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.docx  PREPAID ENERGY METER USING GSM MOBILE.docx (Size: 32.12 KB / Downloads: 1742)

The short message system (SMS) of a standard mobile phone can be used for much more than just exchanging cryptic message. This application finds a humble mobile working for controlling external equipments. The SMS service provides by the service providers are comparatively low cost. Hence the system is highly efficient and low-cost.
Mobile phones have become a widespread means of communication. It becomes a part of everyday life with ever more people enjoying the service and extra freedom they provide. It works on the basis of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). A subscriber from any systems can access telecommunication services by using a Subscriber Identify Module (SIM) card in a handset suitable for the network on the visited system The Short Message Service allows text messages to be sent and received to and from mobile telephones. The text can comprise words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination. Because Simple person - to - person messaging is such an important component of total SMS traffic volumes, anything that simplifies message generation as well as extended utility of the SMS being sent is an important enabler of Short Message Service.
We will connect hardware kit i.e. GSM modem and microcontroller to the energy meter. The main aim of this project is whenever u r recharging with some amount say example Rs.100/- by doing SMS to the MODEM, the bulb gets automatically ON until your recharge gets zero. After getting your balance zero your device gets automatically switched OFF and you will get a message from the MODEM that you have to recharge your mobile and the process takes place continuously.
Block diagram:

Hardware Used:
AT command supporting GSM mobile phone.
89c51 Microcontroller
Max 232 IC.
DB9 Connector
GSM Phone

1. Keil u-Vision
Keil Software is used provide you with software development tools for 8051 based microcontrollers. With the Keil tools, you can generate embedded applications for virtually every 8051 derivative. The supported microcontrollers are listed in the µ-vision.
2. PRO51 Programmer Software
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.zip  source (Size: 6.14 KB / Downloads: 874)

Presented By:
Binu J

A scheme of Electricity billing system called PREPAID ENERGY METER WITH TARIFF INDICATOR can facilitate in improved cash flow management in energy utilities and can reduces problem associated with billing consumer living in isolated area and reduces deployment of manpower for taking meter readings. Every consumer can buy a memory card (is nothing but an EEPROM IC) with a password stored inside it using a MC program. The memory card is available at various ranges (ie. Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200 etc¦).In our project we have given the name for memory card as smart card. When the consumer insert a smart card into the card reader which is connected in prepaid energy meter with tariff indicatorkit.Then the card reader will read the stored information and delete the information from the EEPROM IC(smart card) using the MC program. So that the smart card cannot be reused by others. Suppose if a consumer buy a card for Rs.50/- he / she can insert this amount through the card reader so that prepaid energy meter with tariff indicator kit will be activated. According to the power consumption the amount will be reduced. When the amount is over, the relay will automatically shutdown the whole system. In our project we also have a provision to give an alarm sound to consumer before the whole amount is reduced.
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sir,i need full report of this topic.that report contains minimum 25 pages
sir this report is too short
sir,iwant more details
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sir,do you have more details about PREPAID ENERGY METER USING GSM MOBILE
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The low-cost energy meter project as published in May’05 issue of EFY, which made use of 8-digit, 7-segment displays in conjunction with two counter-cum display driver ICs MM74C926 and a 5V power supply, has been modified to display the KWH reading on an 8- digit LCD calculator in an identical manner, thereby doing away with a large number of components. The modified circuit diagram is shown here in Fig.1. Difficulty had been experienced regarding non-availability and high price of counter-cum-LED display driver IC MM74C926 (IC6 and IC7), which led us to present this alternate scheme. An 8-digit LCD calculator with character display height of 0.56" for good visibility has been used. Connection method. Output from collector (pin 5) and emitter (pin 4) of MCT2E optocoupler (IC3) is extended to ‘=’ terminals on the PCB inside the calculator. To make things easy for the customer, M/S Kits ‘N’ Spares will supply the calculators with the connection from the ‘=’ terminals brought out. Thus the customer has to simply connect the ‘red’ and ‘black’ leads from the calculator to collector pin 5 and emitter pin 4 of IC3 of Energy meter PCB. A 2-pin connector is used on the PCB for terminating output (100 pulses per KWH unit) from IC3 optocoupler. Note. Shorting links for J1 and J2 and J3 determine output frequency on CF pin of IC1. In this application, J1 and J2 select logic 1 (short pins 2 to3) and J3 selects logic 0 at pins 8, 9 and 10 respectively to get 100 pulses per KWH. An actual-size PCB layout for the circuit of Fig. 1 is shown in Fig.2, while its component layout is shown in Fig. 3. The fresh parts list using identical parts designation is given in the box. Activation procedure. The calculator has its own supply from a coin cell, which can last for a long period without replacement. Follow the simple steps given below for its activation: (a) Switch on the calculator. (b) Press decimal Key ‘.’, followed by entry of two zeros ‘00’. © Press plus key ‘+’ followed by entry of decimal, zero and one ‘.01’. The reading on calculator LCD screen shows ‘0.01’ Now you can switch on your energy meter and its load. On receiving the first pulse via optocoupler (IC3), the reading will continue to show 0.01. With each successive pulse the reading will increment by .01 to show ‘0.02’, ‘0.03’, ———‘.08’‘0.09’, ‘0.10’ and so on as was the case when original circuit/PCB was used. Hence the reading will be identical. Cost advantage. M/S Kits ‘N’ Spares have decided to pass on the cost advantage of Rs.500/-, as a result of use of this alternate method, to the customers. The redundant items, as mentioned above, will not be supplied by M/S Kits ‘N’ Spares with the kit, while calculator will be included as part of the kit.

