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School Admission System full report.
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.doc  School Admission System.doc (Size: 268 KB / Downloads: 513)


‘Government Middle School Maharajganj’ is located at Gulzarbagh, Patna. The School is located here since 1985. In these 25 years this school becomes very famous in the educational field. The teachers of this school are well familiar with the students. They help the student at any point. There are some special features provided by this school like: -
 Big class rooms for educational point-of-view.
 For physical strength of student there is a playground.
 A big auditorium in which speech and debate held to make students frank.
 Education system is based on to make student’s well-cultured and worthy citizens.

Amongst some of the most reputed names in the School in Bihar, the name of ‘Government Middle School Maharajganj’ shines bright. It is one of the the oldest educational institute in india.As all colleges must have a library ,‘Government Middle School Maharajganj’ has also a well furnished school which play a major role in the overall study related activity. The ‘Government Middle School Maharajganj’ is well maintained admission and a large capacity student which is capable to accommodate almost student of all branches. Government Middle School Maharajganj is crowned to have a large number of Admission related to related to their branch. it provide a peace and calm environment for study as it is situated in the college campus which is on the side of river ganga .
This software is developed for ‘Government Middle School Maharajganj’ for handling works regarding “SCHOOL ADMISSION SYSTEM” only electronically. This system is made for work in place of existing system for better management with an electronic speed and accuracy par excellent. This System is being developed by PRASHANT KUMAR under the Guidance of Mr. SUNIL KUMAR (MCA.) for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelor in Computer

I have used VISUAL BASIC (6.0) for its user- friendly tools to develop interface and IDE. I have used it as front end to my project that would enable any user with meager or less knowledge to work efficiently on this software.
Oracle 8i has been used by me to maintain the database of this library that enables storage of information in a tabular manner. It also restricts unauthorized users to keep away from tampering of data. It also enables fast and accurate retrieval of data.

This software is developed for Government Middle School Maharajganj forehand students and staff’s related records electronically. This system is made for work in place of manual system for students and staffs related management with an electronic speed and accuracy. This System is being developed by me, under the Guidance of AMIT KUMAR (M.C.A) for the partial fulfilments of the requirement for the award of Bachelor in Computer Application.


This school – the socio industrial area which makes well cultured and worthy citizens. The ‘Government Middle School Maharajganj is doing a very important role in this field.
My job at this school is to develop an automated system for the organization is to develop the students. For this, the school maintains manual registers, such as
The main objectives / jobs of this project are as follows –
(1) To store the details of new & old students. (Entry of new/old admitted students records).
(2) To store the data of courses, total fee of courses, installment per month, duration of courses, etc.
(3) To show the report of defaulter students, admission fee defaulter students, dues of fees etc.
(4) To store the monthly fee of students and gives a slips for a student through printer.
(5) It generate the report of daily, weekly and monthly report.
(6) To search a students to show the report of enrolled in course, his/her details, fee details etc.
These entire tasks are maintained manually which leads to human error as well as a time consuming process, so there need a computerized system for performing these entire tasks with accuracy and good speed.


About Windows XP
Windows XP are easier to manage & configure because it is very user-friendly and is GUI based operating system. The Front-End-Tool Visual Basic as a GUI application and required the O.S, who gives the platform as GUI environment.
Business Value: The Windows XP goes through beyond providing the essential, such as File, Print and communication. It is engineered specifically to let companies reliably and economically use emerging technologies to improve business profitability and increase their agility in an ever-changing market place.
Flexible Integration: You can deploy new servers into your existing network one at a time, upgrade individual NT4.0 servers, upgrade top down through out your organization or any where in between. You can add Windows NT 4.0 Servers to your existing Windows XP, Novell Netware or Unix Based Environments as see immediate improvements in performance, reliability and manageability.

