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PAYROLL SYSTEM full report
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.doc  Payroll-project-report-with-Srs.doc (Size: 2.66 MB / Downloads: 297)


The PAYROLL SYSTEM is used to maintain a list of employees’ names, addresses and employment information and is used to interactively calculate and print payroll checks.

The purpose of this section is to obtain agreement regarding the objectives the system must meet. Ultimately this segment defines the boundaries of the effort. The “ Payroll system” helps administrator honor their professional commitments by following a tailored version of the organization’s standard process. This application is supported by a database consisting of employee’s salary details and their leave allowances. Based on these details at the end of every month the application automatically credits the employee’s bank account with their salary. The amount of salary credited into employees account is a variant of their leave allowances .This Payroll Processing application also considers employee’s income tax regulations and loan payment details. Based on these considerations the salary of each employee is deducted at the source. Taking into account all these aspects the appropriate accounts of each employee are credited. This application also includes generation of salary slips to every employee.

Generating ID’s and pay slips for the employees This project is a distributed endeavor that strives to employ languages that promote platform independence and make it possible to support desktop and laptop systems in traditional and wireless networking infrastructures .Efforts must be focused on business logic issues rather than Event Driven Web based System PPS System Business Logic Data Access Personal Persistent Data Repository Storage Subsystem Application Layer Interface Application Layer needlessly duplicating user interface software, database software, etc. Its main focus is on the generation of reports at any time.

Functional Requirements

Requirements analysis is usually the first phase of large-scale software development project. It is undertaken after a feasibility study has been performed to define the precise costs and benefits of a software system. The purpose of this phase is to identify and document the exact requirements for the system. The customer, the developer, a marketing organization or any combination of the three may perform such study. In cases where the requirements are not clear e.g., for a system that is never been defined, more interaction is required between the user and the developer. The requirements at this stage are in end-user terms

Communications Interfaces
Communications interfaces can be provided through e-mail, web browser, network server communications protocols, electronic forms, and so on. For this we can use communication standards such as FTP or HTTP to provide security using encryption algorithms and synchronization mechanisms

Performance Requirements
System can withstand even though many number of users requested desired service. As we are keeping office level server of the automated payroll system. And access is given to the only registered users of office who requires the services of viewing, Updating etc. It can withstand the load.
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.doc  PAYROLL.doc (Size: 944.5 KB / Downloads: 119)


Expert Software Consultants Ltd. is a Software Development, System Integration and Consultancy Services Organization. Providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to the complex information management requirements of its customers through innovative applications of the latest technology.
Our areas of expertise include Multi-Lingual Web and Desktop Applications, Data Communication, Fax, Data Entry, E-Mailing System in Indian Languages, Portals to Support Data Collection and Data Delivery, Multimedia, Voice, Data Warehousing, Mining and Analysis, and Analytical Transaction Processing.


Definition of Problem

In XP, the user story serves the purpose of the problem statement and the specifications. The user story provided by the client was as follows:-
“You are to design and implement a payroll system that should accept employee hours worked, compute net pay and record all the payroll data for subsequent processing. The system should prepare pay cheques and a payroll ledger, and maintain data on a sequential payroll file. Non-statutory deductions such as union dues and pension plans to be made. “The payroll data are employee number, employee name, pay rate, and union member flag. The year-to-date total should contain earnings, federal tax, pension plan, and union dues”

Definition of Project Objectives

The purpose of this project is to put into practice what we have learnt so far in our software engineering class. We spent most of the semester studying extreme programming. With extreme programming, the client knows how far he or her software is coming and knows what to except atone particular time or the other. The software is built exactly the way the client wants it to be built.

Project Deliverables

We met with our client on a few occasions to show our progress so far. In the long run, showing the client part of the finished product in stages helped. There were a few things he brought to our understanding and we were able to change those things. If we had waited till we finished the coding, we would have found it really difficult to correct the errors we found in such a short time. The graphical user interface was acceptable to the client at this stage even though he thought we could improve on it with a little more time. From our project deliverables, the client was able to bring to our understanding that the employees should have different pay rates and that it would be safe (for record purposes) to calculate the employee's year-to-data total salary earnings. These observations were later incorporated into the final deliverable.

Project Plan

At the beginning of the project, we scheduled meeting time for the group to discuss on the design and implementation of the software and what language to use in writing the software. We had several meetings to this effect. When then developed a time-line for the project–when we would be releasing the first version for scrutiny and the estimated time we thought we would use for refactoring. We also pondered on a suitable name to give the project. We came up with the name “Piccolo” but it was later changed to “Payroll System” after our meeting with our client. The group was then divided into two pairs that would work on parts of the code. We kept in touch with each other and whenever we had difficulties, we asked each other questions. On some occasions, we had to pretend we were the customer so as to try to figure out some of the things that user would desire, such as the friendliness of the user interface and ease of navigation through the software. We also created a blog so that we could communicate with each other, and also so that our client could track our progress


An Introduction to the methods and techniques adopted within the design

The software was built using Visual Basic and it can run on computers that have the PHP Framework installed. We divided the whole project into five main modules: employee data, payroll records, rates, ledger and help.
When a data is saved, the data gets written into an XML file. Keeping in line with making the software platform-independent, XML is also a highly platform-independent format for storing data.
This is where all the data of the employee is stored, along with each month’s payroll data for the employee. There is also a separate XML file for storing current rates. For an employee data or payroll data to be saved to the file, it has to be serialized. Getting any data from the file will require the data to first be deserialized before it can be used. Serialization and deserialization helped make the data storage very simple.
We also used the object-oriented paradigm to code and organize our program. This ensured code reuse, and efficient updating of the code later on.
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Payroll System contains all features of standard payroll system like entering monthly attendance, employee master and pay setup add edit pay component like basic, HRA, DA, ITAX, PTAX, calculation of salary, custom formula for calculating pay component and pay slab, leave adjustment, generation of pay slip and other reports. Loan setup and deduction settings.

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