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Rapid Prototyping ppt
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Rapid Prototyping

.ppt  RAPID PROTOTYPING.ppt (Size: 4.48 MB / Downloads: 478)


Rapid Prototyping (RP) techniques are methods that allow designers to produce physical prototypes quickly.

It consists of various manufacturing processes by which a solid physical model of part is made directly from 3D CAD model data without any special tooling.

The first commercial rapid prototyping process was brought on the market in 1987.

Nowadays, more than 30 different processes (not all commercialized) with high accuracy and a large choice of materials exist.

These processes are classified in different ways: by materials used, by energy used, by lighting of photopolymers, or by typical application range.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

A CAD technique to allow “Automatic” creation of a physical model or prototype from a 3-D model.
Create a 3-D “Photocopy” of a part.
Computer Real life

Why use Rapid Prototyping?

Decreases lead time
Facilitates concurrent engineering
Allows visualization of more ideas

The Rapid Prototyping Technique

In the Rapid Prototyping process the 3D CAD data is sliced into thin cross sectional planes by a computer.

The cross sections are sent from the computer to the rapid prototyping machine which build the part layer by layer.

The first layer geometry is defined by the shape of the first cross sectional plane generated by the computer.

It is bonded to a starting base and additional layers are bonded on the top of the first shaped according to their respective cross sectional planes.

This process is repeated until the prototype is complete.

.Layer by Layer Construction

The fourth step is the actual construction of the part.

RP machines build one layer at a time from polymers, paper, or powdered metal.

Most machines are fairly autonomous, needing little human intervention.

.Clean and Finish

The final step is post-processing. This involves removing the prototype from the machine and detaching any supports.

Some photosensitive materials need to be fully cured before use

Prototypes may also require minor cleaning and surface treatment.

Application Range

Parts used for functional tests
Manufacturing of medical models
Form –fit functions for assembly tests


Possibility of manufacturing parts which are impossible to be produced conventionally in a single process
Can be fully automized and no supervision is required.
High Resolution
No geometric limitations


Necessity to have a support structure
Require labor for post processing and cleaning.
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.ppt  Rapi prototyping.ppt (Size: 3.74 MB / Downloads: 150)

Fundamentals of Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping Technologies
Applications and Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping (RP)

A family of fabrication processes developed to make engineering prototypes in minimum lead time based on a CAD model of the item
Traditional method is machining
Can require significant lead-times – several weeks, depending on part complexity and difficulty in ordering materials
RP allows a part to be made in hours or days, given that a computer model of the part has been generated on a CAD system

Why is Rapid Prototyping Important

Product designers want to have a physical model of a new part or product design rather than just a computer model or line drawing
Creating a prototype is an integral step in design
A virtual prototype (a CAD model of the part) may not be sufficient for the designer to visualize the part adequately
Using RP to make the prototype, the designer can see and feel the part and assess its merits and shortcomings

Starting Materials in Material Addition RP

Liquid monomers that are cured layer by layer into solid polymers
Powders that are aggregated and bonded layer by layer
Solid sheets that are laminated to create the solid part

Additional Methods
In addition to starting material, the various material addition RP technologies use different methods of building and adding layers to create the solid part
There is a correlation between starting material and part building techniques
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Rapid Prototyping

.doc  History of Rapid Prototyping.doc (Size: 267.5 KB / Downloads: 56)

History of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is quite a recent invention. The first machine of rapid prototyping hit the markets in the late 1980s. The early rapid prototyping process derived its name from the activities and the purpose for which the earlier machines were utilized.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping refers to physical objects that are automatically constructed with the aid of additive manufacturing technology.
Rapid prototyping in its earlier days was applied to production of models and prototype parts. But nowadays with the advancement in technology, rapid prototyping is used widely for many applications that include manufacturing production-quality parts. The manufacturing of these quality parts however are very small in numbers. Apart from industrial applications, rapid prototyping is also used in sculpting. The application of rapid prototyping in sculpting is to generate fine arts exhibitions.
Rapid prototyping as mentioned earlier, involves the use of additive manufacturing technology which actually takes the virtual designs from computer aided design (CAD) or animation modeling software (AMS).

Working of Rapid Prototyping Machines

This STL file format enables the approximation of a shape of a part or the entire assembly using triangular facets. Smaller the facet, higher is the quality surface. One should consider the meaning of the word rapid as ‘relative’, as the construction process of a model with the contemporary methods can take up a long time which can be several hours to several days. It actually depends upon the complexity and size of the model. The method used over here also plays an important role. Sometimes the type of machine being used also influences the time taken for the creation of a new model though the additive systems are applied. Even here the size and the number of models to be created play an equally important role.
There are some other techniques that are used in the construction of parts. The technique used in solid free-form fabrication involves the use of two materials in the construction of parts. One of it is the building material of that part and the other is the support material. The use of support material is to provide support to the projecting features during construction.
In case of manufacturing polymer products in higher quantities, a process called traditional injection molding is more feasible in terms of cost, but when it comes to manufacturing parts in smaller volumes, the application of additive fabrication is recommended more and is cost effective.

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