About Oracle 10g
Oracle 10g is an RDBMS package developed by Oracle Corporation. This RDBMS package can manage any type of data in a well designed manner. Oracle is structured query language (SQL), is the set of commands that all program and users must use to access data within the Oracle Database. Application program and Oracle tools often allow users to access the data base without directly using SQL, but, these application in turn must use SQL when Executing the users request. The following are some features of Oracle 8i, due to which we choose it as back end for this project:

[1] Platform Independent: - Oracle’s database is said to be platform independent, i.e., the database created on a machine can be access to any other machine.

[2] Client-Server Architecture: - It is good to store data on server and provide facilities to access data with restricted permission to the client. This feature can be easily deployed to Oracle’s database.
[3] Data Security features: - Oracle 10g database is a secure database. No one can view/edit data base without prior permission.

As we know that the worlds longest selling are the DBMS product. Oracle work groups or enterprise server account major percentage of RDBMS engine sold worldwide. The natural programming language of this product is SQL/PLSQL the creation of user defined function procedure database trigger and other specific database processing PLSQL for commercial application will always related to oracle related to oracle engine.
Oracle has introduced a large number of new features such as analysis queries, scalar sub-queries, joins, pivot insert statement and merger statement. Object oriented feature such as inheritance, Polymorphism, undo table space and various PLSQL packages. It continues to provide the most secure application development and deployment platform in the industry. Exception handling Oracle locating and user defined locking are fully supported. It also provides the key concept such as primary key, unique key and foreign key.
Oracle can run across different platforms. They can also transfer data from various hardware platforms without any conversions of programs. They thus satisfy the feature of having open architecture and distributed data management capability. This database have industry standard SQL & Report writer which are 4GL tools. This not only facilitates faster development, but also enhances professional productivity.
Oracle has a query optimizer. The main function of a query optimizer is to determine automatically the fastest method in which a database request can be handled.
As a result of this programmers and end users do no need any additional training to obtain good RDBMS performance. These databases have servers or data mangers, which minimize both memory and CPU resource utilization. This ensures high performance during transaction processing.

Oracle 10g
ORCALE is an acronym for
O - Oak
R - Ridge
A - Automatic
C - Computing
L - Logical
E - Engine

Oracle 10g Product and Utility
ORCALE is a kernel package that has a number of tools that can be purchased separately and integrated the kernel and “add-ons”. The tools allow the user to create database objects, like procedure, trigger function etc. some of tools are:
The ORCALE RDBMS is a central ORCALE product. It includes the database manager and several tools intended to assist the users and DBA in the maintenance and use of data. The core of RDBMS is the kernel.
The kernel handles the following task:
1. Manages storage and definition of data.
2. Controls and limits data access and concurring.
3. Allows backup and recovery of data
4. Interprets SQL and PL/SQL

About Visual Basic
Visual Basic has evolved from BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Code). Prof. - John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz of Dartmouth College as a language for writing simply programs developed BASIC in the mid-1960s. BASIC’s primary purpose was to held people how to program. The wide spread use of BASIC with various types of computer and led to many enhancement to the language. With the development of the Microsoft Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, the natural evolution of BASIC was Visual Basic. Microsoft Corporation created Visual Basic in 1991. Visual Basic greatly simplifies Windows Application development. Since 1991 six versions have been released. In year 1990s Visual Basic 1.0 version was released. Visual Basic 2.0 version was faster, more powerful and even easy to use than Visual Basic 1.0 version. Visual Basic 3.0 added simply way to control the most powerful database. Visual Basic 4.0 version being to turn Visual Basic into a fully object oriented language. Visual Basic 5.0 version added the ability to male our own controls. Visual Basic 6.0 version has added some long desired language features even more Internet power. Visual Basic is world’s most widely used Rapid Application Development Language.
Features of Visual Basic
The Visual Basic language facilitates a structured and disciplined approach to computer program design. Visual Basic is a GUI, therefore the programmer creates the GUI and writes code to describe what happens when the user interact with the GUI. A programmer can create application in Visual Basic with impressive representation. The important features of Visual Basic are summarized below:
[1] GUI based application: - Non-technical people can understand his/her application easily when it is graphically designed. All operations given therein for completing a job must be self-explanatory. Visual Basic allows creating a well designed GUI package for any type of real life problems.
[2] Rapid Application development (RAD) tool: - A programmer can build a real life application in a short period which may take much more time to develop in other Programming environment.
[3] Supports features of Object-Oriented technology: - Visual Basic Supports some features of Object oriented technology such Data hiding, Data encapsulation, Data abstraction… etc. which makes an application error free and easy to create.

