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Keltron Ltd Report
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Keltron Ltd

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An organization is a social arrangement which pursue collective goals, which controls its own performance, and which has a boundary separating it from its environment. Organization is the association formed by a group of people who worked individually or in groups to achieve common set of goals.
Organizational studies are the study of individual and group dynamics in an organizational setting, as well as the nature of the organization themselves. Whenever people interact in an organization, many factors come to play. Organizational studies attempts to understand them and hence it is essential to an MBA program as it helps them to connect theory with practice.
As a part of the MBA program an organizational study was conducted at “KELTRON LTD” to know about the functions of an entire organization. The study was conducted for a period of one month. The aim of the study is to acquire practical knowledge of the application of management theories in the functioning of the organization and it also helps in understanding the organization structure and functions of various departments in the organizati


Electronics is one of the fastest expanding fields in research, application development and commercialization. Substantial growth in the field, has occurred due to World War II, the invention of the Transistor, the Space Program and now the computer industry. The research grants are high, jobs are available and there is much money to be made in areas related to electronics with the beginning of the "Information Superhighway" and Computerized Video coming to your home, it is hard to imagine that electronics will not continue to expand in future. Electronics is everywhere in our lives.
India is the fifth largest economy in the World and has the largest GDP among emerging economics. Owing to its large population, the potential consumer demand is almost unlimited and consequently under appropriate condition, strong growth performance can be expected. In fact, the liberalization of the economy in 1991 has led to rapid growth. The electronics industry in particular is emerging as one of the most important industry in the Indian market.
The electronic industry in India dates back to the early 1960s.Electroniccs was initially restricted to the development and maintenance of the fundamental communication system including Radio Broadcasting, Telephonic and Telegraphic Communication and Augmentation of Defense Capabilities. Until 1984, the electronic sector was primarily Government owned.1980s witnessed a rapid growth of the electronic industry due to sweeping economic chances, resulting in the liberalization and Globalization of the country.


Keltron Ltd, Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited, is a public sector electronics company located in Kerala, a state in India. It is headquartered at the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. The company is under the direct control of the State government of Kerala.
KELTRON’s history is a saga of innovation in electronics. From being a pioneer in 1973, to the role of a trend-setter today, Keltron has been the catalysis for the development of electronics industry in Gods own country- Kerala.
Within five years of its inception, Keltron had set up a production centre in every district of the State. More than 5,000 people were engaged directly or indirectly by Keltron for the manufacture of electronic goods. The model of a State-owned electronics corporation was so successful that several other States in India followed suit - launching their own Electronics Corporations.
The registered name of the company is Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KSEDC Ltd). The name Keltron was coined from two words, Kerala Electronics and when it was necessary to use a small word in Telegrams referring to the company. Later, the same naming convention was adopted to name two other State owned Electronic Companies namely Meltron (Maharashtra Electronics) and Uptron (UP Electronics).
The company is located in the northern parts of the state of kerala about 15 kms from Kannur town at Keltron Nagar, Kalliassseri with over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors and a product range extending from Miniature Radial Type to Large Can Screw Terminal type Capacitors. The manufacturing technology is constantly upgraded to meet the emerging trends in the capacitor field for delivering premium quality products.
The manufacturing facility at KCCL integrates the state of the art sophisticated automatic machinery imported from Japan,Italy,Taiwan. It has the capacity to produce Ultra Miniature, Standard and High Reliability Radial Lead Type Capacitors, Axial Lead Type Capacitors, Snap-in Terminal type capacitors, Screw Terminal type Capacitors and AC Motor Start Capacitors. The R&D center of the company has the recognition of the department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India. KCCL is also a professional manufacturer of Low Voltage and High Voltage formed Aluminium Foils required for Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors. This in-house forming plant supplies wide variety of formed foils required for the capacitor division.

