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power system projects
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a. Programmable active power factor improvement scheme for single phase switch mode boost rectifiers
b. SVPWM Techniques and Applications in HTS PMSM Machines Control
c. Space vector pulse width modulation of three level inverter extending operation into over modulation region
d. Impact of Reactive Power in Power Evacuation from Wind Turbines
e. Transient Fault Response of Grid Connected Wind Electric Generators
f. PMSM Speed Sensor less Direct Torque Control Based on EKF
g. Zbus Transmission Network Cost Allocation
h. Electromagnetic Interference with Electronic apparatus by switching surges in GIS “ Cable system
i. Predictive Valley Current Control for Two Inductor Boost Converter
j. A Modular Fuel Cell, Modular DC“DC Converter Concept for High Performance and Enhanced Reliability
k. A Simple Control Scheme for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter with Fuzzy Logic Based DC Bus Voltage Controller
l. A 24-pulse AC-DC converter employing a pulse doubling technique for vector controlled induction motor drives
m. Modeling of three levels converters used in Electric Traction
n. Harmonic Current Reduction in Railway System
o. Second Order Sliding Mode for Traction Control in Ride-by-Wire Sport Motorcycles
p. A Modular Strategy for Control and Voltage Balancing of Cascaded H-Bridge Rectifiers
q. Matlab/PSB Based Modeling and Simulation of 25 KV AC Railway Traction System- A Particular Reference to Loading and Fault Conditions
r. Direct torque with fuzzy logic ripple reduction based stator flux vector control
s. Development of a Slip and Slide Simulator for Electric Locomotive Based on Inverter Controlled Induction Motor
t. Power Quality Analysis of Traction Supply Systems with High Speed Train using Active Filters to Reduce THD in Traction Systems
u. Optimized Discontinuous PWM Algorithm With Variable Load Power Factor For Multilevel Inverters
v. Novel Direct Power Control for Compensating Voltage Unbalance and Load Fluctuations in PWM Rectifiers
w. New DTC Control Scheme for Induction Motors fed with a Three-level Inverter
x. Sensor less Speed Estimation of Induction Motor in a Direct Torque Control System
y. MRAS based Speed Control of sensorless Induction Motor Drives
z. A Novel Technique for Distribution System Feeder reconfiguration
aa. Power Upgrading of Transmission Line by Combining AC“DC Transmission
bb. A Single Phase Z-Source Cycloconverter (SPZC) Based on Single Phase Matrix Converter (SPMC) Topology with Safe Commutation Strategy
cc. Simulation of a Space Vector PWM Controller for a Three-Level Voltage Fed Inverter Motor Drive
dd. Optimal Intelligent Controller for Matrix Converter Induction Motor Drive System
ee. 3-Phase Power Factor Correction, Using Vienna Rectifier Approach and Modular Construction for Improved Overall Performance, Efficiency and Reliability
ff. A Comparative Study between two Strategies for Four-Wire Shunt Active Filter Control
gg. A Simple New Control Technique For Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)
hh. Direct Power Control for three-phase PWM rectifier with active filtering function
ii. Space Vector Control of 5-phase PMSM supplied by 5 H-bridge VSIs
jj. Simulation and Modeling of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer.
kk. Dynamic modeling, design and simulation of a wind/fuel cell/ultra-capacitor-based hybrid power generation system
ll. Sensor less Control of Interior Permanent-Magnet Machine Drives With Zero Phase Lag Position Estimation
mm. Torque-Ripple Minimization in Switched Reluctance Machines Over a Wide Speed Range
nn. Torque-Ripple Minimization in Switched Reluctance Motors Using Adaptive Fuzzy Control
oo. Simulink implementation of Induction motor model
pp. Improvement of Voltage Stability and Reduce Power System Losses by Optimal GA-based Allocation of Multi-type FACTS Devices
qq. Analytical Modeling of HVDC Transmission System Converter using Matlab/Simulink
rr. A Novel Concept for Mains Voltage Proportional Input Current Shaping of a VIENNA Rectifier Eliminating Controller Multipliers
ss. Sensor less Control of Interior Permanent-Magnet Machine Drives With Zero-Phase Lag Position Estimation
tt. Possibility of Power Tapping From Composite AC“DC Power Transmission Lines
uu. Prediction-based ripple reduction in Direct Torque Control of an induction machine
vv. Prediction-based ripple reduction in Direct Torque Control of an induction machine
ww. Artificial Neural Network Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter
xx. Three-phase, power quality improvement ac/dc converters
yy. DTC-SVM Scheme for Induction Motors Fed with a Three-level Inverter