For more information about this article,please follow the link:
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Hi! I saw your post on Prepay Energy meter using GSM SMS. I was interested in it and want to know if you have more info on implementing it.
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.pdf  Modified Low Cost Energy Meter.pdf (Size: 231.95 KB / Downloads: 541)

The low-cost energy meter project as published in May’05 issue of EFY, which made use of 8-digit, 7-segment displays in conjunction with two counter-cum display driver ICs MM74C926 and a 5V power supply, has been modified to display the KWH reading on an 8- digit LCD calculator in an identical manner, thereby doing away with a large number of components. The modified circuit diagram is shown here in Fig.1. Difficulty had been experienced regarding non-availability and high price of counter-cum-LED display driver IC MM74C926 (IC6 and IC7), which led us to present this alternate scheme. An 8-digit LCD calculator with character display height of 0.56" for good visibility has been used. Connection method. Output from collector (pin 5) and emitter (pin 4)
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Wher can i get d microcontroller program to be used in GSM - 8051 energymeter?[/size]
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sir pls give me the PCB layout of pre paid energy meter.
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.docx  PROJECT FILE.docx (Size: 3.4 MB / Downloads: 344)
The aim of this project is to design a prepaid energy meter to monitor the consumption of electricity in domestic needs. The standard business model of electricity retailing involves the electricity company billing the customer for the amount of energy used in the previous month or quarter. In some countries, if the retailer believes that the customer may not pay the bill for what ever reason a prepayment meter may be installed. This requires the customer to make advance payment before using the electricity. If the available credit is exhausted then the supply of electricity is automatically cut off by a relay.
Here analog energy meter is replaced by a digital energy meter. The digital energy meter used here is a high accuracy, low cost, single phase power meter based on the ADE7757.The meter is designed for use in single phase 2 wire distribution system. A relay is connected in between power lines and the load. The relay is controlled by the primary controller.
Microcontroller 89C51 acts as the primary controller. The primary controller collects information from digital energy meter as well as from the smart card. Smart gives information about the limitation of units. The digital energy meter reading is compared with the smart card information by the primary controller and hence suitably primary controller controls the relay.
1. I.C.’S:-
(A.) AT89S52:-
FIG. 03.I.C.AT89S52
The ISL8200MMREP is a simple and easy to use high power, current-sharing DC\DC power module for Datacom\Telecom\FPGA power hungry applications. All that is needed is the ISL8200MMREP, a few passive components and one VOUT setting resistor to have a complete 10A design ready for market.The ease of use virtually eliminates the design and manufacturing risks while dramatically improving time to market.Need more output current? Just simply parallel up to six ISL8200MMREP modules to scale up to a 60A solution.The simplicity of the ISL8200MMREP is in its Off The Shelf, unassisted implementation. Patented current sharing in multi-phase operation greatly reduces ripple currents, BOM cost andcomplexity.
The ISL8200MMREPs thermally enhanced, compact QFN package, operates at full load and over-temperature, without requiring forced air cooling. It's so thin it can even fit on the back side of the PCB. Easy access to all pins with few external components, reduces the PCB design to a component layer and a simple ground layer.
The AT89S52 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 8Kbytes of in-system programmable Flash memory. The device is manufactured usingAtmel’s high-density nonvolatile memory technology and is compatible with the industry-standard 80C51 instruction set and pinout. The on-chip Flash allows the programmemory to be reprogrammed in-system or by a conventional nonvolatile memory programmer.By combining a versatile 8-bit CPU with in-system programmable Flash ona monolithic chip, the Atmel AT89S52 is a powerful microcontroller which provides ahighly-flexible and cost-effective solution to many embedded control applications.The AT89S52 provides the following standard features: 8K bytes of Flash, 256 bytesof RAM, 32 I/O lines, Watchdog timer, two data pointers, three 16-bit timer/counters, asix-vector two-level interrupt architecture, a full duplex serial port, on-chip oscillator,and clock circuitry. In addition, the AT89S52 is designed with static logic for operationdown to zero frequency and supports two software selectable power saving modes.