The Amalgamation

In the year 2008-09 the company has undergone a transformation both structurally and functionally. The Government of Kerala sanctioned on 27-05-2008 the merger of four subsidiaries of Kerala State Electronics Development Co-operation Ltd (KSEDC) at kannur via, Keltron Resistors Ltd (KRL),Keltron Magnetic Ltd (KML),Keltron Crystals Ltd(KCL),and Keltron Component Complex Ltd(KCCL) into one company. The amalgamated company was to function under the name, Keltron Component Complex Ltd (KCCL) after the completion of the procedural formalities of merger, only amalgamated KCCL was in existence, while KML,KRL and KCL was dissolved without the process of winding up. The assets and liabilities were taken over by KCCL as a result of this amalgamation.
The amalgamated Keltron Component Complex Ltd is a major indigenous manufacturer of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, MPP capacitors carbon & Metal Film Resistors and Piezoelectric Quartz crystals. KCCL markets its products under the brand name "KELTRON" of its parent company. It has the state of the art manufacturing facility with sophisticated automatic machines from Japan and Europe. The company's quality system has been conferred with the ISO 9001 accreditation by KPMG. The company registered a turnover of INR 45 crores in 2009-2010 and has an aggressive growth plans targeting a turnover of 200 crores by 2015.

Organisational History

Today we live in a world where speed flexibility intellectual capital development and networks have become the basis for value creation. In this technology driven environment Keltron finds the assimilation adoption and integration of technology rather than investing it. Keltron has become the catalyst in marketing electronics in almost every aspect of our daily life. Since 1973 Keltron's strength lies in the stable foundation and experience built over the years its strong human capital, this nationwide network and its ability to adapt itself to change with over 30 year long track record as a manufacture or sophisticated electronics devices and system.
A strong infrastructure and manufacturing experience since its inception in 1973 Keltron forte has always been high quality manufacturing. During the past 30 years Keltron has churned out a whole range of electronic in products electro-mechanical and high precision modules and sub assemblies of different industry segment.
Keltron entered the electronic components industry by setting the electronic components industry by setting up India's largest Aluminium Electrolyte Capacitor plant in technical collaboration with Sprague Electromagnet Belgium in 1976 at Kannur in Kerala.


The mission of Keltron is to transform itself to one of the Navaratna Corporations of the country. To achieve this mission the organization has set a clearly defined strategy in motion encompassing its core strengths experienced human resources robust infrastructure for high quality manufacture, committed to quality and continuous research and development.


• To emerge as a strong and self- reliant business enterprise with customer focus, profit orientation and professional outlook.
• To fit the company as Rs. 5 billion company with a net profit of 10% in sales.
• To build up Keltron as a model in the sunrise technology sector of electronics and IT.
• To function as a backbone of electronic industry in the state.
• To continue to play the role of a model agency of the Government for accelerating the growth of development of this core industry in this State.


Men, Materials and Machines are regarded as the three important factors of production. Among these factors human resource or men is important because, without human beings the other factors cannot perform well. Therefore, human beings constitute the Organization at all levels, and are regarded as the chief dynamic factor of production.
The management makes an effort to co-ordinate human and material resources in such a manner that organizational objectives are achieved. It is not very difficult to handle material resources, but without the efficient use of Human Resource Management, it can never accomplish the objectives of the business.
The Personnel Management can be defined as the Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling of the Procurement, Development, Compensation, integration and maintenance and separation of Human Resources to the end that individual, Organization and social objectives are accomplished.
The Personnel Department aims at ensuring a steady source of Human Resource who can contribute to the successful enterprise. The department deals with the management of human resource. The very existence of an undertaking depends upon the competent, co-operative and dedicated performance of the personnel. Personnel functions of the company consists of several Managerial and Operative Functions. The Managerial Functions are Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling of Human Beings. The Operative functions relate to ensuring right people for the right jobs at the right time. These functions include Procurement, Development , Compensation and Maintenance of employees.

Manpower Planning

For meeting the requirements of employees, management must decide beforehand as to what type of men is to be recruited and in what number they are required. The first problem is solved by Job Analysis and the second problem is tackled through Man Power Planning. Manpower Planning is the systematic and continuing process of analyzing organizations. Workforce requirements under changing conditions and developing personnel policies appropriate to the long term effectiveness of the organization.
Therefore, a proper and systematic manpower program requires proper forecasting and planning for future. It should consider developing manpower requirements for the whole organization, to create and evaluate the manpower inventory and to develop required talents among the employees selected for promotions.

