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new digital electronics projects ideas for engg students
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1. Highway Car Accident Identification and Auto Communication to Patrol or Hospital
2. Real Time Lane Detection for Autonomous Vehicles - Ultrasonic Sensor
3. Autonomous Robot with Obstacle Avoidance, Drive Wheel
4. Computerized Train Control System
5. Design and Development of Line Follower Robot using the Principle of Reflection of Light Rays
6. Combination Lock for Security Applications
7. Computer Keyboard Dual Controller for Switching Electrical Devices
8. Fuzzy Logic based Lift Control & Management System
9. Advanced Wireless Electrical Appliance Control System using PC and Coded RF Protocol for industrial Application
10. Automatic Employee Tracking System using Zigbee Network and I2c Memory Card Reader
11. Mobile Device Security using Transient Authentication
12. Automated & Unmanned Control System of Railway crossing using Wireless IR Sensor
13. Self Guided Object Tracking & Following Mobile Robot for Factories & Mining Areas
14. Sovereign Robot for Light Density
15. GPS - Route Tracking System using PC with 2 Way Dual Channel Communication
16. Library Robot - Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using Microcontroller
17. RFID based Multi Usage / Purpose Card System Design & Implementation
18. SMS based Appliance Control System
19. Medical Robot - Design & Implementation
20. Car-to-Car Communication
21. Bed Side Patient Monitoring System with BP & RF
22. Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System using Zigbee Networks for Ubiquitous City
23. Human Step Rehabilitation using A Robot Attached to the Pelvis
24. Biometric Bank Locker System for Manager and Customer
25. Finger Print Identification based Home Automation with Advanced Sensor
26. A Robotic System for Underground Coal Mining
27. GPS & RFID based Intelligent Guided Vehicle
28. IGBT based Dc Motor Drive Control System
29. Advanced Digital Wireless Bank Safe Security System with Remote Alarm using Multi Sensor
30. Digital Combination Lock for Security Applications
31. Finger Print based Inter Electromagnetic Door Locking System Advanced Parachute Deployment System using Mems Free Fall Detector and I2c Protocol
32. Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System - RF based Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
33. GPS based Active Fleet Management- Featured Rich Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Communication using RF
34. Blind Spot Location Identification - Bus Alert System for Vision Impaired People
35. Distributed Sensors Fusion for Object Position Estimation and Approaching By Robotic System
36. Advanced Digital Remote Panic Alarm Button for Bank / industrial Application
37. RFID based Valuable Objects Insurance Identification
38. Smart Wind Mill based Power Generation System for Mobile Charging
39. Measuring and Transmitting Vital Body Signs using Mems Sensor
40. Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System
41. A Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning
42. Anti Collision System in Railway using GSM and GPS
43. Embedded System based Inter Locking System of Electromagnetic Doors Chemical, Cement & Pharmaceutical Industries
44. Intelligent Fuzzy Control Guided Vehicle with Collision Prevention - Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance
45. Cycloconverter Drive for AC Motors
46. Communication Issues in Distributed Multisensory Robotics
47. Automotive Crash Detection and Airbag Deployment using Mems Accelerometer
48. Gas Detection Robot for Atomic Power Station
49. Cell Phone based Total Car Controlling System - Car Moving, Forward, Reverse, Etc.,
50. RF ID/ Proximity based Pharma Health Card
51. Development of Smart Notice Board - Active Information Display Systems using SMS based on Microcontroller
52. Touch Screen based Wheel Chair Implementation
53. The Guide CAN - Applying Mobile Robot Technologies to Assist the Visually Impaired
54. Soil Moisture Content based Automatic Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
55. Wireless Sensor Network based Model for Secure Railway Operations - Performance, Computing & Communication Conference
56. Automatic Vehicle Speed Management System
57. Speed Control of AC Motor with Multi Parameter Monitoring
58. A RFID System to Help Visually Impaired People in Mobility
59. GPS - Design & Implementation of 2 Way Communication System with Transmit & Reception of Data using RF
60. Collision Avoidance By the Fusion of Different Beam-Width Ultrasonic Sensors & Rescue Robot using PIR Sensor
61. Contactless Electromagnetic Proximity based Campus Management System
62. Person Identification System - RF ID System used for Tracking & Authentication Purposes Applying Back Scattering Technology
