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Neetu sharma

.ppt  HTML5.ppt (Size: 647 KB / Downloads: 843)
What is
HTML 5 is the next version of Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML4)
It is developing by World Wide Web consortium W3C.
History of HTML5
HTML 3.0 was developed in 1995
HTML 3.2 was completed by 1997
HTML 4 was developed in the year 1998
HTML5 was first started by Mozilla, Apple, and Opera under a group called the WHATWG(Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). In 2006 W3C showed an interest in HTML5 and in 2007 they created a working group to work in HTML5 project. HTML5 is still under development.
New features in HTML5
API's for multimedia by using video and audio tags
Drag and drop API
HTML canvas 2D context
HTML5 web messaging
Video and Audio
HTML5 include video with video element
HTML5 specifies a standard way to include audio, with the audio element.
The audio element can play sound files, or an audio stream.
Adding native support to browsers
Video and Audio Implementations
Native video support in browsers
Safari 3.1
Firefox 3.1
Dynamic and interactive graphics
Draw images using 2D drawing API
Lines, curves, shapes, fills, etc.
Useful for:Graphs Applications Games and Puzzles.
Canvas Examples: Games
Experimental First-Person Shooter Game 3D Graphics
Representing scalar measurements or fractional values
Useful for:
User Ratings (e.g. YouTube Videos)
Using Meter
Progress bar
Useful for:
Indicate loading progress
Show user progress through a series of forms
Using Progress
Form Controls: Numbers
Form Controls: Combo Boxes
Difference between HTML4 and HTML5
Web sites that using HTML5
YouTube uses HTML5, http://www.youtubehtml5
Google wave, a collaboration tool from Google uses several html5 tags
Only some of the browser only supports HTML5 features currently
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.docx  FinalHtml5.docx (Size: 355.1 KB / Downloads: 218)


• The HTML5 work stems from the WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group), and their focus is the development of HTML and APIs for web applications.
• The reason it came to life back in 2004, founded by people from Apple, Mozilla and Opera, was a worry about the direction W3C were taking with XHTML, and no focus on HTML or the real-life needs for web developers.
• It got really interesting in July of 2009, when W3C announced that XHTML2 would be cancelled in favor of HTML. This means that the only future development of HTML and XHTML is in the form of HTML5 – HTML5 is the future, whatever you think about it.
• We should also mention right away that HTML5 is spelled just that, with no space between the the L and 5.


• HTML5 is the next generation of HTML.
• The previous version of HTML, HTML 4.01, came in 1999. The web has changed a lot since then.
• HTML5 is still a work in progress. However, the major browsers support many of the new HTML5 elements and APIs.
• HTML5 is cooperation between the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG).
• WHATWG was working with web forms and applications, and W3C was working with XHTML 2.0. In 2006, they decided to cooperate and create a new version of HTML.


HTML 1.0

• HTML 1.0 was the first release of HTML to the world.
• Not many people were involved in website creation at the time, and the language was very limiting.

HTML 2.0

• HTML 2.0 was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force HTML Working Group in 1996.
• HTML 2.0 included everything from the original 1.0 specifications but added a few new features to the mix.

HTML 3.2

• HTML 3.2 became a W3C Recommendation 14 January, 1997. HTML 3.2 contained new features such as fonts, tables, applets, superscripts, subscripts and more, to the existing HTML 2.0 standard.
• One of the elements added to the HTML 3.2 standard, was the <font> tag. This tag introduced unnecessary complexity to the important task of separating HTML content (text) from its presentation (style). The <font> tag became deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Some rules for HTML5 were established:

• New features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript
• Reduce the need for external plug-in (like Flash)
• Better error handling
• More markup to replace scripting
• HTML5 should be device independent
• The development process should be visible to the public



Due to usability purpose the web sites made by developers are highly interactive nowadays and for this developers need to include fluid animations, stream video, play music and Social Network sites like Face book and Twitter into the websites. Till now they have only the option to integrate it with the help of flash or silver light, Flex or JavaScript like tools.

Cleaner markup / Improved Code:

HTML 5 will enable web designers to use cleaner, neater code, we can remove most div tags and replace them with semantic HTML 5 elements.

Improved Semantics:

Now it is easy to see which parts of the page are headers, nav, footers, aside, etc as the tags are specific for these all and most importantly know what their meaning and purpose is in whole the format. By using HTML5 elements we can increase the semantic value of the web page as the codes are very standardized.

Elegant forms:

HTML5 enables designer to use more fancier forms. Even it makes form validation native to HTML, User interface enhancements and reduced need for JavaScript (only needed in browsers that don’t support form types). There will be different type of text inputs, search and different fields for different purpose.


As websites adopt the new HTML5 elements we will see more greater consistency in terms of the HTML used to code a web page on one site compared to another. This will make it easier for designers and developers to immediately understand how a web page is structured.

Improved Accessibility:

Different technologies can elaborate on the features with the help of HTML5, as they can immediately make more detailed understanding of the structure of a page by take a look at HTML5 elements it has.

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