open loop zero or
2. Each locus starts at an open loop pole
or infinity and ends at an open loop
3. There are three separate root loci.
4. There are five separate root loci.
Which of these statements are correct ?
a. 2 and 3
b. 2 and 4
c. 1 and 3

14. Match List I with List II and select the
correct answer:
List I (Component)
A. Input potentiometer in d.c. system
B. Synchro pair in a.c. system
C. Motor
D. Feedback tachogenerator
List II (Purpose)
1. Actuator
2. Error detector
3. Transducer
a. 3 2 3 1
b. 2 3 1 3
c. 2 3 3 1
d. 3 2 1 3
15. Which one of the following statements is
NOT correct?
a. The action of bellows in pneumatic
control system is similar to that of a
b. The flapper value converts large
changes in the position of the flapper
into small changes in the back pressure
c. The common name of pneumatic
amplifier is pneumatic relay
d. The transfer function of a pneumatic
actuator is of the form :
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.pdf  ENGINEERING PAPER – I.pdf (Size: 196.5 KB / Downloads: 52)
1. (a) Show that Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems are dual to each other Determine the voltage
across 3-ohm resistor for the circuit shown in Fig. I below using Thevenin’s theorem
(b) A large consumer of electricity requires 10 kW, 230 V r.m.s of power at a power factor angle
of 60° lagging through a transmission line of resistance 0.1 ohm. Determine the power
produced by the utility to meet the load demand. If the consumer corrects his power factor
from 0.5 to 0.9 lagging, what power the utility has to produce to meet the load demand?
© Explain what you understand by voltage-dependent current source and current-dependent
current source. For the circuit shown in Fig. 2, determine the currents i1, i2 and i3 using nodal

2. (a) Why is it necessary to truncate a Taylor series expansion of a non-linear function after the
first term, if the linear approximation is desired?
What do you understand by describing function of a nonlinear system? Stale its limitations
(b) Show that a high-C coil resonant circuit can be approximated as shown in Fig 3
© Point out the necessary and sufficient conditions for positive real function Justify that the
following function can be driving point impedance reactive network

3. (a) Find the steady-state error in the output of any Linear control system with unity feedback
when the input is given by
r(t) = r0 + r1t + r2t2.
(b) Write down the state equations and hence develop a state variable representation for the RLC
network shown in Fig. 5 below.
© The characteristic equation for a certain closed-loop digital control system is given as follows
P(z) = 1 + 04 z -1 - 0.69 z -2 - 0.256 z -3 + 0.32 z-4 = 0
Determine whether this system is stable or not using Jury’s stability test.

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