63. Multi - Zone Fire Alarming Control Panel with Zone Location, Auto Dialer to Fire Station
64. GSM based Highway Road Traffic Monitoring System.
65. Energy Consumption, Meter Reading and Extra Power Requisition System
66. Finger Print based Physical Access Control Vehicle Immobilizer
67. Enabling / Disabling & Wireless Control of Appliances & Devices using RF Technology
68. Portable Power Analyzer for Energy Audit
69. Intelligent Car Security System using Dynamic Generation of Random Security Codes
70. Driverless Automated Car System
71. Design a Wireless Sensor Network for Methane Monitoring System
72. Cell Phone based Materials Handling Robot
73. Density Traffic Analyzer - Traffic Control System for Ambulance Service Design & Implementation
74. Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle Identifying System using Remote PC
75. GPS and GSM based Real Time Bus/Train Location Finder and Display on Earth's Map
76. Most Advanced Land Roever with Wireless Remote Control using PC with Camera and Solar Cell Power
77. Microcontroller based Moving Person Place Detecting System (MPP)
78. RFID based Parking Lot Access and Control, Vehicle Tracking in Rental Lots
79. Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An Energy Saving
80. Finger Print based Campus Management System
81. SMS Controlled Home Automation System
82. Finger Print Recognition based Time Recorder with Weigh & Output
83. A Mobile Platform for Nursing Robots
84. Remote Controlled Water Splash Robot for Gardening
85. Implementation of Wireless Surveillance / Emergency Rescue Monitoring Vehicle with Wireless Camera using Microwave Frequency with Microwave Audio / Video Transmission
86. A Robust Architecture for Autonomous Robot Navigation and Control
87. RF ID & Finger Print based Campus Access Control System
88. Design and Implementation of Real Time Security Guard Robo using GSM/CDMA Networking
89. Embedded PIC Microcontroller based PH Controller for Sugar Industries
90. Fire Fighting Robo using Ultrasonic Technology
91. GSM based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System
92. Intelligent Car Antitheft System
93. Need of Ad Hoc type Networking for Modern Airports for Aircraft Landing
94. Drishti: An Integrated Navigation System for Visually Impaired and Disabled
95. RF Remote based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations with Auto Dialer Facility
96. SMS based Controller - Robot Control
97. Security and Privacy in RFID and Applications in Telemedicine - Communications
98. Industrial Security Robot with Multi Specialty Features
99. Implementation of Global and Remote Positioning System for Defense and other Purposes using Mobile Networks
100. Real Time GPS based Vehicle Parameter Monitoring with Intelligent Data Analysis
101. Design and Implementation of Mobile based Electrical Appliances Control for Industrial Automation with High Security
102. Visual Surviving and Multi Directional Light Signature Sensing and Approaching Robot with Edge Detector for Tunnel Application
103. Modern Wireless Entry / Exit Register & Alarm Display System for Advanced Amusement Park
104. Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System
105. Global Positioning System used for Traction of Train
106. Computer based Wireless Control System of Devices
107. Zigbee enabled Pantry Updation - Wireless Network and Data Synchronization using Hand Held Device - Zigbee enabled 2 Way
108. RFID based Student Tracking System
109. Design & Implementation of Grass Shredding Robot
110. Finger Print based Digital Locker Security
111. Finger Print based Time, Attendance Management System
112. Motion Activated Wireless Video Capturing System for Security Wild Life Application
113. Prepaid Electricity Billing RF 2 Way Automation using Contact Less EMPCR Card & Reader with Voice Annunciation - IVRS
