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.docx  Employee Mamagement System.docx (Size: 16.59 KB / Downloads: 992)
The “EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” has been developed to override the problems prevailing in the practicing manual system. This software is supported to eliminate and in some cases reduce the hardships faced by this existing system. Moreover this system is designed for the particular need of the company to carry out operations in a smooth and effective manner.
The application is reduced as much as possible to avoid errors while entering the data. It also provides error message while entering invalid data. No formal knowledge is needed for the user to use this system. Thus by this all it proves it is user-friendly.

The company uses the Sanchez application which is a single user system to find the employee information.
• The important and the most significant drawback is that the system is manual. There are errors due to carelessness or oversight that may result in loss to the data and as to the organization. For an organization, time is very important factor.
• The employee information are stored in the Sanchez application which is like a excel sheet. This makes it impossible to search for a company information in such a long table manually and to add a new query if the searched query is not available.
The proposed system is designed to eliminate all the drawbacks of the existing system. The system is part of a large HRMS Application and shall be responsible for maintaining information about employees,
• positions,
• company benefits,
• departments,
• new recruit checklists,
• employee achievements,
• warnings,
• evaluation reports,
• education & training,
• administration,
work changes and several ad hoc reports.
The major advantage of the proposed system is,
• It’s online, so that information is available anytime.
• High integrity and security.
• Ability to incorporate newly available data.
• It is user friendly
• Speed and accuracy is increased
• Fully automated.
• Security is associated with user authentication
• Duplication of information is curbed.
Module Description:
1. Admin Module
2. HR Module
3. Payroll Management
4. Employee Module
Admin Module:
Administrator controls the entire application. Administrator can add, delete, edit and view all employee details and admin can create Employee Payslip. Administrator also manages the data related to organizations and businesses. Administrator generates reports abased on various criteria.
HR Module:
HR controls the entire application. Administrator can add, delete, edit and view all employee details. Administrator also manages the data related to organizations and businesses.
Payroll Management:
Admin and HR can add and Delete Payslip details.
Employee Module:
Employees must have valid login information to access the application. Each employee can view the details of Vacancy, Payslip , schedules and Training Materials.
H/W System Requirement
Processor - Pentium –III
Speed - 1.1 Ghz
RAM - 256 MB(min)
Hard Disk - 20 GB
Floppy Drive - 1.44 MB
Key Board - Standard Windows Keyboard
Mouse - Two or Three Button Mouse
Monitor - SVGA
S/W System Requirement
 Operating System : Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0.
 Application Server : Tomcat5.0
 Front End : HTML, Java.
 Scripts : JavaScript.
 Server side Script : Java Server Pages.
 Database : MYSQL.
 Database Connectivity : JDBC.
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.pdf  FULLTEXT01.pdf (Size: 1.55 MB / Downloads: 1484)


This chapter gives a brief theoretical preview upon the database information systems
and goes through the essence of the problem that should be resolved.


Most of the contemporary Information systems are based on the Database technology
as a collection of logically related data, and DBMS as a software system allowing the
users to define, create, maintain and control access to the database.
The process of constructing such kind of systems is not so simple. It involves a
mutual development of application program and database. The application program is
actually the bridge between the users and the database, where the data is stored. Thus,
the well-developed application program and database are very important for the
reliability, flexibility and functionality of the system.

Problem Statement

This report’s documentation goes through the whole process of both application
program and database development. It also comprises the development tools have been

Programming Environments

The given task concerns a small company (organization). For instance, for the needs of
a small company, we could use one set of tools, but for the needs of a larger one, it
would be much better if we apply our approach by using some different, that could be
more appropriate and would fit much better the requirements we have to satisfy.
I decided to use the Access Database Environment as a Database Management

In this report, an information system’s development has been presented. It was
emphasized on the basic steps, consequently taken during the project’s development
course as a particular attention was turned to the basic operative functions performed
upon the data into the database.
The report’s content comprises the whole task solution, starting from the programming
environments have been selected, going through the database, the application’s analyze
and construction, and finishing with the code-implementation and test-samples, shown
separately in Appendix chapters.
As a future work, some additional stuff could be implemented and integrated into the
application code making it much more reliable and flexible; especially what concerns a
pay-roll module, for instance.
System and C# as a programming language for developing my project.
utilized for these purposes.
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.doc  EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.doc (Size: 795.5 KB / Downloads: 628)


Employee Management system is software for managing data of employees in a company.EMS comprises the personal details of an employee. EMS keeps the record of employees joining date, leaving date, assets provided. It manages salary of employee according to the attendance. So we have decided to investigate the use of an Employee Management System. This system would be used by HR Department of the corporation. The purpose of this document is to analyze and elaborate on the high-level needs and features of the Employee Management System. It focuses on the capabilities and facilities provided by accompany. is used as front end and MySql is for back end. Various functions and structures are used to make a complete use of this language. This project is well versed with the programming. Without an employee management system, it’s a tedious job for the Human Resource department of any company. The Software Requirements Specification captures all the requirements in a single document. The Employee Management System that is developed to provides the information of the employees and many other facilities. Employee Management system will store all the details of the employees.