The Idle Mode stops the CPU while allowing the RAM, timer/counters, serial port, andinterrupt system to continue functioning. The Power-down mode saves the RAM contentsbut freezes the oscillator, disabling all other chip functions until the next interruptor hardware reset.
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.doc  prepaid-energy-meter.doc (Size: 74 KB / Downloads: 175)
This project is based on VTU syllabus. The proposed system is based on ATMEL 89S52 µcontroller which is in our syllabus.
For doing this project we use some of the software like
 Embedded C for programming the application software to the microcontroller.
 Protel schematic software is used for designing the circuit diagram for this project.
 Express PCB software is used for designing the PCB for this project.
(Since PCB making is a big process and involves lot of machineries which are expensive, we are going to outsource this to the manufacturer.)
Every month we can see a person standing in front of our house from Electricity board or water Board whose duty is to read the energy meter/water meter and handover the bills (electric or water) to the owner of that house . This is nothing but meter reading. According to that reading we have to pay the bills. The main drawback of this system is that person has to go area by area and he has to read the meter of every house and handover the bills. The Electricity board and Water authority has to give privileges for these people to do their duty monthly. The thing is, Government will not appoint any particular persons for this duty. The people working in these boards will go on a particular day and do their duty leaving all their pending works. Due to this, their work will be delayed and this is great loss for government. To overcome this drawback we have come up with an idea and this idea will help the government and it will save the time of the employees working in these boards.
The aim of the project is to automate the prepaid billing of energy meter and water meter. In this project the front end is User friendly and the employees can work on this software with minimum knowledge of Computers. Employees can read the meter by sitting in the Office. For front end designing Java is used.
 Microcontroller : AT89C51
 Real Time Clock : DS1307
 EEPROM Memory : AT24C04 (4K)
 LCD : 2x16 characters
 Power Supply : 5v DC
 GSM modem : 900/1800 MHz
 Embedded
 KEIL m-vision
This project is useful for billing purpose in Electricity board and in water authority. Instead of going to every house & taking the readings, in this project by just sending an SMS we can receive the readings of the house and we can recharge the electric bill. This system uses Java Basics software, which is designed as the application platform to send or receive SMS using the Modem, then process and stores the data. Java software has two main functions 1) to interact with Modem and read the COM port 2) maintain the database.
In this project the micro controller & the GSM unit is interfaced with the Energy meter/water meter of each house. Every house has a separate number, which is given by the corresponding authority. The GSM unit is fixed in the energy meter/water meter.
The amount of consumption is stored in memory authority as SMS. Using this software we can send the SMS through Modem to that particular number which is assigned by these authorities and wait for the response. On other end the modem will receive the data in the form of a command and informs the controller to do the readings. After the readings the controller will send data to the modem. Modem, in turn sends data to the other end. In the office the GSM unit will receive the data and the Java software will calculate the total consumption. The number assigned by the authorities is Unique. Using GSM we can get the response very fast due to which time is saved. After completion of the pulse the power will cut again consumer wants to send an SMS for recharge.
This is due to reduce illegal power using with out paying the money.
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hi i want ckt. diagram of this project
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To get more information about the topic "PREPAID ENERGY METER USING GSM MOBILE " please refer the link below
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We are not able to download the source code.
Post: #15
hey it would be better if u provide the circuit diagram...!!!

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