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Hydroelectric Power Plant
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Presented By
Er. Krishna Kumar Pandey

.pptx  PRESENTATION BY K K PANDEY.pptx (Size: 12.03 MB / Downloads: 1768)
Hydroelectric Power Plant

• The primary way in which water is transported from the atmosphere to the Earth’s surface is through precipitation. Precipitation can be rain, snow, hail, sleet or freezing rain. Precipitation amounts vary in geographical locations, due to influences of topography.
It is the movement of water to the ocean by lakes, rivers and streams. Precipitation that does not evaporate, transpire or become groundwater, returns to the ocean. Excess runoff can also cause flooding, when too much precipitation occurs.
Hydraulic Machines
• Machines which converts hydraulic energy( energy possessed by water) into mechanical energy( which is further converted into electrical energy)
How Hydropower Works! (ctd…)
• Water from the reservoir flows due to gravity to drive the turbine.
• Turbine is connected to a generator.
• Power generated is transmitted over power lines.
Classification of Hydroelectric Plants
The Classification may be based upon
a)Quantity of Water Available
b)Available head
c) Nature of load
a)Quantity of Water Available
1. RUN OF THE RIVER Plant without pondage
• It does not store water
• It uses water as it comes
• Generation of power is done when water is available
• Generation of power is not done when water is not available
• Its generating capacity is dependent on rate of flow of water.
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to get information about the topic HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANTS full report ,ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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Hydroelectric Power Plant

.ppt  hydro.ppt (Size: 230 KB / Downloads: 144)


The purposes of preliminary investigations are to provide sufficient information to find out the practicability of the proposed scheme and to choose between alternative schemes.
The preliminary designs and estimations can be prepared and recommendations are made with reasonable confidence


The final investigation include the detailed exploration of the recommended site so as to establish the complete suitability and to enable the final designs.
The preliminary and final investigations include mainly
(a) hydrological (b) topographical and © geological


spillway as the name suggests could be called as a way for spilling of water from dams. It is  used to provide for the release of flood water from a dam.

It is used to prevent over toping of the dams which could result in damage or failure of  dams


Surge tanks are tanks connected to the water conductor system. It serves the purpose of reducing water hammering in pipes which can cause damage to pipes.
The sudden surges of water in penstock is taken by the surge tank, and when the water requirements increase, it supplies the collected water thereby regulating water flow and pressure inside the penstock.


Elimination of the cost of fuel.
Longer economic lives than fuel-fired generation
Operating labor cost is also usually low
No green house gas (CO 2 ) emission during power generation


This projects can be disruptive to surrounding aquatic ecosystems both upstream and downstream of the plant site
It needs to relocate the people living where the reservoirs are planned
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.doc  HYDRO ELECTRIC POWER PLANT.doc (Size: 38 KB / Downloads: 60)

Energy is the most important thing in this world. All living plants, animals (organisms) on this earth require energy to perform any type of work. The capacity to do a work is energy. The energy may require in smaller amount or in larger amount depending upon the nature of work to be performed.
The different things from which we get the energy are called as Energy Sources. This is the simplest meaning of energy sources. There are two types of energy sources:
1. Conventional OR Non-Renewable Energy Sources
2. Non-Conventional OR Renewable Energy Sources

1. Conventional OR Non-Renewable Energy Sources:
The energy sources, which we are using from long time and which are in danger of exhausting, are called as Conventional OR Non-Renewable Energy Sources. They are not renewed by Nature and they are perishable, are going to get exhausted one day.
e. g. coal, petroleum products, nuclear fuels etc.
2. Non-Conventional OR Renewable Energy Sources:
These are the energy sources whose utilization technology is not yet fully developed. These are the sources, which can be recovered and reused. i. e. they can be used again and again to generate energy because of the renewal of their energy
We are going to consider one of the ways of generation of energy from non-conventional energy namely hydroelectric energy. As name suggest, it is the energy obtained from water.
The main principle used in this type is the kinetic energy of falling water is converted into electric energy using turbines.

History of hydro power development

The first recorded use of water power was a clock, built around 250 BC. Since that time, humans have used falling water to provide power for grain and saw mills, as well as a host of other applications. The first use of moving water to produce electricity was a waterwheel on the Fox River in Wisconsin in 1882, two years after Thomas Edison unveiled the incandescent light bulb. The first of many hydro electric power plants at Niagara Falls was completed shortly thereafter. Hydro power continued to play a major role in the expansion of electrical service early in this century, both in North America and around the world. Contemporary Hydro-electric power plants generate anywhere from a few kW, enough for a single residence, to thousands of MW, power enough to supply a large city.
Early hydro-electric power plants were much more reliable and efficient than the fossil fuel fired plants of the day. This resulted in a proliferation of small to medium sized hydro-electric generating stations distributed wherever there was an adequate supply of moving water and a need for electricity. As electricity demand soared in the middle years of this century, and the efficiency of coal and oil fueled power plants increased, small hydro plants fell out of favor. Most new hydro-electric development was focused on huge "mega-projects".
The majority of these power plants involved large dams which flooded vast areas of land to provide water storage and therefore a constant supply of electricity. In
Recent years, the environmental impacts of such large hydro projects are being identified as a cause for concern. It is becoming increasingly difficult for developers to build new dams because of opposition from environmentalists and people living on the land to be flooded. This is shown by the opposition to projects such as Great Whale (James Bay II) in Quebec and the Gabickovo-Nagymaros project on the Danube River in Czechoslovakia.
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get me power point presentation on this topic mentioned above.

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