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Some Engineering Project List
Post: #1

A GPS map digitization program
Ac and Dc motor control system
Accident alertness in vehicles
Accident identification system
Accident identification with auto dialer
Adaptive differential pulse code modulation a (APCM)
Adaptive lighting system for automobiles
Addressable remote transmitter through a communication
Advance encryption standard using micro control
Advancer fm power line intercom
Advertising display using LED & LCD
Agricultural Plant watering systems
Air & fuel ratio control system for fumace
Air leakage detection based on pressure sensor
Air pollution monitor
Air velocity monitor
Air fuel ration control system for fumace
Altimeter & barometer
An I2C Network protocol for environmental monitoring
Analysis of slip power recovery scheme
Anesthesia control system for medical application
Anthena circuit design for RF ID Applications
Apartment multi channel fuse blown indicator & annunciation
Apartment security system
Artificial intelligent embedded line tracking follower robot
ATM card
Attendance recorder
Auto path finder robotic car
Auto stop motion and annunciate for knitting mills
Automated pump tester
Automatic traffic light system
Automatic bottle filing system
Automatic busfair system
Automatic car parking controller using RF
Automatic coil winding machine and controller
Automatic digital time switch
Automatic dim dipper programmable ON/OFF Timer controller
Automatic dim Dipper system
Automatic Door opening system
Automatic drainage system for industrial pipe lines
Automatic drilling system
Automatic dyeing machine
Automatic Electric billing system
Automatic fence controller
Automatic frequency counter
Automatic guided vehicle
Automatic humidity control for refrigerator
Automatic industrial operator
Automatic industrial drilling machine
Automatic irrigation system with wireless transmission
Automatic jogging, breaking, plugging for motors
Automatic lamination machine
Automatic load controller
Automatic packing machine
Automatic panel system
Automatic panels for 3 phase motors
Automatic pattern cutting m/c in garments
Automatic phase changer
Automatic phase changer with line voltage measurement
Automatic phase selector
Automatic pumping system for vehicles
Automatic railway gate controller system
Automatic room control system
Automatic shutter control system with intelligent
security system
Automatic solar tracking system
Automatic stator voltage control
Automatic street light on-off controller
Automatic ticketing machine
Automatic traffic light controller
Automatic washbasin
Automatic weighing bridge
Automatic wheel alignment robot
Automation system using smartcard by
implementing industry i2c bus
Automobile performance analyzer
Automobile tracking system
AVR for alternators
Bank card design
Bank locker security system with SMS mobile alert
Battery monitoring system
Blood dripping system
Body temperature scanning system
Boiler controller
Building automation system
Calendar day date time month year
Calibration of proximity sensor
Caller -id
Post: #2
Can interface printing system
Can boot loader for can microcontrollers
Cano meter
Capacitance meter
Car security system
Cell phone based motor speed controller
Centralized wireless monitoring in textile
Change maker
Closed loop control for servo stabilizer
Closed loop motor speed controller using cellular
Closed loop telephone operated motor control
Cloth cutting machine
Code lock for electrical devices
Coffee maker
Coil winding machine
College process automation with security system
using PIC & finger print sensor
Color detection using image processing
Color dyeing machine automation
Complete boiler guard
Computer controlled vehicle
Computerized hall ticket implementation
Smartcard via serial library
Controlling analog parameters
Conveyer controller
Conveyer sequential timer controller
Crack detection system
Credit card reader
Current loop modem communication from MC to
Current mode communication from MC to PC
Current mode communication between controllers
Current monitor and control
Data logger based on Rs-232 serial
Data logger with graphics display
DC motor control using H-bridge
DC motor speed controlled using remote
DC ibus RS-484 home network with maximum of
64 terminals
Decoding infrared remote control
Depth measurement based on LVDT
Desktop security system
Detection of illegal of wireless transmission
Detection of failed distribution transformer
Digital anemometer
Clock based on real time clock (RTC) IC
Code locking system
Countdown timer
Data sensor error accusation system
Data sensor error accusation and RF-433 MHz
wireless Data logging
Frequency meter
Digital IC tester
Digital odometer
Digital panel system
Digital storage tachometer
