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.ppt  nano concrete ppt3.ppt (Size: 517.5 KB / Downloads: 3479)
• Nanotechnology is one of the most active research areas which has wide applications in almost all the fields.
• As concrete is most usable material in construction industry it’s been required to improve its quality.
• Improving concrete properties by addition of nano particles have shown significant improvement than conventional concrete.
Why nanotechnology for concrete?
• Improves the materials’ bulk properties.
• Ability to control or manipulate materials at the atomic scale. NANOSCALE ATTACK ON ASR (ALKALI SILICATE REACTION)
• To obtain thinner final products and faster setting time.
• Cost effectiveness.
• Lowered levels of environmental contamination.
What is nano concrete?
• A concrete made with portland cement particles that are less than 500nm as a cementing agent.
• Currently cement particle sizes range from a few nano-meters to a maximum of about100 micro meters.
• Carbon Nanotubes.
• Nano-silica.
• Polycarboxylates.
• Carbon nanotubes are molecular-scale tubes of graphitic carbon with outstanding properties.
• They can be several millimetres in length and can have one “layer” or wall (single walled nanotube) or more than one wall (multi walled nanotube).
• CNT are also highly flexible.
• Mechanically, CNT appear to be the strongest material.
• The smaller diameters.
• Stiffest and strongest fibers.
• Is the first nano product that replaced the micro silica.
• Advancement made by the study of concrete at nano scale have proved nano silica much better than silica used in conventional concrete.
• High compressive strengths concretes ( 15 MPa and 75 MPa at 1 day; 40 MPa and 90 MPa at 28 days and 48 MPa and 120 MPa at 120 days.)
• High workability with reduced water/cement ratio.
• Use of super plasticizing additives is unnecessary.
• Fills up all the micro pores and micro spaces.
• Cement saving upto 35-45%.
• Polycarboxylates or polymer based concrete admixtures are High Range Water Reducing admixture (HRWR).
• low dosage-reduce water as much as high dosage of conventional admixtures.
• Higher dosage-produce Self Compacting Concrete (SCC).
• This admixture type is very suitable for underwater anti-washout concrete.
• Resistance to compression - 40 to 90MPa in 1 day.Resistance to compression from 70 a 100 MPa (or more) in 28 days.
• Produces high resistance even with low addition (1 to 1.5 % of the cements weight) and gives self compacting characteristics with higher proportions (2.5 %).
• Meets the norms of environmental protection.
• 70% less use of additives as traditional silica, super plasticizers or traditional fibres.
• Cessation of contamination caused by micro silica solid particles.
• Lower cost per building site.
• Concrete with high initial and final compressive and tensile strengths.
• Concrete with good workability.
• Cessation of super plasticizing utilization.
• Cessation of silicosis risk.
• Well dispersed nano particles increase the viscosity of the liquid phase, improves the segregation resistance and workability of the system.
• Accelerates the hydration.
• Better bond between aggregates and cement paste.
• Improves the toughness,shear,tensile strength and flexural strength of concrete.
• If Portland cement can be formulated with nano-size cement particles, it will open up a large number of opportunities.
• The cement will not only be more economical than organic polymers but also will be fire resistant.
• A number of investigations have been carried out for developing smart concrete using carbon fibers.
• This will become a reality with nano-cement because nano-carbontubes are much more effective than carbon fibers. The thickness of the composite can be reduced to microns and hence flexible and smart cement composite can be manufactured.
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pls send me full report of nano concrete witin on day pls... luckyroo023[at]
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Hi megha...!! chetan patil here as i need detailed seminar report on nanoconcrete with PPT&PDF... plzz help me looking forword for ur reply... plzz send as soon as possible[/size] i have seminar on 20th april..
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.docx  AbstracFINAL 25.03.2010.docx (Size: 216.73 KB / Downloads: 524)
Nanoconcrete is one of the most active research areas that encompass a number of disciplines including civil engineering and construction materials, Currently, the most active research areas dealing with cement and concrete are: understanding of the hydration of cement particles and the use of nano-size ingredients such as titanium oxide, silica, carbon nanojubes, and nano- sensors. if cement with nano-size particles can be manufactured and processed, it will open up a large number of opportunities in the field of ceramics, high strength composites etc. it will elevate the status of Portland cement to a high tech material in addition to its current status of most widely used construction material. The main objective of this paper is to outline some of the applications of nanotechnology in concrete and comparing this concrete with the ordinary concrete
"Nano technology is the study of the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. It deals with the size 100 nanometers or smaller, and involves developing materials or devices within that size".
A long time used material m concrete is for the first time fully replaced by a nano maternal. lt is well known m physics and chemistry that a well designed and developed nano material produces better and cheaper cost results than traditional materials.