[4] Connectivity from other data sources: - Visual Basic’s application can be connected to any other database created on other DBMS/RDBMS package such as ACCESS, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, EXCEL, FOXPRO, DB2, and PARADOX… etc.
[5] Makes standalone packages: - Visual Basic has facilities to make standalone package, i.e., the package which can run on any hardware platform with no or minor modifications.

The above features of Visual Basic make us to choose it as a front end for this project.


Government Middle School Maharajganj has well defined steps to take admission of new student, maintain the records of the student in a register and also takes monthly instalments and maintains the records in a register and gives a fee slip to the student. It is also facility for giving the reports of fee dues defaulters. It also gives the report of module test results.

The database is designed as per the requirement of project. To reduce redundancy of data the tables/relations are designed in such a way that they are linked with each other.

Due to the time limitation some of the features that could have been explored have not been used. The Project entitled “Student Admission System” will be able to give information of clinic to its users. But as any other application it has certain limitation. The user will not be able book through internet (online). Further there can be implementation of Enhanced database for handling advance features like online registration, Employee Management system, and complete school system. Categorization of the documents cannot be done. The Website hasn’t any search engine.

This main purpose is fulfilled with the help of this project. If the organization has any other requirement, it is also possible to add some extra requirement in this project.
1) We have assumed to maintain the Reg no, Address and dob
2) We have assume that user log into the package are categories various levels.
3) Currently this system is being developed on the system with Java as a front end and Oracle 10g as a back end.
4) This system will follow the rules and regulation of school

Minimum Hardware Requirement
1. Computer System: Pentium Based system with at least 2.4 GHz speed or Higher
2. RAM: At least 128 MB, It is recommended to have 256 MB of RAM for fast processing on data.
3. Hard Disk Space: At least 1 GB of free space, it is recommended to have 2 GB of free space for data storage.

Minimum Software Requirement
1. Operating System : Windows XP or Higher.
2. DATABASE Packages : Oracle 10g

This version will not work on a network system as this is developed for a single system because in the School there is only one computer available for handling those tasks. If, this software is to be implemented on a network based organization then some modification will be necessary.

Scope Of Future Application

This package is made for processing the data of Students available in any School for easy and error free handling of transactions. This software can easily be upgraded for processing all the works of Institute/Coaching/Schools/College .
The package “School Admission System” can be used in Institute/Coaching/Schools/College with some minor modifications. These modifications may be of both types – either hardware or software limitation or additional requirements made by the staff members of the Institute, college, school .
There is always room for further enhancement of this system in the following areas.
• Hierarchy modification / additional capabilities are inbuilt in the system.
• Dynamic screens according to requirement can be introduced any time.
• System is very flexible for further modification.
• With very little modification, it can be deployed for use in other Institute of education, School, College..

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pls send me your code for this school admission system because iam doing my project in dbms so it is useful for me pls send it within two days pls help me by sending ur project
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to get information about the topic " School Admission System " full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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[font=Times New Roman][/font]
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to get information about the topic"School Admission System" full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow
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wheres the vb code? Big Grin please share here. the link below is just a dupe of this page. thank you very much sir/ma'am.
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not useful Sad
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To get full information or details of School Admission System please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on School Admission System please reply in that page and ask specific fields in School Admission System

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