zz. Real and Reactive Power Coordination for a Unified Power Flow Controller
aaa. Control and Analysis of a Unified Power Flow Controller
bbb. Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Based Unified Power Flow Controller
ccc. Direct Power Control Strategies for Multilevel Inverter Based Custom Power Devices
ddd. Switching Losses and Harmonic Investigations in Multilevel Inverters
eee. Modeling and Control of a Fuel Cell Based Z-Source Converter
fff. Fuzzy Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems
ggg. Intelligent Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems
hhh. Modeling and Control of Fuel Cell Based Distributed Generation Systems in a Standalone AC Power Supply
iii. A Low-Cost Inverter for Domestic Fuel Cell Applications
jjj. Analysis and Design Considerations of Zero-Voltage and Zero-Current Switching (ZVZCS) Full-Bridge PWM Converters
kkk. A Fast Space-Vector Modulation Algorithm for Multilevel Three-Phase Converters
lll. Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Three-phase Shunt Active Filter for Line Harmonics Reduction
mmm. A Fuzzy-Controlled Active Front-End Rectifier with Current Harmonic Filtering Characteristics and Minimum Sensing Variables
nnn. Model of Photovoltaic Module in MATLAB
ooo. Power Quality Improvement Using DVR
ppp. The use of Facts devices in disturbed Power Systems-Modeling, Interface, and Case Study
qqq. A Novel Maximum Power Point Tracker for PV Panels Using Switching Frequency Modulation
rrr. Single Phase Power Factor Correction: A Survey
sss. Modified SVPWM Algorithm for Three Levels VSI With Synchronized and Symmetrical Waveforms
ttt. A Closed Loop Observer for Rotor Flux Estimation in Induction Machines
uuu. Fuzzy Logic Speed Control of a DC Motor
vvv. A New Topology for Unipolar Brushless DC Motor Drive with High Power Factor
www. The Discontinuous Conduction Mode Sepic and Cuk Power Factor Preregulators: Analysis and Design
xxx. Development of Low Cost Multi Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors with Unipolar Current Excitations
yyy. Direct Torque Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor Using Space Vector Modulation with Harmonics Elimination and Optimal Switching Sequence
zzz. Optimal Placement of Shunt Connected Facts Device in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line
aa. PSCAD/EMTDC Simulation of Unified Series-Shunt Compensator for Power Quality Improvement
bb. Effects of Power Oscillations Damping Controllers by UPFC Using Different Fault Conditions
cc. Transient Stability Improvement of SMIB With Unified Power Flow Controller
dd. Control of Grid-interfacing Inverters with Integrated Voltage Unbalance Correction
ee. Three-Leg VSC and a Transformer Based Three-Phase Four-Wire DSTATCOM for Distribution Systems
ff. Modeling of a DSTATCOM with Ultra Capacitor Energy Storage for Power Distribution System Applications
gg. Control strategies for distribution static compensator for power quality improvement
hh. Optimization of PI Coefficients in DSTATCOM Nonlinear Controller for Regulating DC Voltage using Genetic Algorithm
iiii. Operation and Control of Single Phase Micro Sources in a Utility Connected Grid
jj. Voltage Flicker Compensation using STATCOM
kk. A Novel Voltage-Boosting Converter with Passive Voltage Clamping
ll. Pulse Width Modulated Buck-Boost Five-Level Current Source Inverters
mm. Wound Rotor Induction Generator With Sensor less Control and Integrated Active Filter for Feeding Nonlinear Loads in a Stand-Alone Grid
nn. Optimum Control of Selective and Total Harmonic Distortion in Current and Voltage Under Non sinusoidal Conditions
oo. Filter based non-invasive control of chaos in Buck converter
pp. Voltage and Energy Utilization Enhancement in a Stand-alone WECS Using a Fuzzy Logic Controlled SPWM Converter Interface Scheme
qq. Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with PWM Control Method
rr. Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine wind Generation System
ss. Control of Three Phase, Four-Wire PWM Rectifier
tt. Switching losses and harmonic investigations in multilevel inverters
uu. Indirect Matrix Converter Based on Investigations of Field-oriented control for Induction Motor
vv. Two-stage Matrix Converter Used in Wind Power Generation System Application Research
ww. Development of a Grid “ Connected WIND/PV/BESS Hybrid Distributed Generation System
xx. Improvement of Voltage Stability and Reduce Power System Losses by Optimal GA based Allocation of Multi-type FACTS Devices
yy. Impacts of AC Generators and DSTATCOM Devices on the Dynamic Performance of Distribution Systems
zz. Digital Signal Controllers Improve Efficiency for Solar power Inverters