Micro silica has been one of the world's most widely used products for concrete for over eighty years. Its properties allowed high compressive strength concretes; water and chemical resistant concretes, and they have been part of many concrete buildings that we see nowadays. Its disadvantage, though, has been its relatively high cost and contamination, which affects the environment and the operators' health. As micro silica, as a powder, is thousand fold thinner than cigarette smoke. Operators must take special precautions to avoid inhaling micro silica and not to acquire silicosis, an irreversible d.sease.hcnce to over come all tese above ill-effects of micro silica, nanotechnology was introduced in the world of concrete.
Nanotechnology and Concrete
Concrete is probably unique in construction in that it is the only material exclusive to the business and therefore is the beneficiary of a fa.r proportion of the research and development money from industry. The following section describes some of the most promising applications of nanotechnology in construction that are being developed or are even available today.

Some of the applications of nanotechnology are:
• Cuore concrete- nano silica
• Titanium dioxide
• Carbon nanotubes
• polycarboxylates
• Nano-sensors
Fig – Showing the mixing of nano silica in concrete
physics, chemistry and recent nanotechnology advances, the challenge was fulfilled.Lab tests and production tests proved that the nano silica did not contaminate (because its state), but it also produced better results than micro silica, and a litre bottle of the product was equivalent to a barrel full of micro silica, extra cement and super plasticizing additives.Silica (SiCte) is present in conventional concrete as part of the normal mix. However, one of the advancements made by the study of concrete at the nanoscale is that particle packing in concrete can be improved by using nano-silica which leads to a densifying of the micro and nanostructure resulting in improved mechanical properties. Nano-silica addition to cement based materials can also control the degradation of the fundamental C-S-H (calcium-silicatehydrate) reaction of concrete caused by calcium leaching in water as well as block water penetration and therefore lead to improvements in durability. Related to improved particle packing, high energy milling of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) clinker and standard sand, produces a greater particle size diminution with respect to conventional OPC and, as a result, the compressive strength of the refined material is also 3 to 6 times higher (at different ages). Fly ash not only improves concrete durability, strength and, importantly for sustainability, reduces the requirement for cement, however, the curing process of concrete is slowed by the addition of fly ash and early stage strength is also low in comparison to normal concrete. With the addition of SiCh nanoparticles part of the cement is replaced but the density and strength of the fly-ash concrete improves particularly in the early stages. Research into hematite (Fe20;,) nanoparticles added to concrete has shown that they also increase strength as well as offering the benefit of monitoring stress levels through the measurement of section electrical resistance.
Because of its innovation the nano silica was tested for over a year in the world's largest subterranean copper mine to prove its long term characteristics. Cuore concrete takes care of the environment, the concrete and the operators' health. It is the first nano product that replaced the micro sihca.Cuore concrete surpassed the expectations of its design and gave concrete not only the high initial and final resistance but in addition, plasticity, impermeability, minor final cost of work, and cement savings of up to 40%. Also, it lowered the levels of environmental contamination
In high compressive strengths concretes (H-70), Cuore concrete is 88% more efficient than micro silica, added to concrete and super plasticizers. ( For an average 9,43 Kg. of Cuore concrete Nanosilica, 73Kg. of all the others additives are used).
The production cost of is drastically lower than using the traditional production method or formulas.
The cone test shows that It preserves the cone shape for more than one hour, (with a relation of H2O/Cement=0.5, adding 0.5% of Nano silica of the metric volume of the cement used, it conserved a its circle shape of 60 cm lor two hours, with a lost of only 5%). The nano silica has a plasticity that has been compared to the pohcarboxilate technology. Therefore the use of super plasticizing additives is unnecessary.
• High workability with reduced water/concrete levels, for example: 0,2.
• Easy homogenization. The reduction of mixing times allows concrete plants to increase their production
• Depending on the cement and the formulations used for concrete (tests from value H-30 to H-70), shows that the material provides compressive strengths between 15 MPa and 75 MPa at 1 day; 40 MPa and 90 MPa at 28 days and 48 MPa and 120 MPa at 120 days.
• Nano silica fully complies with ISO 14001 regulations regarding the environment and health. It preserves operators of the danger of being contaminated with silicosis and does not contaminate the environment.
It successfully passed all the tests and since the beginning of this year it is being commercialized in different parts of the world.
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pls mail me full seminar.
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To get more information about the topic "NANO CONCRETE " please refer the link below
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pls send me full paper on nano concrete to my mail id saranya.ce.kec[at]
pls send full paper on nano concrete to my mail id:- saranya.ce.kec[at]
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To get more information about the topic "NANO CONCRETE " please refer the link below
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plz mail me full seminar repot on Nano Concrete at abhimanyucg[at]
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To get more information about the topic "NANO CONCRETE " please refer the link below
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hi miss,
pls send me the test results u did in laboratory with procedure we can make nano cement and can provide sales and services to customers.
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To get more information about the topic "NANO CONCRETE " please refer the link below
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Plz send me the detail report of nano concrete,it will help for my early as possible.[/font]
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plz send me the full report of nano concrete to this Email-ID rayalavinaycv[at]
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To get more information about the topic "NANO CONCRETE " please refer the link below

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