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.ppt  35045055-ferrocement.ppt (Size: 3.36 MB / Downloads: 1199)
Definition of ferrocement reported by ACI Committee 549, 1988 Ferrocement is a form of reinforced concrete using closely spaced multiple layers of mesh and/or small diameter rods completely infiltrated with, or encapsulated in, mortar.
In 1940 Pier Luigi Nervy, an Italian engineer, architect and contractor, used ferrocement first for the construction of aircraft hangars, boats and buildings and a variety of other structures.
It is a very durable, cheap and versatile material.
Cement: The cement should be fresh, of uniform consistency and free of lumps and foreign matter.
Fine Aggregates :Normal weight fine aggregate clean, hard, strong, free of organic impurities and deleterious substances and relatively free of silt and clay.
Water :Potable water is fit for use as mixing water as well as for curing ferrocement structures.
Admixture : Chemical admixtures used in ferrocement serve purposes OF water reduction, with strength and reduces permeability; air entrainment, which increases resistance to freezing and thawing; and suppression of reaction between galvanized reinforcement and cement
The desired shape using ferrocement may be built from a multi-layered construction of chicken wire or other steel mesh.
Over this finished framework, an appropriate mixture of cement, sand and water is spread out
A considerable amount of time may be necessary for the material to fully cure and reach its final strength
Ferro cement has very high tensile strength- to weight ratio and a superior cracking behavior
Low w/c ratio produces an impermeable structures
Ferro cement structures have high durability ,less shrinkage, and low weight.
Thickness 6 to 50 millimeters
Steel cover 1.5 to 5 millimeters
Ultimate tensile strength up to 34 MPa
Allowable tensile stress up to 10 MPa
Modulus of rupture up to 55MPa
Compressive strength up to 28 to 69MPa
Its basic raw materials are readily available in most countries.
It can be fabricated into any desired shape.
The skills for ferrocement construction can be acquired easily.
Heavy plants and machinery are not involved in ferrocement construction.
Being labor intensive, it is relatively inexpensive in developing countries.
It is widely used due to the low self weight, durability & versatility.
Structures made of it can be punctured by collision with pointed objects.
Corrosion of the reinforcing materials due to the incomplete coverage of metal by mortar.
Large no of labors required
It is difficult to fasten to ferrocement with bolts,screws,welding and nail etc..
Tying rods and mesh together is especially tedious and time consuming.
HOUSING:Ferrocement houses utilizing local materials such as wood, bamboo or bush sticks as equivalent steel replacement have been constructed in Bangladesh & Indonesia
MARINE :Ferro cement can be effectively used for various water supply structures like well casings for shallow wells, water tanks, sedimentation tanks, slow sand filters and for sanitation facilities like septic tanks, service modules and sanitary bowls

Al-Ameen College, Bangalore
Leela Palace Bangalore
Sai Super Specialty Hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore
Kolkata Commercial Plaza, Kamaraj Road, Bangalore
Dome Residence for I. K Hospital,
Alipur Sai temple, Kanakapura Road.
AP gem and Jewelry Park, Hyderabad
.Phonix uppel, Hyderabad.
 Vydehi. White field. Bangalore. 
Don Basco college, Mysore Road, Bangalore.
 Pre-Cast housing, Alipur.
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.docx  INTRODUCTION.docx (Size: 477.38 KB / Downloads: 322)

The term ferrocement is most commonly applied to a mixture of Portland cement and sand reinforced with layers of woven or expanded steel mesh and closely-spaced small-diameter steel rods rebar. It can be used to form relatively thin, compound curved sheets to make hulls for boats, shell roofs, water tanks, etc. It has been used in a wide range of other applications including sculpture and prefabricated building components. The term has been applied by extension to other composite materials including some containing no cement and no ferrous material. These are better referred to by terms describing their actual contents.

The desired shape may be built from a multi-layered construction of mesh, supported by an armature or grid, built with rebar and tied with wire. For optimum performance, steel should be rust-treated, (galvanized) or stainless steel. (In early practice, in the desert, or for exterior scenery construction, "sound building practice" was not considered or perhaps unknown as it grew in some cases, from a folk craft tradition of masons collaborating with blacksmiths.) Over this finished framework, an appropriate mixture (grout or mortar) of Portland cement, sand and water and/or admixtures is applied to penetrate the mesh. During hardening, the assembly may be kept moist, to ensure that the concrete is able to set and harden slowly and to avoid developing cracks that can weaken the system. Steps should be taken to avoid trapped air in the internal structure during the wet stage of construction as this can also create cracks that will form as it dries. Trapped air will leave voids that allow water to collect and degrade (rust) the steel. Modern practice often includes spraying the mixture at pressure, (a technique called Shotcrete,) or some other method of driving out trapped air.

The economic advantage of Ferro concrete structures is that they are stronger and more durable than some traditional building methods Depending on the quality of construction and the climate of its location, houses may pay for themselves with almost zero maintenance and lower insurance requirements. Water tanks could pay for themselves by not needing periodic replacement, if properly constructed of Reinforced concrete.

The advantages of a well built Ferro concrete construction are the low weight, maintenance costs and long lifetime in comparison with purely steel constructions. However, meticulous building precision is considered crucial here. Especially with respect to the cementitious composition and the way in which it is applied in and on the framework, and how or if the framework has been treated to resist corrosion.
When a Ferro concrete sheet is mechanically overloaded, it will tend to fold instead of break or crumble like stone or pottery. So it is not brittle. As a container, it may fail and leak but possibly hold together. Much depends on techniques used in the construction.

The disadvantage of Ferro concrete construction is the labor intensive nature of it, which makes it expensive for industrial application in the western world. In addition, threats to degradation (rust) of the steel components is a possibility if air voids are left in the original construction, due to too dry a mixture of the concrete being applied, or not forcing the air out of the structure while it is in its wet stage of construction, through vibration, pressurized spraying techniques, or other means. These air voids can turn to pools of water as the cured material absorbs moisture. If the voids occur where there is untreated steel, the steel will rust and expand, causing the system to fail.
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Thanks you for sharing
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.
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to get information about the topic " FERROCEMENT FULL REPORT" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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I have just joined this forum.

I am looking for any information about the performance of ferrocement in cold conditions. We have an upcoming project in Himachal Pradesh in India where the temperature is little below zero in winters and there is snow. We are planning to do in-situ ferrocement over a structural frame made with steel box sections and tubes.

I will be grateful if anyone could guide me about how ferrocement can be made resistant to freezing conditions and snowfall. Any experiences to share?

Thanks a lot,

Pankaj Khanna
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please send report
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to get information about the topic "FERROCEMENT" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow


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Ferrocement seminar

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