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Golden Hello guidance for academies (including free schools)
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.pdf  1460369169-GoldenHelloguidanceforacademiesincludingfreeschools201617.pdf (Size: 222.18 KB / Downloads: 4)

The golden hello is a financial incentive for teachers of priority subjects in a maintained
secondary school (including middle-deemed secondary), a maintained ornon-maintained
special school or a secondary academy including secondary free schools. It is only
available to teachers who trained through a postgraduate initial teacher training (ITT)
course leading to qualified teacher status (QTS). In order to be eligible for payment ofthe
golden hello incentive, teachers must meet the training, teaching and applicationcriteria.
This document outlines the eligibility criteria that must be met in order to claim the
incentive and explains how NCTL will reimburse academies for the golden hello scheme
in the financial year (FY) 2016-17. The eligibility criteria guidance is used to assess all
NCTL golden hello applications and should be read by teachers applying for a golden
hello,and administrators responsible for assessing claims. This document relates to
eligible postgraduate initial teacher training (ITT) courses starting between 1 August 2000
and31 July 2011.
ITT providers were required to provide eligible teachers with a golden helloapplication
form upon completion of their ITT. Providers should ensure that only eligible teachers
receive an application form.
The NCTL offers academies funding for the reimbursement of Golden Helloexpenditure
The funding will reimburse costs relating to:
• the gross incentive amounts in accordance with the subject specific rates forthat
teachers qualifying year, and
• any connected employers Earnings Related National Insurance Contributions
(guidance on ERNIC can be sourced from
The Department announced the closure of the golden hello scheme for all trainees
starting their initial teacher training (ITT) in the academic year 2011/12 and beyond.
Trainees who started their postgraduate ITT course prior to 1 August 2011 will
continue to be able to make their application for the golden hello scheme under the
current terms and conditions.

In order to be eligible to apply for a golden hello incentive, a teacher must comply withall
of the following criteria:
1. Training eligibility criteria: relating to the type of ITT undertaken
2. Teaching eligibility criteria: relating to the type of teaching post occupied
3. Application eligibility criteria: relating to the timing of the application
If any part of these eligibility criteria is not satisfied, the teacher is not eligible to receivea
golden hello. Where teachers do not satisfy an element of the teaching eligibility in their
original application, they may reapply for a golden hello at a future date. This isprovided
that they fully satisfy the eligibility criteria, including the application eligibility, at the time of
a subsequent application.
Training (ITT) eligibility criteria
a) The golden hello is only available to teachers who successfully completed a
postgraduate ITT course, leading to the award of QTS in England. Teachers who
undertook equivalent postgraduate courses in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or
the European Union (EU) may also be eligible for the golden hello as long as they
satisfythe criteria set out in the ‘payment rates’ section.
b) Teachers who gained QTS through an undergraduate or employment-basedITT route
do not qualify for a golden hello. Employment-based ITT routes include the Graduate
and Registered Teacher Programmes, the Overseas Trained Teacher Programme,
the Teach First Programme and School Direct (Salaried).
c) The teacher must have taken an ITT course that covered teaching either orboth of,
the 11–14 and 14–16 age ranges in an eligible subject.
Teaching eligibility criteria
a) Eligible teachers must be a qualified schoolteacher and hold QTS
b) Eligible teachers must have successfully completed their induction year.
c) Please read the Induction for newly qualified teachers for further information.
d) Eligible teachers must be employed as a qualified schoolteacher in England in:
• A maintained secondary school (including middle-deemed secondary)
• A maintained or non-maintained special school (see to
identify status), or
• A secondary phase academy / free school
e) Teachers in private schools and sixth form colleges are not eligible for thegolden
f) After a teacher has completed their NQT induction, they must have either a
permanent employment contract or a fixed-term contract of at least one term’s
duration. Where the teacher has a permanent contract, they will not be eligible for the
golden hello if notice to terminate the contract is given before the golden hello
payment is received.
g) The teaching post held by the teacher must contract them to teach at least 50% of
their teaching time in the subject they specialised in during ITT. The teachermust
continue to be employed in an eligible role until receipt of the golden hello and must
remain in post for at least the period from application to payment. Applicants who
leave before payment of the golden hello will forfeit their eligibility.
h) Supply teachers are eligible for golden hellos on the same terms aspermanent
teachers, provided that their contract with a school or LA is for at least one term.
Supply teachers employed by private agencies are not eligible.
i) City technology colleges (CTCs) receive funding for golden hellos as part oftheir unit
of funding from the Education Funding Agency. Therefore, CTCs cannot claim a
reimbursement from NCTL for any Golden Hello payments made to teachers. CTCs
are under no legal obligation to spend their grant on golden hellos but are expected to
meet the cost of golden hellos following the same principles as the national golden
hello scheme. Teachers should check with the relevant CTC on its policy for paying
golden hellos.
Application eligibility criteria
a) Teachers must ensure their applications are made to the academy within 12 months
of completing their NQT induction, or equivalent. NCTL will not reimbursegolden hello
payments for teachers that applied for the golden hello after 12 months of completion
of the induction period has passed.
b) This application time is extendable to 24 months in case of pregnancy orfull-time
caring responsibilities, and for any period during which a person is certified by adoctor
as medically unfit to work as a teacher. Academies should make a request for an
extension on behalf of the teacher by email to NCTL.
c) Applicants must not have previously received a NCTL golden hello in Englandor the
equivalent in Wales.