aaa. Matlab/Simulink Implementation for Reducing the Motor Derating and Torque Pulsation of Induction Motor using Matrix Converter
bbb. The Use of Matrix Converters in Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines
ccc. Simulink Implementation of Induction Machine Model “ A Modular Approach
ddd. Analysis of Different Schemes of Matrix Converter with Maximum Voltage Conversion Ratio
eee. Power Flow Control with UPFC in Power Transmission System
fff. Analysis of a zero voltage switching Cuk converter
ggg. Simulink model for economic analysis and environmental impact of a PV with diesel battery system for remote villages
hhh. Analysis and modeling of unified power flow controller: Modification of Newton Raphson algorithm and user defined modeling approach power flow studies
iiiii. Wind driven self excited induction generator with voltage and frequency regulated by a reduced rating voltage source inverter
jjj. A new fuzzy color correlated impulse noise reduction method
kkk. Minimization of torque ripple in SRM drives
lll. A unified three phase transformer model for distribution load flow calculations
mmm. Power flow control with UPFC in power transmission system
nnn. Experiment on Fractional Frequency Transmission System
ooo. A space Vector Modulation Scheme to Reduce Common Mode Voltage for Cascade Multilevel Inverters
ppp. Analysis, Design and Implementation of modified single phase inverter
qqq. Switching Frequency Imposition and Ripple Reduction in DTC Drives by Using Multilevel Converter
rrr. Simultaneous Phase Balancing at Substations and Switches with Time-Varying Load Patterns
sss. Consideration of Input Parameter Uncertainties in Load Flow Solution of Three-Phase Unbalanced Radial Distribution System
ttt. A Three-Phase Power Flow Method For Real-Time Distribution System Analysis
uuu. novel Method of Load Compensation under Unbalanced and Distorted Voltages
vvv. Development of Three-Phase Unbalanced Power Flow Using PV and PQ Models for Distributed Generation and Study of the Impact of DG Models
www. Position Control Design Project (PD Controller “ Root “Locus Design)
xxx. Application of Voltage- and Current- Controlled Voltage Source Inverters for Distributed Generation Systems
yyy. Multi-Input Inverter for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System
zzz. Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Based Damping Controllers for Damping Low Frequency Oscillations in a Power System
aa. Neural Network Based Predictive Control of a Heat exchanger Non Linear Process
bb. Analysis of the impact of Distributed Generation of Automatic Reclosing
cc. Unbalanced Three-Phase Distribution System Load-Flow Studies Including Induction Machines
dd. Power Flow Control in a Distribution System Through an Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generator
ee. A simple Circuit-Oriented model for predicting six-phase induction machine performances
ff. Optimization of Network Configuration in Large Distribution Systems Using Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm
gg. Load Balancing for Distributed and Integrated Power Systems using Grid Computing
hh. A New Approach to Compensation of Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines
iiiiii. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Hybrid Torque Control
jj. Improving the voltage dip immunity of converter-connected distributed generation units
kk. Electromagnetic Transients of a Micro-Turbine Based Distributed Generation System
ll. An Integrated Hybrid Power Supply for Distributed Generation applications Fed by Nonconventional Energy Sources
mm. An Energy adaptive MPPT power management for micro-power vibration energy harvesting
nn. Photovoltaic-Battery-Powered DC Bus System for Common Portable Electronic Devices
oo. A Fast and Accurate Maximum Power Point Tracker for PV Systems
pp. A Simplified Series-Parallel Structure for the Regulated Peak Power Tracking (RPPT) System
qq. Harmonic Mitigation in AC“DC Converters for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives
rr. A Matlab/Simulink Model Based on power system block set-A new Direct Torque Control Strategy for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drive System
ss. Fuzzy Logic Control of a Switched Reluctance Motor
tt. Direct Torque Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Pulse Width Modulation using Fuzzy Logic
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can you please avail me the informations about the project"study and analysis of micro grid".its detail work procedure,diagrams,equipments required will help me doing my final year please help me out.
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Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Variable Speed Induction Machine wind Generation System

