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major project for ece branch and for electrical engineering
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1. Cost-Efficient Secure Hash Algorithm Hardware Accelerators using verilog HDL
2. Available transfer capability ATC enhancement using Static Synchronous Series Compensator SSSC in deregulated environment
3. Implementing character LCD Device Driver development on LPC2148 ARM Based 32-bit microcontroller
4. Security Access Control System using Bar Code Reader
5. Automatic photovoltaic panel direction control for maximum power tracking using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
6. Programmable temperature monitor and controller for industrial boilers & ovens
7. Auto turn off for water pump with four different time slots for power saving applications
8. Electronic Complaint Record System with Administrator Play Back using PIC Microcontroller
9. Design and Implementation of RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol
10. Design of an Intelligent SMS based Remote electricity Metering and billing System
11. RF based tsunami detection and remote alert system with 60dB siren
12. Design and implementation of maximum power tracking system by automatic control of solar panel direction accoridng to the sun direction (Model Sunflower)
13. Genetic Algorithm based optimal power dispatch in multinode electricity market
14. Field control method with MRAS observer technique for the control of AC Drives
15. Simulation of 3 modes of Voltage Regulated Battery Energy Storage System VR-BESS for renewable energy systems
16. Solar based air compressor pump for car bike tire inflate
17. PC based supervisory control and data acquisition system
18. PC Based DC Motor speed and direction control using PWM and H-Bridge
19. Speed control of induction machine using wind energy systems
20. Implementation of ZigBee based multipoint secured PC messaging system ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
21. PC based substation monitoring
22. ZigBee based Wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point Receivers
23. RF Controlled Metal Detecting Robot with Remote Voice And Image Transmission to assist bomb detection and rescue team
24. High sensitive LDR based power saver for street light control system
25. FPGA Implementation of a Scalable Encryption Algorithm
26. GSM based advanced transformer load sharing system using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
27. ZigBee based wireless remote weather station monitoring system
28. Finger Print based Access Control System
29. Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply
30. Implementation of EEPROM Interfacing with I2C protocol using ARM 7 TDMI
31. GSM based Remote Industrial appliances control system using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
32. Design and Implementation of Bluetooth security using VHDL
33. Time Duration (Mobile Jammer)
34. Hand gesture based wheel chair movement control for the disabled using (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) MEMS technology
35. Solar based high efficient vacuum cleaner capable of capturing even 40 microns small dust particles
36. Electronic Notice Board with LED Dot Matrix Display and PS2 key board interfacing for user friendly message entry
37. Advanced mobile phone signal jammer for GSM, CDMA and 3G networks with prescheduled time duration using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
38. Optimum reactive dispatch by using Genetic Algorithm
39. Embedded Password based Access Control System using I2C protocol
40. Password based Access Control System protocol using PIC Microcontroller
41. RFID based Library Automation System
42. Smart card based electronic passport system
43. Implementing loopback I2Cprotocol using PSOC Mixed Signal Array
44. Simulation of chopper controlled separately excited DC motor
45. RFID Security Access Control System
46. Finger Print based Bank Locker System
47. Real Time Clock based industrial automation using Dallas RTC and I2C protocol
48. Data Transmission and Reception from PIC 16F877A MCU to PC’s Hyper Terminal using RS-232 Communication using PIC Microcontroller
49. Performance Investigation of reduced loss Current Source Inverter CSI fed induction motor
50. Implementation of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) using VHDL
51. Bluetooth based Robot Control for Metal Detection Applications
52. Two-way Wireless Data Messaging System for Rural Areas using ZigBee Technology
53. Jogger bench using PWM Technique and H-Bridge with person fall prevent and detection system
54. Embedded concentration tester – Touch Me Not using AT89S52
55. Password based Access Control System using I2C protocol with stepper motor driving circuit
56. A Very Long Instruction Word Vector Media Coprocessor with Cascaded Single Instruction Multiple Data ALUs
57. Automatic School Bell with user defined time schedule using I2C protocol
58. Proximity Sensor based intelligent Security system using PSoC mixed signal array