Taxi meter
Visitor counter
Weight analyzer for weight Bridge
Wind anemometer
Direct torque measurement
Dish antenna rotating
Dish antenna positioning system using telephone
Dish Positioned with frequency tracking
Dish positioned using wiper motor
Distributed control system
Distributed input for microcontroller
Distributed output system
Door security system
Drainage control system for process plant
Drill speed controller
DTMF generation using microcontroller
DTMF implementation of GSM mobile phone to
control electrical appliances
DTMF tone generator
DTMF implementation of mobile phone to control
security appliance
EB SIM card
ECG data acquisition through IR
Electrical power generation using foot step
Electricity theft identification
Electronic conductor
Electronic circuit breaker
Electronic gardener
Electronic voting machine
Embedded car dash board
Embedded intelligent security system
Embedded lift controller
Embedded microcontroller based boiler
temperature controller
Employee identification & security system and
Finger print sensor
Energy billing through main line
Energy meter (Digital)
Energy meter with prepaid card
Energy saver by using pressure controller
EPABX system
EPROM programmer
Fan speed controller based on temperature
Father touch variable power supply
Fax guard and multi event controller
Finger print recognition
Fir programmable timer for dying factory
Fire alarm system (6 channels)
Fire monitors using micro controller
Flow control system
Frequency monitor and controller with single
Phase preventer
Frequency monitor and control
Fuel gas detection robot in remote
Function generator with annunciate
Fuzzy logic based flow control
Fuzzy logic based heat exchanger with simulation
Generator auto OFF system with Oil change
Glass cutting machine
GPS Based automobile performance analyzer
GPS based train/bus/Aircraft collision avoidance
GPS based vehicle- tricking system
GPS based velocity and speed monitor
GPS Positioning system using 5 transmitters
Home automation system
GPS based failure identification system for
Intelligent vehicles
GPS based real time identification of tire road
Hack saw controller
Hardware lock
Heart beat monitor
High intelligent voting machine
High precision digital timer
High speed digital interruption counter
Home alarm system
Home appliance control through telephone
Home automation system
IR car detector for changing lanes
HV & LV drip through motor controller
I2c based High security data transmition
I2c based running message system
I2c based security code lock
I2c based sequential logic system
I2c based temperature recording system
I2c based weather station recorder
I2c based wind speed recorder
I2c EPROM programmers
I2c master - slave protocol implementation
IC tester
IC engine monitoring system
Implementation of I2c bus
Implementation of controller area network (CAN)
using Can controller
Implementation of I2c communication
Implementation of rs-232 protocol to communicate
mc & pc
Implementation boot loader firmware of ROM
Fewer microcontrollers
implementing debit cards
Implementating fir-IIR filter using microcontroller
Incubator maintenance system
Incubator Monitor & controller system
Induction motor speed monitoring & control using
PWM technique
Industrial boiler/fumace controller
industrial controllers
Industrial boiler/fumace controller
Industrial environmental monitoring system
Industrial fire alarm & message announcing
industrial high temperature monitor & fumaces
Industrial programmable timer
Industrial safety monitors system
Infrared USART for microcontroller
Input water sensing and overhead tank filling
Intelligent automotive ignition system
Intelligent conveyor flow monitor & controller
Intelligent conveyor flow monitor & controller with
robotic arms
Intelligent dish antenna positioning system
Intelligent electronic voting machine
Intelligent fire monitors & extinguish robot
Intelligent traffic light controller
Interfacing thermal sensor in microcontroller
Interrupt counters cum burglar alarm
IR adaptor for I2c bus
IR data analyzer
IR light dimmer
Irregular surface area measuring instrument
Irrigation control system
Irrigation control system with power line
communication system
Lab automation with real time clock interface
Laser security system with wireless transmission
Level sensor with 4-20mA O/P
Lift control system
lift control system with position indication
Light brightness control depends upon sunlight
Liquid level monitor
Load management using parallel operation of
Locker security system
Long distance communication for I2c EPROM
Long distance communication using IR
MUX meter
Machine control & fault recognition through
Mark announcement system using telephone
Maximum demand control
Message transfer system through telephone