114. Programmable Surface Cleaning Robot using Blowers
115. Automated Accident Identification, Detection via Vibration Sensors using RF Technology
116. Staircase Climbing Robot - Implemented in Multi-Domain Approach
117. Finger Print based Authentication and Controlling System of Devices
118. Closed Loop Dc Motor Speed Controller
119. SMS based Universal Motor Speed Controller
120. Fully Automatic Intelligent Wireless Remote Railway Gate Controller & Monitoring System with Remote Train Stopper for Railway using Active RF Id System
121. Hospital Automation with Patient Monitoring
122. Microcontroller
123. Voice Control based Speed Control of Dc Motor
124. Automatic Railway Gate Signaling Simulator & Controller
125. Electronic Nose for Robotics
126. Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control Using GSM Technology
127. 3 Phase Prepaid Electricity Billing Automation
128. RFID based Prescriptions in Automated Pharmaceutical Systems
129. Automatic Shopping & Billing in Super Market
130. The Electronic Passport & The Future of Government Issued RF ID based Identification
131. GPS and GSM based Biomedical Wearable Device for Remote Monitoring of Physiological Signals
132. Advanced Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wall Sensors and RF Remote Controller for Systematic Cleaning
133. Distance Monitoring and Object Detecting Robot By Radio Frequency Technology
134. Intelligent Train Engines and Hi Jack Control System or RF - Vehicle Hi Jack - Train
135. Smart Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation
136. SMS Controlled Load Monitoring System
137. Wireless AI based Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations with Two Way Communication
138. Electronic House - A Well Equipped Modern House
139. Artificial intelligent based Equipments Failure Detecting & Automatic Dialing to the Concern Service Engineer Cell-Phone / Telephone
140. Smart Tanker Robot for Security Operations in the Protected Area with Wireless Secured Communication
141. A Novel Rear-End Collision, Accident Avoidance, Distance Measuring using Ultrasonic Technology
142. Automatic Collision Avoidance and Real Time Distance Monitoring
143. Design and Development of Obstacle Sensing and Object Guiding Robot
144. Automatic Locker Machine - Design & Implementation, using RFID & Embedded
145. Patient Monitoring System using Sensor Network based on the Zigbee
146. Speed Control of DC Motor with Field & Armature Control
147. Cell Phone based Remote Car Starter
148. RF ID based Industrial Security System
149. Humidity Monitoring and Pump Controlling System
150. Zigbee Source Route Technology in Home Application
151. RF based Intelligent Handheld Multi-Parameter Monitoring System with LCD Display and DAS
152. Advanced Remote Temperature and Heart Rate Monitoring System
153. A Security Framework in RFID based License Plate
154. Energy Saving Systems for Railway Platforms
155. Intelligent Train System - Automation, Collision Avoidance, Signal / Unmanned Controlling, Moving Message Display, Voice Annunciation
156. Medi Kit - Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Person Patients with Remote & Auto Dialer with BP
157. Multi Channel Temperature Indicator
158. Advanced Train Compartment Information Display System for Modern Railways
159. SMS enabled towards Command & Control Networking of Cooperative Autonomous Robotics for Military Applications
160. An Automatic Collision Detection and Acceleration Control using Multi Zone Transmission and Reception through RF Technology and GSM Communication
161. Wireless Automation of Unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System using Zigbee
162. Most Advanced Digital Wireless Two Wheeler Security System with Remote Starter
