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Green Computing
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What is Green Computing?
Green computing or green IT, refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT.
It is "the study and practice of Designing, Manufacturing, Using, and Disposing of computers, servers, and associated subsystems efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment.

Why Go For Green Computing
Today, the main problem of the world is Global warming.
The atmosphere is becoming hot & is causing many problems to living organisms.
Computers also play a major role in polluting the world.
How Computing Harm Environment
Increase in power, cooling and space for data center.
2007-$4.5 billion of electricity
2011-$7.4 billion of electricity(25 power plants)
2011-Double CO2 output ( 62 million metric tons)
How Computing Harm Environment
By electronic appliances.
Desktop requires 85 watts just to idle(Monitor off)
Left on 24 hrs/day-1,500 pounds of CO2 per year.
A tree absorbs between 3 and 15 pounds of CO2 each year.(up to 500 trees)
How Computing Harm Environment
According to reports from the German Federal Environment Office, devices consume around 17 billion (kWh) in a year in standby mode.
The CO2 dissipated from ‘sleeping’ devices = 1/7th the CO2 emitted by an automobile.
Manufacturers do not provide a proper shut-off button in devices.
Windows Vista’s default shut down mode is a deep sleep mode that requires power.
How Computing Harm Environment
Hazardous materials inside computers.
These contain
Cadmium(damage your kidneys)
Mercury(neurological damage)
Lead(disrupt brain neurotransmitters).
In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched Energy Star, a voluntary labelling program which is designed to promote and recognize energy-efficiency in monitors, climate control equipment, and other technologies.
Saved $14 billion in energy costs in 2006 alone.
Widespread adoption of sleep mode
EPEAT, is focused on promoting energy efficient products.
Road to Green Computing
Green Use
Green Disposal
Green Design
Green Manufacturing

Approaches to Green Computing
It includes Server virtualization, Consolidation, Storage consolidation & Desktop virtualization.
Our typical computer used up to a 250-watt power supply; our thin client uses a 4.8-watt power supply.
Approaches to Green Computing
Power management:
Prolong battery life.
Reduce cooling requirements.
Reduce noise.
Reduce operating costs for energy and cooling.
Lower power consumption.
The ACPI, an open industry standard
Under volting programs
Approaches to Green Computing
Among 3.5" desktop hard drive, 2.5" laptop hard drive and a solid state hard drive (SSD); (SSD) consumes less power than other disks.
Approaches to Green Computing
LCD displays: use a CCF bulb
LED displays: use an array of LEDs
LCD monitors uses 3 times less when active, and 10 times less energy when in sleep mode.
LCDs are up to 66% more energy efficient.
LCDs are also smaller in size and weight.
21" CRT typically uses more than 120W.
Approaches to Green Computing
IT Equipment Recycling:
If you can extend the working life of your IT products, you reduce the environmental consequences of mining, manufacture, packaging, shipping and disposal.
Many organizations, including some manufacturers themselves, are willing to take equipment back and recycle the components into new products.
Approaches to Green Computing
Product Longevity:
Gartner maintains that the PC manufacturing process accounts for 70 % of the natural resources used in the life cycle of a PC.
Another report from Gartner recommends to "Looking for product longevity, including upgradability and modularity."
Approaches to Green Computing
Remote Conferencing & Telecommuting Strategies:
Given recent jumps in fuel costs and greater awareness of harm caused by greenhouse gas emissions, many companies wish to reduce travel to cut costs and decrease negative impact on the environment.
The initiatives in this study consist of the following:
Remote Conferencing & Collaboration.
Video-conferencing and teleconferencing.
Approaches to Green Computing
Operating System Support:
Windows 7 includes refinements for more efficient user of operating system timers, processor power management, and display panel brightness.
Linux Os utilizing less resources than other os, and also have a better power management facility.
Terminal servers:
Terminals can be combined with thin clients, which use up to 1/8 the amount of energy of a normal workstation.
Approaches to Green Computing
Algorithmic efficiency:
The Efficiency of algorithms is used to describe properties of an algorithm relating to how much resources it consumes.
Algorithms are the base of any computing system or electronic device, each and every computer chip has a certain algorithm that allows it to complete its function.
Even though these chips are small, they use a lot of power.
Simple Tasks for Go Green
Buy and use a low power desktop or a laptop computer (40-90 watts) rather a higher power desktop (e.g. 300 watts).
Thin clients can use only 4 to 8 watts of power at the desktop as the processing is done by a server.
Buy hardware from manufacturers that have a hardware recycling scheme, and recycle your old computer equipment rather than sending it to landfill.
Simple Tasks for Go Green
Turn your computer and monitor off when you are not using it.
Enable hibernation using the power management settings. Standby does not save as much power.
Replace your CRT screen with an LCD screen.
Save Your Paper!
Green Print Saves Too!
Simple Tasks for Go Green
Use Linux (such as Ubuntu), which requires less resources than many other operating systems on an older computer as a spare or a file server.
Use blade servers instead of rack or standalone servers to reduce power consumption.
Industrial Implementation
Blackle(74~59 wt)(saves 750mw)
Fit-PC(compact, quiet and green)
Zonbu Computer
Sunray thin client
Appearance of Blackle
Steps by Apple
MacBook keyboards are made from one single piece of aluminum
MacBook pro notebooks have long lasting batteries where as a normal notebook uses three batteries a MacBook will only use one through out its life time.
Steps by DELL
Their free world-wide product recycling program allows user to properly dispose their product safely.
Their “Plant a tree for me” project can offset a customers carbon emissions for only three dollars.
Green computing can lead to a lot of energy savings, reduction in emission of co2 & CFC’s which leads to environment protection.
It also leads to serious cost savings overtime.

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