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matlab code for erosion for skull remove in brain
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Hi am Moham i would like to get details on matlab code for erosion for skull remove in brain ..My friend Justine said matlab code for erosion for skull remove in brain will be available here and now i am living at ......... and i last studied in the college/school ......... and now am doing ....i need help on ......etc
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Brain MRI is used to gain a deeper insight into brain conditions. Skull stripping is an important phase sometimes refers to a pre-processing in the applications of magnetic resonance brain imaging that refers to the elimination of non-cerebral brain tissues. Several algorithms have been developed to improve the effectiveness of peeling the skull from MRI. The morphological algorithms of "Erosion" and "Dilation" are applied recursively together to remove the skull. In addition to the removal of the skull, "erosion" distorts some brain tissues due to the presence of false background. Thus the process of "dilation" for restoration is applied. In this study, we improved the efficiency of skull detachment in MRI by systematically applying "Erosion" with AOI (Area of ​​Interest) approach after detecting false antecedents. Before applying "Erosion", a false bottom is detected. We identified the skull boundary through the dilatation and then used the scan line algorithm to fill the false bottom area. Consequently, the "Erosion" algorithm will only erode the AOI, resulting in separation of the skull with no effect on the other tissues of the brain. The results show that the accuracy rate of up to 95% is obtained and 43% efficiency is increased compared to the different morphological techniques previously used.
Skull stripping is an important phase in the applications of magnetic resonance brain imaging and refers to the removal of non-brain tissues from the brain. The main problem in the detachment of the skull is the segmentation of the non-cerebral and intracranial tissues due to their intensities of homogeneity. Numerous techniques were applied in studies of skull desquamation, the most common being the growth of the region and the mathematical morphology. This paper investigated the strengths and weaknesses of these two methods in three types of MRI brain imaging. Unlike previous investigations that we typically tested on a single MRI type, this paper experimented on ninety samples of T1-weighted, T2 and FLAIR MRI images of the brain. Qualitative assessments showed that cranial separation using mathematical morphology outperformed the region at an acceptance rate of 95.5%, while the quantitative evaluation using area overlap, false positive rate and false negative rate produced 96.2% 2.2% and 1.6%, respectively.

The human brain is the most important and highly organized structure of the human body. Coordinates and controls all complex activities in the body. Brain and spinal cord causes the central nervous system (CNS). The average weight of the human brain is about 3 pounds and consists of more than 100 million neurons. The human brain is made up of two types of tissue: gray matter and white matter. Gray matter contains unmyelinated neurons, most of which are interneurons. White matter is formed by bundles of myelinated, long-range neurons. Brain and spinal cord baths in a particular type of fluid called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CSF is responsible for protecting the brain which helps to cushion any physical blow to the head. The brain is covered by a three-layer structure called Meninges. The inner layer of the meninges is called pia mater, which is closer to the brain. The middle layer is called arachnoid. The outermost layer of the meninges is called hard-matter. The human brain is protected with a strong covering called skull, which is composed of several bones . The brain tumor is the abnormal growth of cells in the brain or the membranes surrounding the brain. There are more than 100 different types of brain tumors discovered . The diagnosis of the brain tumor is a difficult task since the anatomical structure of the brain is very complex. Recently there are many types of medical imaging modalities available for diagnostic purposes. Medical imaging is the process of representing the internal structure of the human body for various clinical purposes, such as medical procedures, diagnosis, surgery planning and the study of normal and abnormal parts etc.

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