163. Digital Counter using CMOS Technology
164. Finger Print based Guard Alert System
165. Advances Home Care System for Patients (Adhoc)
166. Control of Pc DTMF Technology via Mobile Phone
167. Motion Operated Scrolling Display using Mems Accelerometer and I2c Protocol
168. Implementation of Device Status Monitoring and Controlling using Telephone Lines
169. PC Controlled Advanced Wireless Robot Vehicle with Camera for Bomb Detection / Human Surveillance Application for Dangerous Areas
170. Data Acquiring System for Airports
171. Mobile Robot -- Wireless Ai based Intelli Mobile Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
172. Wireless Access Monitoring and Control System based on Digital Door Lock
173. GPS based Substation Implementation
174. Digital PID Controller based Speed Control of DC Motor
175. Realization of Home Remote Control Network based on Zigbee
176. Application Field of RFID in Health Safety and Environment Management
177. Zigbee based Wireless Weather Station
178. A New Concept for Vehicle Localization of Road Debiting System using RF Id / Active RF System - Intelligent Vehicles
179. Zigbee based Smart Vehicle System - Track, GPS based Vehicle Tracking, Protection & Security System
180. GPS & GSM based Accident Alarm System
181. A Distributed Measurement System to Estimate Plant Water Content in Agricultural Fields based on Wireless Sensor Networks
182. Interactive Environmental Air Pollution Monitoring Automatic Phone Dialing System
183. Advanced Digital Wireless Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways
184. Multisensor - Smoke, Fire, Temperature, Gas, Metal & Intruder based Security Robot - Zigbee
185. Autonomous Robot with Obstacle Avoidance, Drive Wheel Synchronization and Line Tracking Capability
186. Zigbee based Medi Care - Patient Monitoring System with WAP RF BP
187. Scada for Local Distribution Network
188. Model Railroad Automated Track Inspection Car
189. AIDC Attendance Monitoring System in Industry
190. Motion Controlled Password System for Compact Embedded Systems using Mems Sensor
191. Contactless Electromagnetic Proximity based Public Transport System
192. Motion ACtivated Power Saving System using Mems Accelerometer and I2c Protocol
193. RF ID & Finger Print based Electronic Passport - Multi Management System
194. Automatic Rolling Shutter Opener with RF Remote Control
195. Smart Solar Powered Car
196. Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of DC Motor
197. Automatic Vehicle Toll Collection & Gate Entry Exit System using RF ID
198. Finger Print based Digital Voting Machine
199. Adhoc - Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Patients
200. Motion Detection, Robotics Guidance & Proximity Sensing using Ultrasonic Technology
201. Botrobo - Tanker & Sound Detecting Robot
202. Design and Implementation of Railway Automation System with Sensors Network
203. RF Id Proximity based Checking & Detecting Expiry Date (S), Stock Updation
204. An RFID based Pilgrim Identification System
205. Fire Ball for Fire Extinguishing with Robot Model
206. RF ID based Canteen Automation
207. Computer Controlled Drilling Machine
208. I Protect - Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Communication System with Vehicle Command Unit - An Ultimate tool for Tracking, Real Time Monitoring
209. IVRS based Robot Control with Response & Feed Back
210. Remote Power on/off Control and Current Measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on A Low-Power Embedded Board and Zigbee Communication
211. Fingerprinting Passports
212. Rail Track Inspector
213. Design and Implementation of a Multiplex Parking System and Toll Collection based on Time Management Techniques for Identifying the Parking Violation based on Expiry Time