Payment rates
The rate payable for eligible teachers is dependent upon the academic year theteacher
started their ITT course and the secondary subject in which the trainee specialises.
These rates are before tax, National Insurance and student loan repayment ifapplicable.
Teachers who undertook equivalent postgraduate ITT courses in Wales,Scotland,
Northern Ireland or the EU may also be eligible for the golden hello as long asthey satisfy
the eligibility criteria set out in this document.
Golden hellos are a non-consolidated bonus and are subject to income tax andNational
Insurance. They are regarded by HM Revenue and Customs as taxable income and
teachers repaying student loans might have their repayments increasedaccordingly.
Teachers who are claiming state benefit (working tax credits etc.) are advised to discuss
with their local Jobcentre Plus office the impact that the golden hello may have on such
ITT courses that offer joint subject areas can be considered, but at least 50 percent ofthe
course must be in one of the subjects listed above.
For the purpose of golden hellos, all academic years begin on 1 August and end on31
July. To be eligible, teachers must comply with the other eligibility criteria set out inthis
Figures 1 and 2 summarises the golden hello amounts that eligible teachers mayapply
for based on the academic year of the ITT course and the subject in which theytrained and subsequently teach.

Reciprocal agreements with Wales
There is a reciprocal agreement between England and Wales for the golden hello, known
as the teaching grant in Wales. The golden hello/teaching grant will be payable to eligible
teachers either in Wales or in England, but not in both. The eligibility criterion is that of
the receiving country i.e. the country in which you are teaching when you become eligible
for payment. Please note that 2010/11 was the last academic year that teaching
grants/Golden Hello’s formed part of the ITT Incentive support for trainees.
The teaching grants available in Wales for eligible trainees on postgraduate ITT courses
for AY2010/11 are as follows:
• £5,000 Teaching Grant
o Maths
o Chemistry
o Physics
• £2,500 Teaching Grant
o Information and Communication Technology
o Design and Technology
o Welsh
Please note that general/combined science, biology, modern languages, music and
religious education do not qualify for the teaching grant. Payments will not be made by
the Welsh Government for any subjects that are not listed above.
Eligible teachers in Wales will need to send their application form with a photocopy of
their induction certificate to:
Initial Teacher Training Branch
Higher Education Division
Department for Education and Skills
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ
Teachers who trained on a postgraduate ITT course in Wales may be eligible for a golden
hello from the TDA after their first year in a school in England if they satisfy allthe
eligibility criteria as set out in this document.
Eligible teachers working in England will need to apply to the LA responsible fortheir

For teachers who started their ITT course prior to academic year 2010/11, trained in
England and satisfy the eligibility criteria as set out in this document will be able to apply
to the Welsh Government if they take up an eligible post in a maintained school in Wales.
The golden hello amount will be dependent on the eligibility criteria set out previously.
Eligible teachers in Wales will need to send their application form to
Initial Teacher Training Branch
Higher Education Division
Department for Education and Skills
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ
Do not submit your claim form until you have actually started work in your eligible post. If
you have any queries or would like advice from the Welsh Government please call 02920
825838 or email teachingenquiries[at]
Applicants who trained in Scotland and Northern Ireland
Teachers who trained in Scotland or Northern Ireland on a postgraduate ITT course
starting in AY2010/11 may be eligible for a golden hello. These teachers are subjectto
the same eligibility criteria as those trained in England, outlined in this guidance
The teacher will need to provide the academy with information on theirteaching
qualification and induction (or the equivalent), their QTS certificate, andwritten
confirmation of their current contract.
EU applicants
Under European Community law, people who have teaching qualifications obtained
elsewhere in the European Economic Area that are recognised as equivalent to QTSare
entitled to receive a NCTL golden hello on the same basis as English-trainedteachers.
This is provided that they obtained their qualifications to teach the eligible subject inline
with the criteria.
The teacher will need to provide copies of their teaching qualification, theirQTS certificate
and written confirmation of their current contract to the academy.EU applicants must
apply for the golden hello within 12 months of receivingQTS.
If the academy has any concerns about the eligibility of a teacher under the National
Scheme they should contact NCTL for further advice before making the payment,
however responsibility for ensuring that a trainee meets the scheme criteria rests withthe