can i have this project models
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can u pls provide me some information abt project of
"Matlab/PSB Based Modeling and Simulation of 25 KV AC Railway Traction System- A Particular Reference to Loading and Fault Condition"

pls mail me if u can..thanks
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Power flow control with UPFC in power transmission system

Post: #6
pls provide me the report regarding the topic "Optimal Placement of Shunt Connected Facts Device in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line"
Post: #7
e. Transient Fault Response of Grid Connected Wind Electric Generators

Post: #8
can you pl provide me the project details and procedure and equipments required for fuzzy logic based differential relay for power transformer protection
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can u pls post me abt wavelet and neural networks .i.e; how they dscriminate fault and inrush currents...
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pl give me information abt "Optimal Placement of Shunt Connected Facts Device in a Series Compensated Long Transmission Line" ..plRolleyes
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.pdf  EE423_ Fault_Analysis_Notes.pdf (Size: 402.97 KB / Downloads: 659)
Embedded Energy Meter

Power System Fault Analysis – Prof J Rohan Lucas
2.0 Introduction
The fault analysis of a power system is required in order to provide information for the
selection of switchgear, setting of relays and stability of system operation. A power
system is not static but changes during operation (switching on or off of generators and
transmission lines) and during planning (addition of generators and transmission lines).
Thus fault studies need to be routinely performed by utility engineers (such as in the CEB).
Faults usually occur in a power system due to either insulation failure, flashover, physical
damage or human error. These faults, may either be three phase in nature involving all
three phases in a symmetrical manner, or may be asymmetrical where usually only one or
two phases may be involved. Faults may also be caused by either short-circuits to earth or
between live conductors, or may be caused by broken conductors in one or more phases.
Sometimes simultaneous faults may occur involving both short-circuit and brokenconductor
faults (also known as open-circuit faults).
Balanced three phase faults may be analysed using an equivalent single phase circuit.
With asymmetrical three phase faults, the use of symmetrical components help to reduce
the complexity of the calculations as transmission lines and components are by and large
symmetrical, although the fault may be asymmetrical.
Fault analysis is usually carried out in per-unit quantities (similar to percentage quantities)
as they give solutions which are somewhat consistent over different voltage and power
ratings, and operate on values of the order of unity.
In the ensuing sections, we will derive expressions that may be used in computer
simulations by the utility engineers
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Can you please give me more informations and models on the following project

hh. Direct Power Control for three-phase PWM rectifier with active filtering function


Thank you.
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pl give me information abt "signature analysis of power system using matlab/simulink
Post: #14
To get more information about the topic " power system using matlab/simulink
" please refer the link below
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hi..i am a beginner ...pls help me with power systems...:huh

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