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Latest Seminar Topics For EEE,ECE,Applied Electronics
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1. Transient response of transformer winding for VFTO
2. Design and implementation of Cost effective Real time data acquisition system for Robotic applications
3. Intelligent maximum demand control using IEEE 802.15.4 Transceivers
4. An Smart Modelling Approach In Embedded Systems
5. Analysis and Stabilization of Nonlinear Dynamics in DC Drives
6. Modular Exponent Realization On FPGA For Public Key Cryptosystems
7. Design and Implementation of Common mode EMI Filter for an inverter fed Induction Motor
8. Neural network based dedecated observer with simple stastistical method for sensor fault detectionand isolation of continuous stirred tank reactor
9. Implementation of Neural Network
10. New results on the reduced order observer desing for nonlinear system
11. SPIHT Image Compression on FPGAs
12. Earthquake prediction using centralized network of embedded system
13. VG - ROBO Visually Guided Obstacle Avoidance in Street and Traffic signal Crossing System
14. A Typical Embedded system in cryogenic Application
15. Modelling and Simulation of a Single Phase Matrix Converter as a direct AC-AC converter synthesized using sinusoidal pulse width modulation with non linear load
16. Fuzzy Implemented Stochastic Algorithms for Multi-Area DC Optimal Power Flow
17. Decreased Charged Delivery and the effects of discrete bypass capacitors in the power/ground planes with electromagnetic band gap structures
18. Elimination of saccharomyces cerevisiae in liquid using pulsed electric fields
19. Realization of Decoder circuit for SVPWM based Matrix Converter
20. Field weakening control of Permanent Magnet Synchrounous Motors drive system-modelling and simulation
21. "Analysis of Surface Tracking of Outdoor Polymeric
22. Optimal Location and Sizing of Distributed Generator Units in Power Systems
23. Sensor less low speed control of an Induction Motor
24. Control of choas in Cuk converter by resonant Parametric Perturbation
25. Digital Signal Processor Based Control Scheme for Utility Interconnected Photo-Voltaic inverter for power generation
26. Transmission Line model of transformer winding for very fast transient
27. Space Vector PWM Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Conditioning
28. Digitally Controlled scheme for UPS Inverter with reduced THD
29. FPGA implementation of Fixed point self tuning regulator
30. Subthreshold operation of field programmable gate array
31. Automation Of Ration Shop Using Embedded System
32. A Study on electric fields effects on cardiac muscles
33. Output regulation of the van der pol oscillator
35. Analysis and control ofchaos in a current mode controlled buck boost converter using O-G-Y method
36. Investigations on Flashover Performance of Porcelain Insulators under Contaminated Conditioins
37. Short circuit reactance calculation of zig-zag winding transformers
38. Sensor based speed control of BLDC motor
40. Role Of Efficient Lighting Concepts In Electrical Energy Conservation
41. Efficient performance analysis for multi disciplinary Robust control design
42. Investigations on Flashover Performance of Porcelain Insulators under Contaminated Conditions
43. Review of ageing process and measurement technique of cellulose Insulation
44. A Novel Method for Optimal Location of Voltage Regulators in Radial Distribution systems
45. Efficient Signed Electronic Contract Document Generation using RSA Signature in a Secure Environment
46. Design And Simulation Of Energy Efficent Converter For Switched Reluctance Motor
47. Intelligent control by fuzzy logic- an approach to solve the complecation in control of SRM Drive
48. Torque Ripple Reduction in Vector Control CSI-Fed 3-phase induction motor drive
49. Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer-A case study
50. Integrated Emergency Response System Using Wireless Embedded System
51. "Integrated Emergency Response System Using
52. Water Processing by High intensity pulsed Electric Field
53. Prospects Of Offline And Online Analyses Of Power Quality
54. OverVoltage phenomena in Tamilnadu Electricity Grid-Interesting case studies
55. Wireless Embedded System"
56. Modeling and Simulation of Unified Series Shunt Compensator
57. Power Optimization in FPGA Designs
58. High Speed Signal Acquisition System For DSP
59. Application of High voltages in texttiles
60. Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures"
61. Analysis of Power Oscillation Damping using UPFC in a SMIB system
62. A Comprehensive Solution Scheme for Congestion Management in Deregulated Environment
63. Analysis for Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drives
64. Network Security
65. FPGA Implementation of the triple –DES encryption algorithm
66. LMI based digital redesibng technique for servo controller design problem
67. Optimal location and sizing of Distributed Generator Units in Power Systems
68. Output regulation of Van der Pol oscillator
69. Insulators Using S-Transform"
70. An Active Power Factor Correction Technique for Signle phase induction motor
71. Improving T C P performance in mobile adhoc networks
72. Evoluationary Systems for Electric power Transmission and Allocation
73. FMEA For Reliability Improvement
74. Robotic control and drive on rough terrain
76. Cardiac Arrthymia detection and classification based on Warped Discrete cosine Transform Cepstrum
77. "Decreased Charge Delivery and the Effects of Discrete Bypass Capacitors in the Power/Ground Planes with
78. A Study on electric fields effects on cardiac muscle
79. ImprovingT C P performance in mobile adhoc networks
80. A Fuzzy Logic Controlled Sliding Mode Control (SMC) Of Inverter in Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement
81. Performance Improvement Of MC-CDMA Through Turbo Multiuser Detection With Unknown Interferences
82. A Combined Genetic Algorithm-Sugeno Fuzzy approach for PID controller tuning in Automatic Voltage Regulator system
83. Prospects of offline and online analysis of Power Quality.
85. Characteristics of insulating materials at cryogenic temperature
86. Superconductor technology for the design and development of power transformer
87. Sensorless current control of Buck Converter
88. A Tutorial on Fractional Order Controller
89. Space Vector PWM based Dual Inverter fed Open End Winding Induction motor with Isolated Power Supplies
90. Wireless Network Security
91. Low cost embedded AC/DC converter with harmonic current correction
93. Email Security and Authentication Using Captcha and DSA
94. Decreased Charge Deliveryand the Effects of Dicrete By Pass Capacitors in the Power/Ground Planes with Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures
95. Mitigation of Chaotic Electromechanical oscillations in a fundamental power system model using GA tuned TCSCPODC
96. Real time implementation of association rule mining
97. Single Phase Matrix Converter with Improved performance
98. Robust design of Power System Stabilizers using particle swarm optimization
99. Analysis of Surface Tracking of Outdoor Polymeric Insulators Using S-Transform
100. Communications System For Substation Using IEDs, UCA And IEC 61850
101. Digital watermarking at hdl level for ip protection of cic filter core
102. Prevention Of Cache Consistency Attacks In Adhoc Network
103. Tele-Operated Closed Loop Control of DC Motor Using RT Linux
104. FPGA Design Low Power Embedded Soc Processor Using VLSI
105. FPGA Implementation of the triple -DESencryption algorithm
106. Current Trends in Energy Conservation Through stand by Power Reduction
107. A simple low loss VRM for Processor Application
108. Efficient Performance analysis for multidisiplinary robust control design
109. Wireless Network Of Remote CAN Segments
111. Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Pumping System fed by PV generator
112. E-mail Security and Authentication Using Captcha and DSA
113. A Novel Unity Power Factor Input Stage With Resonant DC Link Inverter For AC Drives
114. Long term load forecasting using Hybrid model Neural Networks
115. Collaborative Intrusion Detection System (CIDS) for Detecting Novel Attacks over Anomalous Internet Episodes
116. Analysis of Partial Discharge activity in GIS under DC voltage using UHF Technique adopting Wavelets
118. Transmission Line Model of transformer winding for very fast transient
119. A Protection Scheme for Three-Phase Induction Machine from Incipient Faults using Embedded Controller.
120. Evolutionary Systems for Electric power Transmission and allocation
121. Over voltage phenomena in tamilnadu electricity grid -interesting case study
122. LMI Based Digital Redesign technique for Servo Controller design problem
123. Control of Chaos in SEPIC dc-dc Converter
124. Breakdown Characteristics of Transformer under Non-Standard Impulse Voltages
125. Epoxy-Layered Silicate Nano Dielectrics for Outdoor High Voltage Insulators
126. PSO based control of a Power Quality Conditioner using UPFC
127. Simulation of flux switching Motor
128. Condion monitoring of Power Transformers-A Case study
129. Uprating of Overhead Lines
130. Unit Commitment using Ant Colony Optimization Technique
131. Implementation of Neuro Fuzzy Controller for Boost Converter
132. Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection and Classification Based on Warped Discrete Cosine Transform Cepstrum
133. Neural network based dedicated observer with simple satistical method for sensor fault detection and isolation of continuous stirred tank reactor
134. Design of Efficient and Hybrid-Nonlinear controller for DC-DC Power Converters
135. Development of multimedia based self learning tool for power electronics circuits
136. Blocking Based PPDM Approach For Energy Usage Knowledge Management
137. Design of Efficient and Hybrid - Nonlinear Controller for DC-DC Power Converters
138. Simulation of hybrid wind micro turbine generation system
139. Real time properties of embedded application using process graph model
141. Sub threshold operation of field programmable gate array
142. Power Quality Control Using Upqc
143. Design of high frequency AC Chopper with improved performance
144. Study of transient behaviour of CCVT
145. cesar-automotive embedded software development approach
146. Vector Control of Induction Motor Using Sine PWM Two Level Inverter
147. Electric field effects on tumor cell
148. Industrial general purpose real-time controller
149. Analysis of Partial Discharge activity in GIS under DC voltage using UHF
150. Improved RPG Based Real Power Scheduling For Improvement Of Voltage Stability And Angular Stablity

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