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.doc  arundev org study report kitex ltd.doc (Size: 279.5 KB / Downloads: 524)

Organization is a social unit which is deliberately constructed and reconstructed to seek specific goals .An organization comes into existence when there are a number of persons in communication and relationship to each other and are willing to contribute towards a common endeavour. The evolution of organization dates back to the early stages of human civilization when two or more persons began to cooperate and combine together for fulfilling their basic needs of food, clothing,shelter and protection of life .Thus,an organization is born when people combine their efforts for some common purpose.It is a universal truth that an individual is unable to fulfill his needs and desire alone because he lacks strength,ability and resources. So he seeks the cooperation of other people who share goals with him.
This organization study is carried out at Kitex Ltd,Kizhakkambalam, Aluva.The organization study has been carried out to get an understanding of the structure and functioning of the organization.
Organization is one of the inevitable part of business & management .there for study of organizational structure management process ,functions etc.. are very significant as far as present day trend is concerned textile industry and businees is wast growing one.the study is very important for knowing the following .
1) To have an idea about the products
2) To have an idea about the organizational structure of the company
3) To have an idea about the departmental functions of the company
4) To have an idea about the financial position of the company
• To have an overall study of the company and to familiarize with its various functions
• To enable the trainee to understand the organization structure and processes in a practical setting.
• To get an idea about how different functional departments are structured and how each one of them operate
• To know how the key business processes are being carried out in a manufacturing firm.
• To have first hand information about the various policies and programmes of the firm.
• To provide an opportunity to the trainee to analyse real life problems and apply the concepts and theory learnt in the class room
The internship training was intended to provide Industrial exposure to the trainee and bridge the gap between theory and practice .the study was only covered the few departments of KITEX LTD namely personel & administration department,the finance department, marketing department ,production department, purchase department and was intended only for a period of one month from 3rd may 2010 to 17 th may. The study was mainly conducted to understand the functions , processes and procedures of different departments of the company. This training report covers the details of the departments in which the trainee could get access and interact with responsible executives.
This study was a descriptive study conducted mainly to familiarise with the activities, processes, policies, programmes and procedures followed in the firm. Required data for the study was collected through monitoring and interrogation. The study is made personally visiting the company at Kizhakkambalam.the data were collected through various methods.the methods adopted mainly are:
1) Primary data
2) Secondary data
Primary data
Primary data collected through discussion with manager, various department heads ,officers and employees.
Secondary data
Secondary data for the study was collected from both internal annual reports, website,office records were used for collecting relevent information for this study.and external sources . Internal records like annual reports, website, office records, management reports, house magazines were used for collecting relevant information for this study. The data needed to prepare this project was obtained from other published sources like internet, magazines, business dailies, journals and business magazines
1.5)Scheme of reporting
This report is presented in five chapters .the first chapter indroduces the study by highlighting the need for the study, the study objectives, methodology and scheme of reporting. The second chapter on industry profile discuss about the textile industry . it describes about the world textile industy and the indian textile industry in detail.third chapter describes profile of KITEX LTD . the fourth chapter describes the detailed study of different departments in which the trainee had under gone the trainning. The fifth chapter describes the suggestions and recommendations .the last chapter includes the conclusion.

New innovations in clothing production, manufacture and design came during the industrial revolution – these new wheels, looms, and spinning processes changed clothing manufacture forever. There were various stages –from a historical perspective-where the textile industry evolved from being a domestic small-scale industry, to the status of supremacy it currently holds. The ''cottage stageʺ was the first stage in its history where textile were produced on a domestic basis.
Clothing manufactured during the industrial revolution formed a big part of the exports made by Great Britain .they accounted for almost 25% of the total exports made at that time doubling in the period between 1701 and 1770. The center of the cotton industry in Great Britain was Lancashire –and the amount export from 1701 to 1770 had grown ten times .However, wool was the major export item at this point of time. In the industrial revolution era, a lot of effort was made to increase the speed of the production through inventions such as the flying shuttle in 1773, the flyer-and-bobbin system, and the Roller spinning machine by John Wyatt and Lewis Paul in 1738.
During this period cloth was made from materials including Wool, flax and cotton .The material depended on the area where the cloth was being produced, and time they were being made. In the latter half of the medieval period in the northern part of Europe ,cotton come to be regarded as imported fiber .During the later phase of the 16th century cotton was grown in the warmer climes of America and Asia
During the Industrial Revolution, new machines such as spinning wheels and handlooms came into the picture; making clothing material quickly became an organized industry-as compared to the domesticated activity it had been associated with before. A number of new innovations led to the industrialization of the textile industry in Great Britain. In the initial phases, textile mills were located in and around the rivers since they were powered by water wheels. After the stream engine was invented ,the dependence on the rivers ceased to a great extent .In the later phase of the 20 the century ,shuttles that were used in the textile industry were developed and became faster and thus more efficient .This led to the replacement of the older shuttles with the new ones.
Today , modern techniques, electronics and innovations have led to a competitive, low –priced textile industry offering almost any type of cloth or design a person could desire .With its low cost labour base ,china has come to dominate the global textile industry.
According to statistics, the global textile market possesses a worth of more than $400 billions presently.In a more globalize enviornment,the industry has faced high competition as well as opportunities. It is predicted that global textile production will grow by 25% between 2002 and 2010 and Asian region will largely contribute in this regard .High production of wool,cotton and silk over the world has boosted the industry in recent years.
Japan ,India,Hongkong,and China became leading producers due to their cheap labour supply,which is an important factor for the industry.the World Trade Organization(WTO) has taken so many steps for uplifting this the year 1995,WTO had renewed its MFA and adopted Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC) ,which states that all quotas on textile and clothing will be removed among WTO member countries.However the level of exports in textiles from developing countries is increasing even if in the presence of high tariffs and quantitative restrictions by economically developed countries. Moreover the role of mulifunctional textiles,eco-textiles and customized textiles are considered as the future of the textile industry.
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