59. Wireless Temperature Monitoring on Remote Seven-segment Display using RF
60. Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for GSM, CDMA and 3G Networks with Prescheduled
61. RF Controlled Fire Fighting Robot with high pressure water sprinkler
62. Automatic Dam Gate Control System with Caution Alarm
63. Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with SMS alert system using GSM modem
64. Implementation of solar water pump control with four different time slots for power saving applications
65. Auto turn off for water pump with four different time slots
66. Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption for Secured Communication using RF
67. Finger Print Based Voting System for Rigging-free Governing
68. Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System with Speed Control of AC motor in a plant using RF communication
69. Intelligent LPG / Smoke Detector with Auto dialer using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
70. Biometric finger print based bank locker system using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
71. Bluetooth based Wireless Device control for Industrial Atomization
72. PC based Appliances control in a plant using PCs parallel port (C-Language)
73. PC based Appliances control in a plant (C-Language)
74. Load Flow Analysis using Artificial Neural Network Technology
75. Advanced real time vehicle tracking system using GPS modem
76. Particle Swarm Optimization P.S.O technique for optimal power flow
77. Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Messaging System using GSM and GPS Modems
78. RF Controlled Robotic Boat to Travel in Water with Wireless Video And Voice
79. ZigBee based Secured Wireless Data transmission and Reception
80. PC to Microcontroller Secured Data Communication using Fiber Optic communication
81. Stepper Motor Control using PIC Microcontroller for robotic applications
82. GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal and transferring GSM calls to electronic private automatic branch exchange system with call transfer and call pick up functions using AT89C52 microcontroller
83. High sensitive IR based Unmanned Railway Gate Control
84. Design and development of SMS based Car Engine control system to prevent car theft using GSM modem
85. Smart card based stepper motor control and access control system
86. RFID access with PSoC mixed signal array
87. Communicating to 89S52 MCU through windows hyper terminal using RS-232
88. Implementation of I2C protocol for EEPROM interfacing using PSOC Mixed Signal Array
89. Implementation of solar fridge with fast chilling applications with temperature monitoring
90. Library Automation using Bar Code Reader
91. PWM control of DC motor using PSoC mixed signal array
92. Real time data acquisition using ARM 7 TDMI processor based LPC2148 Controller
93. Design and development of activation and controlling of home automation system via SMS through microcontroller
94. Hand gesture recognition technology based wireless surveillance bomb diffusing robot with mobile jamming technique using MEMS technology
95. Automation of cotton purification process in spinning mills using 89S52 MCU
96. Triac based Sound Scanner for Audio Controlled Lamps
97. Automatic Power factor corrector using capacitive load banks
98. DTMF based human less boat control for ocean research applications
99. Light intensity based Street light automation using PSOC Mixed Signal Array
100. Automatic Temperature based Fan Speed Controller
101. Design and implementation of advanced encryption standard (AES)
102. Design and implementation of client interface memory block for Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory – DDR SDRAM
103. Design of Secure Hash Algorithm-1 based on FPGA
104. Ultrasonic Target Range Estimation using SONAR Technology
105. Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) using GSM modem
106. Implementation of high sensitive GSM signal detector with audio visual alert indication
107. RTC based Digital Clock with Seven-segment Display with 12 / 24 hours mode
108. Wireless target recognition and counter attacking robot with laser gun activation
109. RFID based Airport Luggage scanning system
110. Remote GSM Mobile phone controlled Robotic Arm with Base Rotation, Elbow and Wrist Motion with a Functional Gripper
111. PC Based stepper motor control for robotic applications
112. SMS based PWM Speed and Direction control of DC motor using H-Bridge and GSM Modem
113. FPGA Implementation of universal serial bus (USB) Transceiver Microcell Interface (UTMI) With USB2.0 Specifications
114. Implementation of Data Encryption Standard on ARM(ARM7TDMI) processor based microcontroller(LPC2148)
115. Design and implementation of Ethernet transmitter using VHDL
116. Design and Implementation of BLUE TOOTH Receiver using VHDL
117. Petrochemical level indicator and controller for automation of cotton purification industries using PSOC Mixed Signal Array

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