214. Intelligent Briefcase with Digital Code Lock and Shock Generator during Unauthorized Access
215. In Amusement Park / Visitor using Super RFID with in/Out Time
216. Design & Implementation of Real Time Security Guard Robot using GSM CDMA Networking
217. Cell Phone Controlled Fire Fighting Robot for Relief Operations
218. Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
219. Ultrasonic based Vehicle Parking Guidance System
220. SMS Controlled Intelli Robot Materials Handling
221. System for Measuring Power Supply Parameters with Zigbee Connectivity
222. Distributed Control System for Industrial Transducers Failure Location & Annunciation
223. Custom Wireless Sensor Network based on Zigbee
224. Finger Print Authenticated, Access Control & Automated Door Opening System
225. GSM and GPS based School Kids Tracking System.
226. Alcohol Breath Analyzer / Alcohol Sensing Vehicle Starter System
227. Microcontroller to Microcontroller Communication with LCD
228. Zigbee - College / Industry - Wireless Network and Data Synchronization using Hand Held Device
229. The OmniTread Serpentine Robot for Industrial Inspection and Surveillance
230. Robotic Technology Integration for Army Ground Vehicles - Zigbee
231. Microcontroller based intelligent Multi-Timer System for industrial Automation
232. Autonomous Navigation Tool (A.N.T.) - GPS based Navigation
233. Advanced Full Function Remote Home Automation System using Encrypted RF Technology
234. RFID based Virtual Gate Entry Control
235. Cell Phone Controlled Ai based Five Axis Robot for Multi Specialty Operations
236. GPS based Highway Monitoring & Control
237. Advanced Digital Wireless Multi Point Security System for Fire Safety with Alarm
238. A Wireless Network based on the Combination of Zigbee and Gprs
239. Intelli Public Transport System - Bus Status - Arriving / Leaving / Breakdown indication System in the Bus Stop
240. Intelligent Mobile based Patient Monitoring System
241. Fuzzy Elevators - Group Elevator Scheduling With Advance Information for Normal and Emergency Modes in Building Management Systems
242. A Zigbee based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities
243. Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) using Global Positioning System (GPS)
244. GPS based Intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation - Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Channel Communication using RF
245. Energy Saving System using Thyristor Controllers
246. RF ID/ Proximity based Multi Usage Card
247. Vehicle Emission -- Automated Vehicle Emission Testing (Co2) and Issuing online Certificate
248. Dynamic Robot Networks for Search and Rescue Operations
249. Electronic Speedometer using Inertial Mems Sensor and I2c Protocol
250. Zigbee based Gas Leak Detection and Data Monitoring System
251. RFID Applications Strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting System
252. Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using Microcontroller
253. Embedded System based Inter Locking System of Electromagnetic Doors
254. GPS based Air Craft Collision Avoidance
255. Rescue Robot for Military Purpose with Voice Annunciation using PIR Sensor and Metal Detection
256. Walking Robot with Hyper Line Tracker using IR Sensors for Uneven Terrain
257. Finger Print / Bio Metrics based Industrial Authentication & Access Control System
258. Multi Power Utilizer - Maximum Demand Indicator and Power Factor Indicator
259. Advanced Collision Avoidance Solar Powered Robot Car with Automatic Charger - Seek for Sun Light and Charges when the Battery Goes Down
260. Automatic Railway Gate Control & Track Switching
261. Automated Bus Ticket Tariff Calculation using Identification of Destination Point
262. Finger Print Identification / Recognition based Equipment Control System
263. Finger Print based ATM Authentication & Money Management System
264. PC based Home Appliance Control System
265. Hyper Line Tracking Control of Robotic Car using Track Sensors for Industrial Application
266. Zigbee Wireless Sensor in Industrial Applications
267. Blind Stick with Audio & Video Interface
268. Automatic Touch Screen based Vehicle Driving System
269. Zigbee for Building Control Wireless Sensor Networks
270. RFID Based Ration Card
271. Cell Phone Controlled Smart Image Capturing Robot
272. Driver Fatigue Accident Prevention using Eye Blink Sensor
273. Automated Car Parking System with Automatic Gate Opener
274. Vehicle Safety Speed Controller under Driver Fatigue using Eye Blink Sensor
275. ICU - Smart Medicare Patient Monitoring System
276. Zigbee based Money Transfer System
277. Ultra Sound Guided Collision Avoidance and Navigation Robotic System for Multiple Applications