Meter making system with Pc interface
Micro controller trainer kit
Micro file
Micro machined Accelero meter
Microchip development kit
Microchip TCP/IP stack
Micro computer based programmable individual
Phase current limiter for 3-phase electrical system
Microcontroller based digital auto mobile
Microcontroller based wireless data acquisition
Using USART and RS-232 Protocol
Microcontroller Communication through USART
Microcontroller controlled demand power meter
Microprocessor trainer system
Mileage meter
Mind switch
Mini data logger
Mini exchange with main intercom
Mini robot car
Mobile alarm system based on GSM & GPS
Mobile assets tracking device
Modern digital clock
Modern lift system
Modular IR remote control for industrial
Monitoring system for UPS
Motion recorder & playback
Motor direction sensing, speed measurement
Motor monitoring system
Motor monitoring system (V, I, F, TEMP, PF)
Post: #3
Motor overheat presenter
Motor position control for air flow flaps
Motor speed control through power line
Motor speed control using IR sensor
motor Sped monitor & controller interface
Motor speed reverse, jogging, braking & plugging
Moving message 16 character display
Moving message display
Multi channel call bell
Multi channel electrical appliances control system
Multi channel fire alarm
Multi channel programmable timer
Multi frequency (32Mhz-1Hz) generator
Multi function frequency counters
Multi voltage power supply
Multi-channel temperature monitor & controller
Multipurpose digital counter
Multi variable controller
Multi variable parameter interfacing with can bus
Multi-zone temperature monitoring
Networking based on IR
Noise & vibration system
Non-Gps outdoor tracking system
Object counter
Object detection using ultrasonic waves
Office automation system
Oil-tank level indicator
On-line measurement of spinning frame
On-line vehicle tracking using GPS& GSM
On-line weighing balance
On-load tap-change for power transformer
Optical pyrometer
Organization security system
Over Speed preventer for vehicles
Paint spraying robot
Paper counting system
Patient treatment monitoring system
Stepper motor controller
RF-434MHz wireless robot
Printer communication through power line
PC to mobile m2 bus communication
PC to PC communication through LASER/IR
Person roaming detector
Personal ecology widget
Personal safety and tracking through GPS
Petrol cards
PH measurement and control system
Pigment adding system using image processing
Plate cutting machine
PLC based motor protection system
Portable recording system for monitoring vehicle
Position control system
Power booster for IC engine
Power factor monitor and control
Power monitoring system for motors
Power room monitor with data logger
Precise yam thickness measurement
Precision temperature sensing using RTD
Pre-paid cable card system
Pre-paid card for call taxi
pre-paid card for telephone
Pressure controller and monitor
Pressure transmitter
Pressure measurement and monitoring system
Priority for emergency vehicles in traffic signals
Private pager networks
Production counter
Production event monitor and controller
Programmable automatic street light controller
Programmable college timer
Programmable digital clock
Programmable hopper controller
Programmable logic controller (PLC)
Programmable multichannel water level controller
Programmable number lock
Programmable on-off timer for industries
Programmable outgoing bearing system for
Programmable quiz master
Programmable sine wave generator
Programmable single phase motor over load
Prevent or
Programmable wire feeder for welding robots
Protocol converter
Pulse rate monitoring system
Quality control system
Radiometric sensor using microcontroller
Railway helpline display
Range detection system using ultrasonic range
detection module & pic
Refrigeration using remote modern interface
Remote control using GSM
Remote cable disconnection system
Remote control for home appliance
Remote control for using modern
Remote control using radio
Remote controller motor operation
Remote data logging using current loop modems
Remote dish positioning system
Remote motor starter (star-delta)
Remote motor, plugging, forwarding jogging
Remote mouse controller automation
Remote rpm data logger
Remote security system
Respiration monitor
RF signal generator
RF wireless multi channel electrical appliances
controls system
RF-434MHz data linking between wireless
Microcomputer messaging system
RF-434MHz data linking between wireless
microcomputer messaging system
Robot operated through voice
Room temperature monitor & A/C controller
RS 485 extender
Satellite tracking system
Scroll board coasting system
Scrolling message display
Secured data acquisition system
Security code locking system
Security recording station system
