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magneto optical current transformer
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please read for getting COMPLETE REPORT and more information ON MOCT(MAGNETO OPTIAL CURRENT TRANSFORMER)
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visi this thread for an abstract on this topic:

this thread has a full report:
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Hi i need complete report and presentation of subject MOCT(Magneto Optical current Transducer).
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can i have more information about MOCT (Magnetic Optical Current Transformer)
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you can see these pages to get the details on magneto-optical-current-transformer
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hey! I need a ppt of MOCT for seminar in college
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you can see these pages to get the details on magneto-optical-current-transformer
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The main scope of this paper is to detect the lost mobiles. Each and every day thousands of mobiles get misplaced or lost, though effective way for the blocking of the lost mobile to prevent unauthorized person from making and receiving the calls has been done by the manufacturers of the mobile with the help of International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) has been done but however there has been no development or very little progress for the detection of the misplaced mobile phone.

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There are certain boundary conditions that have to be qualified for the identification of lost mobile like the power of the mobile should be good enough, the mobile phone should not be in the shadow region but however this method using modern technologies and devices.
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The GSM MoU’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbering system is a 15 digit unique code that is used to identify the GSM/DCS/PCS phone. When a phone is switched on, this unique IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a data base of black listed or grey listed phones in the network’s EIR (Equipment ID Register). This EIR determines whether the phone can log on to the network to make and receive calls. To know the IMEI number the *#06# has to be pressed, the number will be displayed in the LCD screen; it is unique to a mobile phone. If the EIR and IMEI number match, the networks can do a number of things.

For example grey list or blacklist a phone:
1. Grey listing will allow the phone to be used, but it can be tracked to see who has it (via the SIM information).
2. Black listing the phone from being used on any network where there is an EIR match.
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Magneto Optical Current Transformer

.doc  Magneto Optical Current.DOC (Size: 507.5 KB / Downloads: 15)

.doc  MOCT.DOC (Size: 334.5 KB / Downloads: 12)


An accurate current transducer is a key component of any power system instrumentation. To measure currents, power stations and substations conventionally employ inductive type current transformers. With short circuit capabilities of power system getting larger and the voltage level going higher the conventional current transducers becomes more bulky and costly.
It appears that newly emerged MOCT technology provides a solution for many of the problems by the conventional current transformers. MOCT measures the rotation angle of the plane polarized lights caused by the magnetic field and convert it into a signal of few volts proportional to the magnetic field.


An accurate electric current transducer is a key component of any power system instrumentation. To measure currents power stations and substations conventionally employ inductive type current transformers with core and windings. For high voltage applications, porcelain insulators and oil-impregnated materials have to be used to produce insulation between the primary bus and the secondary windings. The insulation structure has to be designed carefully to avoid electric field stresses, which could eventually cause insulation breakdown. The electric current path of the primary bus has to be designed properly to minimize the mechanical forces on the primary conductors for through faults. The reliability of conventional high-voltage current transformers have been questioned because of their violent destructive failures which caused fires and impact damage to adjacent apparatus in the switchyards, electric damage to relays, and power service disruptions.


The Magneto-Optical current transformer is based on the Faradays effect. Michael Faraday discovered that the orientation of linearly polarized light was rotated under the influence of the magnetic field when the light propagated in a piece of glass, and the rotation angle was proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field. The concept of Faraday Effect could be understood from the Fig.1.


Almost all transparent material exhibits the magneto-optical effect or Faraday Effect, but the effect of some of the material is very temperature dependent, and they are not suitable for the sensing material. The optical glasses are good candidate for the sensing material, because the Verdet constants are not sensitive to the temperature changes, and they have good transparency properties. They are cheep and it is easy to get large pieces of them. Among the optical glasses SF-57 is the best choice, as it has larger Verdet constant than most of the other optical glasses. And MOCT made out of these materials can achieve higher sensitivity. In the MOCT


This paper presents a new kind of current transducer known as magneto optical current transducer. This magneto optical current transducer eliminates many of the drawbacks of the conventional current transformers. In an conventional current transformers, there is a chance of saturation of magnetic field under high current, complicated insulation and cooling structure, a chance of electro magnetic interference etc.
By applying Faraday’s principle this transducer provides an easier and more accurate way of current measurement. This MOCT is widely used in power systems and substations nowadays. And a new trend is being introduced, which known as OCP based on adaptive theory, which make use of accuracy in the steady state of the conventional current transformer and the MOCT with no saturation under fault current transients.

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