278. Integrate Intelligent Security System for Industrial Surveillance with WAP & Auto Dialer
279. Blood Pressure Analysis on Treadmill Environment
280. RF based Code Modulation - Decryption & Encryption for Secured Wireless Communication with OFDM
281. Passenger Information System using GPS
282. GPS GSM based Aircraft Collision Detection & Avoidance
283. GSM based Home Security System to get intrusion Alerts Like Door/Windows Open Alerts onto Your Cell Phone
284. Noise Less Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM Converter
285. Cell Phone based Motor Speed Control
286. RFID based Automated Airline Baggage Systems
287. SMS based Remote Motor Starter for Irrigation in Agricultural Application
288. Finger Print based Car Lock Security System
289. Remote Communication Devices for Electric Utility Applications, Electric Power Conference
290. Anti Collision System in Railway & Location Monitoring usin GSM and GPS - Intelligent Train System with GPS
291. Handheld Electronic Voting Machine & Data Retrieval System
292. Advanced Wireless Electrical Meter Reading System
293. Intelligent & Advanced Digital Wireless Audience Polling System for Quiz Program
294. Automatic Room Light / Cooling System Controller with Visitor Counter
295. Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries
296. Rescue Robotics for Biomedical and Life Saving with Artificial Intelligence
297. A Hands Gesture System of Control for an Intelligent Wheelchair
298. GPS & GSM based Real Time Vehicle Tracking System
299. Zigbee enabled ICU Care Taker - Life Support System
300. Zigbee Enabled Speed Control of DC Motor
301. Implementation of Automated Multi Story Car Parking
302. Intelligent, Automatic & Modern Traffic Light Controller based On Traffic Density
303. Walking Robot with Infrared Sensors / Light Sensors / RF Sensor / Tactile Sensors
304. Remote Guided Automatic Combat Gun Vehicle with Laser Target and 2.4ghz Wireless Camera Monitor
305. RFID based Equipment/Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
306. RFID based Toxic Waste Monitoring
307. Wireless Voting System
308. Fire Sensing Robot with Auto Dial-Up Facility & No Extinguisher
309. Power Failure Auto Detection at Customer Place and Wireless Power Line Communication - Auto Announcement System to E.B Station
310. Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Communication using RF
311. Cell Phone based Robot Direction & Alive Human Detecting
312. Motion Detection, Robotics Guidance and Proximity Sensing using Ultrasonic Technology
313. Zigbee based Monitoring System using Auto-Dialer
314. Finger Print based Vehicle Access System
315. Wireless Automatic Traffic Signaling System
316. Advanced Miniature based Wireless Camera Monitoring System for Wildlife Application
317. RFID / Active RF based Equipment/ Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
318. Intelli Home Security System with Auto Dialer, Peace Keeper - The Home of Tomorrow
319. Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology
320. PWM based Bidirectional Speed Control of DC Motor
321. Finger Print based Authentication, Access Control, Time, Attendance Management System
322. Bio-Finger Sensing Gate Opener for Security
323. A Distributed, Adaptive Protocol for Handling Interference in Wireless Communications
324. Detection and Security System of Illegal Wireless Transmission Intelligent E-Police and Traffic Violation Automatic Recorder System for Modern City Traffic using Most Advanced Wireless Sensor Technology in Real Time
325. Advanced and Intelligent Distant Vehicle Identifying and Automatic Entry System using Active RF ID
326. RFID based Patient Monitoring for Icu's
327. High Bandwidth Tilt Measurement using Low Cost Sensors
328. Ultrasonic based Path Planning for the Blind Person
329. Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Networks and Its Applications in Industry
330. Machine-to-Machine Communication in Cellular Networks
331. Zigbee Device Access Control & Reliable Data Transmission based Health Monitoring
332. Wall Follower Robot with the Help of Multiple Artificial Eyes
333. Finger Print Verification for Passport Checking
334. MeshEye: A Hybrid - Resolution Smart Camera Mote for Applications in Distributed Intelligent Surveillance
335. Design & Implementation of Child Safety Device
336. Digital Surface Distance / Length Measurement using Microcontroller
337. Advanced Wireless Bank Security System with Remote Alarm and Sensor for Modern Security Application
338. Advanced Robotic Pick and Place Arm and Hand System
339. An Assistive Robotic Device that CAN Synchronize to the Pelvic Motion During Human Gait Training

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