Recruitments And Placements

Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. Placement is the process of assigning the selected candidate with the most suitable jobs in terms of job requirements.
As KCCL is a Government Company, recruitment of candidates is done through employment exchange. For executive posts the company approaches professional and employment exchange, Trivandrum and local employment exchanges.
As and when a vacancy arises, Personnel and Administration Department notifies it to employment exchanges. For executive posts the company approaches professional employment exchanges, Trivandrum local employment exchanges.
Then the personnel department publishes vacancies in leading newspapers. After receiving the applications from the candidates, the department goes for scrutinizing them. The company calls the selected candidates for interview. For this the company has a Selection Board, represented by concerned departmental head, a nominee of the Government of Kerala and the Personnel Manager. This board conducts interviews and selects suitable candidates. Then the company gives appointment order to the selected candidate along with terms and conditions for appointment. If the person is willing to abide by the terms and conditions he is directed to sign and return one of the copies of the Order.


Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job. The purpose of training is to bring about improvement in the performance of work. It includes the learning of such techniques as are required for the better performance of work. It includes the learning of such techniques as are required for the better performance of definite task.
In KCCL, internal as well as external training is given to employees. Fresh hands will be selected as trainees for a period of one year. For existing employees, it is conducting refresher training by way of lectures, work educational classes, external training etc.

Induction Or Orientation Training

There are two phases of Induction training program. The first phase is generally conducted by the Personnel Department. It is concerned with giving the new employees friendly welcome, explaining the matters concerned with the Company's background, products, health and welfare plans etc. The Head of the Department under whom he has to work conducts the second phase of induction program. The employees are given information regarding production, work rules, working conditions.
On first appointment, employees are initially given on- the-job training. Due to technological developments and improved techniques of management and production the training initially given will become out of date and arises the need to give new training. For this regional Worker's Training Education Center Officers come to KCCL.
All the details regarding the training given to employees are recorded in KCCL for future reference. Details such as name of employees, date of birth, qualification, type of training, department in which he is working, joining date, training period etc are recorded.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is the systematic evaluation of an individual's performance in the job and his potential for development. Appraisal is the evaluation of work quality. It is the systematic and objective way of judging the relative work or ability of an employee in performing his job. Ordinarily the evaluation is done by immediate supervisors. So it is a technique used to know the work of an employee qualitatively and quantitatively on- the-job in comparison with other employees. It is one of the oldest and usual practices of management.
In KCCL at the end of training period the trainees are observed according to his performance during the training period. The Personnel Department provides performances forms for self appraisal, executive appraisal and annual performance appraisal. Self appraisal form is for self assessment of the employees. The other two are filled by the concerned department supervisors. Depending upon the performance of the trainee the personnel department decides whether the probation period is to be extended or not. On the basis of his performance during the probation period, the department then decides about the regular placements of the employee.

Time Keeping

Every employee is given a separate card with specific number having four digits. The workers, employees, supervisors or executive have different serial number. A master role is kept by the organization. Electronic punching system in KCCL is used to record the time of entry and exist of each employee. Maximum half an hour late is permitted to every employee. In the record half late coming is not allowed.
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I am seeing the file you attached . Its looking really great . I have some question about the information you made . would you help me to be clear ?
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I am seeing the file you attached . Its looking really great . I have some question about the information you made . would you help me to be clear ?
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Among the manufacturing industries, the electronics industry occupies a key positionin modern science and technology. It plays vital role in the field of Atomic Energy,Communication, Defense, Education, Entertainment and Space Technology
. Until 1970’s the
electronics industry was the most protected of all the Indian industries. At that point of time
country’s electronics policy strongly favored self
-reliance and technology and capital importswere strongly discouraged. This resulted in the electronics industry being highly under
developed till the late 1980’s. The industry was considered very inefficient producing outdatedand low quality models at a very high cost. Policy reforms were initiated in the early 1990’s with
liberalization of trade and industry
sectors. With the change in the policy regimes afterliberalization, the industry experienced restructuring.


Electronics is one of the fastest growing segments of the Indian industry. Today, theelectronics industry is completely de-licensed with the exception of
aerospace and defenseelectronics
. The electronic industry in India constitutes less than 1% of the global market! Thedemand for these products however is growing rapidly and the investments are flowing-in toaugment them a fracturing capacity

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