Process of claiming
Before the teacher achieves QTS
• The teacher completes their ITT course and is provided with an applicationform from
their ITT provider. Teachers who require a copy of this should contact theirITT
provider. NCTL are not able to provide teachers a copy of the application form.
• The ITT provider completes their ITT provider section of the form prior togiving this to
the teacher – this section confirms the ITT eligibility criterion.
After the teacher achieves QTS
• The teacher completes their newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction.
• The teacher obtains a teaching post in an eligible school, with either apermanent or a
fixed-term contract of at least one term’s duration.
• The teacher applies to the school for their golden hello once they havecompleted
their induction. Their employing school completes the teaching eligibility section of the
form - this confirms the teaching eligibility criterion.
• The academy assesses the teacher’s application and pays the golden hello, if eligible,
according to the criteria in this guidance.
• The academy retains the application form and ledger evidencing payment tothe
teacher, and completes the pro-forma in agreement with the terms and conditionsand
confirms payment eligibility.
• The academy submits the fully completed pro-forma to the NCTL as soon as practical
via the following email address and in line with the guidance outlined withinthis
document: TA.Legacy-Claims[at] the email must be encrypted
witha password emailed separately.
• Where academies have a contracted payroll provider, the request for funds may be
completed by them on the academy’s behalf, providing that the academyaccounting
officer has completes the declaration on the claim form following payment and submits
the form.
• Academies are wholly responsible for checking that claims are eligible forpayment
and retaining documentation surrounding payments to teachers and claims made to
NCTL. The NCTL will perform a check of a percentage of claims made for governance
and assurance purposes.
• Any claim discovered to be deficient will be recovered in full and the academymay
forfeit the right to submit claims in the standard fashion.
5. Payments and financial governance
The reporting and payment arrangements for the financial year 2016-17 are belowand
include the NCTL’s expectations of governance, internal control andaudit.
This section is supported by the terms and conditions of the funding scheme and the
declaration, which is printed on every claim form. Academies are required to acceptthese
in making any claim to the NCTL. Payments will not be made if this condition has not
been satisfied.
Returns and payments
Throughout the year academies are required to complete and return a 2016-17 golden
hello claim via submission of the pro-forma as soon as practical.
The pro-forma will constitute an invoice to NCTL and we will retain this for a minimumof 6
The completed form should detail the Golden Hello expenditure incurred during that
period. There are no deadlines for submission as such but the NCTL requests
submissions as soon as practical after the payment has been made to theTeacher.
Claims received between 15 March 2017 and 31 March 2017 will be retained by NCTL
and reimbursed in April 2017. If the academy requires reimbursement within FY 2016-17,
the payment will need to be made to the teacher and the submittedbefore 15 March
Financial governance
The claims serve to verify that the expenditure incurred by academies has beenfor
eligible activities only, as outlined in NCTL documentation.
As such, they must be signed by the academy accounting officer to ensure proprietyand
financial governance. Where claim forms are not submitted in this manner they will notbe
accepted for payment.
Signatures can be electronic (typed in) and are legally binding when emailed to theNCTL
by the academy.
Any over funding or reimbursements made in error in FY 2016-17 or earlier years willbe
recovered forthwith

Submitting claims
All claims must be sent electronically to the NCTL via an encrypted email with a
password in a separate email. The NCTL does not offer academies a choice ofmethods
to submit claims. All claims must be by email and electronic transfer. Postal or paper
submissions will not be accepted. Should you chose to email your claim without
encryption, you do so entirely at your own risk.
The claim form consists of a declaration on the nature of the claim, an area tocomplete
on the teacher being claimed for and the Terms and Conditions of Grant Fundingbeing
agreed to.

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