The purpose of Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document is to describe the external behavior of the Employee Management System. Requirements Specification defines and describes the operations, interfaces, performance, and quality assurance requirements of the Employee Management System. The document also describes the non-functional requirements such as the user interfaces. It also describes the design constraints that are to be considered when the system is to be designed, and other factors necessary to provide a complete and comprehensive description of the requirements for the software.
When needed, it’ll take just a few seconds to find out the background of an employee & his/her contribution to the organization. It’ll also facilitate keeping all the records of employees, such as their date of hiring & date of leaving. So all the information about an employee will be available in a few seconds. It’ll also make it very easy to generate statistical data or custom data, like finding a certain set of employees.
Overall, it’ll make Human Resource Management an easier job for the Human Resource department.

Employee Information System is the database system for the any company. The Authority of the General store employees information will be used this system for the better performance of the work. This system will provide the online facilities for the employees and also for the Administrator for store their information into database.

Features of the systems are:-

1. Form for the create employee
2. Employees can check & update their information.
3. Employee or administrator can see their performance.
4. Generate the attendance for the employees.
5. Employees can check their status.
6. Monthly generation of the report.

Problem Statement
The problem definition for the system is to launching the data maintain of employee by web pages for any company in database by fully privacy and authority access. The objective of the project is to setting up employee information system about the status of the employee and the attendance of the employee and monthly salary report of employee whole system password protected.

Project Description

The project has been developed to fulfill the requirements of the employee information & attendance system. This system provides the admin part to create & update information and user part to see his/her information and can also update his/her profile and also system provide automatic attendance of employee & calculate annual salary according attendance.

This system helps admin to know about their all information and attendance of employee. New employee can create their whole profile as personal details, professional details, education details, create login username and password and change or update his/her profile. The attendance system is based on user login user must be login one time in his/her profile. Search option also be included for Search employee by name, working date, department name. The user type only declares by admin.
When the user or admin. Login the current date, user name, user first name display on the header.
As I know that our records information is traditionally paper based; they are maintained on paper. And because of that paper based record authority face lots of problem and if record will misplaced then humble of problem has been occurred. So this Employee Information system will make the work of authorities bit easy.
The Employee Information System includes the primary data such as employee Id and employee name to which department. The system requires only a few information about the user, which also can be easily submit by the employee and rest of the work is self-generated by the system .The monthly updating of data is generated by control system through calculating the salary and attendance .

Front end (ASP.NET):

Introduction:ASP.NET is a server side scripting technology that enables scripts (embedded in web pages) to be executed by an Internet server.
• ASP.NET is a Microsoft Technology
• ASP stands for Active Server Pages
• ASP.NET is a program that runs inside IIS
• IIS (Internet Information Services) is Microsoft's Internet server
• IIS comes as a free component with Windows servers
• IIS is also a part of Windows 2000 and XP Professional
• An ASP.NET file is just the same as an HTML file
• An ASP.NET file can contain HTML, XML, and scripts
• Scripts in an ASP.NET file are executed on the server
• An ASP.NET file has the file extension ".aspx"
• When a browser requests an HTML file, the server returns the file
• When a browser requests an ASP.NET file, IIS passes the request to the ASP.NET engine on the server
• The ASP.NET engine reads the file, line by line, and executes the scripts in the file
• Finally, the ASP.NET file is returned to the browser as plain HTML


Master pages allow you to create a consistent look and behavior for all the pages (or group of pages) in your web application.
A master page provides a template for other pages, with shared layout and functionality. The master page defines placeholders for the content, which can be overridden by content pages. The output result is a combination of the master page and the content page.
The content pages contains the content you want to display.
When users request the content page, ASP.NET merges the pages to produce output that combines the layout of the master page with the content of the content page.
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to get information about the topic "Staff Management System" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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.doc  employee management.doc (Size: 105 KB / Downloads: 158)

For my term paper the topic is Employment management system. It’s a group work and the term paper is divided into three modules. My work will be to manage the already created database of the employees and design an interface to interact with the database. So that we can extract the needed data , delete unneeded data and alter or update the database regularly when needed.
This is an information system to get details of employee’s login and log out details. This will help the organization to monitor all employee’s information and this will be used only for a particular organization, so every organization will maintain this system for the employees. The administrator will give the default password for employees, then he can change password.
The administrator will maintain all the details of the employees. The administrator can view all employee’s login and logout details and can also modify the existing employee details.
The general activities of the system that will be included in this term paper are given below:
• Select ion and identification of the system to be studied
• Preliminary study
• Defining the system
• Design and development of the system
• Implementation of the system
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to get information about the topic "EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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to get information about the topic "EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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