Security door man
Security recording station Cards
Security system for remote Access using
Telephone line
Security system using smart card
Security system with auto dialer and remote
Sensor less control for brush less dc monitor
Sequential control system for conveyor system
Servo motor speed control using IR remote
servo motor speed controller with feedback
Shutter control system with intelligent security
Signal plotter based on graphic led
shine wave generator
single phase preventer with low voltage cutoff
Single Supply temperature monitoring using
single supply temperature monitoring using
Smart card
Smart card based application
Smart card security system using i2c devices
Smart card with i2c EPROM
Smart networking
Smoke detector
Sms alerting system using mobile phone for bank
security system
Sms based on - off control
Sms controlled home appliances
Sms controlled load
Sms through lad line
Soft starter with over load tripping
Soil moisture controller
Solar panel tracking system
Solar tracking and data logger
Solar tacking system
Sound level meter
Space spectrum modulation
Speech security
Speed control for dc shunt motor
Speed control of motor through Sms
Speed control system for three phase induction
Static war compensation
Stepper motor controlled by remote control
Stepper motor control
Stepper motor speed controlled through telephone
Street light on/off controller
Student mark announcement through telephone
Student result announcement system through
telephone line
Sugar bag counter
Surface level monitor instrument
Synchronization of EB power supply & generator
Tele monitoring patient through internet
Telephone account recorder
Telephone answering machine
Telephone call meter
Telephone call meter witty call over alarm
Telephone controlled electrical appliances
Telephone interface security system
Telephone line monitor
Telephone operated machine
Telephone operated motor control
Telephone operated remote robot
Telephone operated temperature control system
with remote control
Telephone switching
Temperature & speed control system
Temperature control with mains transmission
Temperature controller using PIC
Temperature data logger
Temperature monitor and control
Temperature monitoring and recording device
Temperature monitoring using watch dog timer
Tension control system
Theft alarm
Thermometer monitor & announciator
Three phase induction motor recording device
Three phase motor control using remote/tale
Thumb recognition system
Tilt measurement using micro control
Token display for bank with speech
Token number system display
Traffic light priority control for emergency vehicles
Traffic controls system
Traffic priority for ambulance
Transformer protection system
Transistor leads identifier cum tester
Transmission sensor for remote car starter
True rms voltage & current measurement with lcd
Tsr based multi channel motor speed monitor
Tyre Pressure monitoring system
Ultrasonic alarm for visually Impaired
Ultrasonic distance meter
Ultrasonic level monitor
Ultrasonic vibration detector
Universal flash micro controller programmer
Universal function generator
Universal timer
UPS monitoring system
UPS security Key
V/F Control for motor
Vacuum cleaner
Vector control of ac induction motor
Vehicle location system
Vehicle speed storage system
Vehicle speed, temperature, total distance
and fair monitoring system
Vehicle tracking system
Vehicle speed indicator
Vibration sensing system
Video signal transmitter
Voice changer
Voice Coding and Decoding
Voice dialer for phone
Voice operated home appliance control system
Voice operated motor controller
Voice operated motor controller and speed
Voice operated robot
Voice operated temperature controller
Voice recording system
Voltage-current, speed monitor through power line
Voltage monitor and control
Wall thickness measuring system for pipes &
Water level controller
Weather monitoring
Weather reporter
Weighing balance
Weighing balance system
Weighing machine system
Weight & height measurement with printer facility
White cane with ultrasonic sensor for distance
White card reader detector
wind mill control system
Wireless communication from PC to UC
Wireless communication from PC to PC
Wire position sensor encoder and distance
Wireless dish antenna tracking system
Wireless door control system
Wireless energy transmitter
Wireless home automation using PIC
Wireless home security system
Wireless keypad
Wireless lift controller
Wireless modem
Wireless motor speed controller using FM
Wireless printer by using Laser beams
Wireless security system with two transmitters
Wireless smart card
Wireless voting machine
Wireless water level controller
Yam lee strength measurement
Yam thickness measurement system

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