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finger print program using microcontroller
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I am the student of diploma final year.And for the final year we have to make the project in group.
My problem is regarding our project called "Fingerprint bank locker using 8951 microcontroller" But the problem is that we dont have the codes for the same and we want the codes.
Otherwise sir, if u can provide us the readymade project with all our requirement then that will also do.
Please reply on this email ID as soon as possible
Please mail as soon as possible.
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In today's safe world, bio-metric security is at the top. Unlike other techniques that make use of passwords and numbers, which need to be remembered, bio-metric techniques make use of human body parts like fingerprints or even the iris of the eyes and as we know these things are unique to everyone. Makes bio-metric systems the most effective over others. Fingerprint based security system can be used in many places like industries, offices and schools or even in our house. This project is an excellent combination of "Bio-metric Technology" and "Embedded Systems Technology". The fingerprint sensor is the main part of this system. Use the bio-metric sensor to detect fingerprints. Also called bio-metric sensor. Fingerprint sensor uses various types of techniques like ultrasonic method, optical method or thermal technique. In this project we have used the optical fingerprint sensor. The main blocks of this project Micro-controller, fingerprint module, buzzer, relay, keyboard, LCD screen and motor. The user has to place his finger on the part of the optical sensor of the fingerprint module. We have seen the security system based on RFID security system based on password. The main feature or specialty of the fingerprint is that it is unique. It gives this project high level security than other security systems. Recognition of the person with fingerprint identification has been used for a long time. The most common example is the use in criminal cases.
To operate this project we must first operate this project in "Configuration Mode or Administrator Mode". In this mode we have to enter data in the database of the fingerprint sensor, for this we must take fingerprints of that person to which we want to give access to our security system. This can be done once or every time a new entry has to be added to the system. This project should be used in "Normal mode or search mode". In this mode, the system compares the fingerprint input received on its optical board with the previously stored fingerprint of its flash memory. If the input matches the memory and then give the OK signal along with the identity number of that person. But if the input does not match the memory, it emits an error signal. The received output of the fingerprint sensor is given to the micro-controller. The micro-controller then compares this output data. The function of the micro-controller is to turn on the respective device depending on the input received. In the case of the OK signal of the fingerprint module, the micro-controller switches on the relay and a motor. However, if the error output is received, the buzzer is activated.
Blocks diagram:

[Image: 1901-fingerprint-based-security-system.png]

Description in detail:

The following are the important blocks of this system:
1) Fingerprint Sensor: We used R305 fingerprint sensor. It has an optical biometric fingerprint reader. It also has built-in flash memory. It performs the image processing function and gives data on its output pin.
2) Micro-controller: This is the CPU (central processing unit) of our project. We will use a micro-controller of the 8051. The various functions of the micro-controller are as follows:
I. Reading of several digital input signals of the fingerprint sensor
II. Send this data to the LCD screen so the person operating this project must understand the status.
III. Give the respective signal to the different output devices. Relay and DC motor for valid access and buzzer for invalid access.
Iv. Sending the data to the computer via the serial port.
These data consist of valid or invalid access status.
3) LCD Display: We have used 16 × 2 LCD display alphanumeric, which means that you can display alphabets along with numbers on 2 lines each with 16 characters.
4) Buzzer: We will use a buzzer to indicate invalid access to open the door.
5) Keyboard: The user will enter several commands using the keyboard. Several keyboard keys are as follows:
I. Add fingerprint entry
II. Search fingerprint
III. Empty the database of the fingerprint module.

1. Industrial application: "Fingerprint-based security system" project can be used by employees, staff or workers in various industries such as automobile industries, manufacturing industries, software development companies.
2. Domestic or Domestic Application: This project can be used to automate the process of door locking in our home, so the user does not need to carry the keys to the door with him, he can only use his finger to open the door
3. Bank Lockers: Many of the banks use password-based or password-based locks for their lockers or safes. We can implement Fingerprint based bank system closets using this project.

1. The fingerprint based security system is the safest system compared to other systems. The reason is that the RFID card or the lock keys can be stolen, password can be filtered. However miniature of each human being is unique, so the lock will not open unless the same person is present to give the fingerprint impression.
2. There is no need to carry the keys to open the lock. Or even no need to remember the password or any pin number.
3. One of the main advantages is that this system remembers the stored password even if the power supply is turned off.
4. Scientific research and studies have shown that fingerprints do not change as they grow.
5. The use of the fingerprint saves time to gain access compared to other methods like the RFID card, password or key.

Future developments:
1. We can send this data to a remote location using mobile or internet 2. We can use con-tactless fingerprint sensor. What is also called the 3D con-tactless fingerprint scanner. 3. We can implement other related modules such as fire detector, GSM modem.

Precautions to take when accessing the fingerprint sensor:

[Image: 1901-correct-way-to-access-fingerprint-sensor.png]

Correct way to access the fingerprint sensor

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