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to get information about the topic Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography full report ppt and related topic refer the link bellow

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can u send me the coding for visual cryptography schemes for secret images
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(12-10-2010 03:21 PM)projectsofme Wrote:  
Visual Cryptography


Today, the world is on the anvil of being shrunk into a global net. All the systems around the world are to be used in the epoch of a nanosecond even when installed across continents and oceans. This is possible only through networks. It is in this context that networks become crucial to the viability of science and engineering research. The unprecedented growth of networking has helped in breaking all geographic barriers of the world and building the information super highway and global village.

In this direction a new technology has developed in the past few years which makes it possible to interconnect many disparate networks and make them work as a co-coordinated unit. Thus the technology is designed to foster the communication between 2 machines with hardware architectures, to accommodate and use any packet switched network hardware and to accommodate multiple operating systems.

It is in this context that Visual Cryptography has gained importance for communications between disparate networks.

System Analysis is first stage according to System Development Life Cycle model. This System Analysis is a process that starts with the analyst.

Analysis is a detailed study of the various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside the system. One aspect of analysis is defining the boundaries of the system and determining whether or not a candidate should consider other related systems. During analysis, data is collected from the available files, decision points, and transactions handled by the present system.

Logical system models and tools are used in analysis. Training, experience, and common sense are required for collection of the information needed to do the analysis.
Existing System

The present system is having different networks for each department. Where in the files has to be manually transferred. which is not a good way of practice of file transfer, for that we have given this proposed system. Where the file transfer is done through the networks.
Problem Statement

A computer network is a communication system for connecting end system, in order to send messages or files. From one to another. So to achieve proper communication the network should be a dedicated one. the interconnection i.e. physical connections should be proper.
Whenever a new network is added it should not disturb the existing network. Similarly when a network is deleted communication should be carried on properly
The network should be reachable with a high reliability and should provide consistent routing and should be able to provide solution for the routing problem.
Proposed System

Visual cryptography (VC) is a method of encrypting a secret image into shares such that stacking a sufficient number of shares reveals the secret image. Shares are usually presented in transparencies. Each participant holds a transparency. Most of the previous research work on VC focuses on improving two parameters: pixel expansion and contrast. In this paper, we studied the cheating problem in VC and extended VC. We considered the attacks of malicious adversaries who may deviate from the scheme in any way. We presented three cheating methods and applied them on attacking existent VC or extended VC schemes. We improved one cheat-preventing scheme. We proposed a generic method that converts a VCS to another VCS that has the property of cheating prevention. The overhead of the conversion is near optimal in both contrast degression and pixel expansion.

The requirement phase basically consists of three activities:
1. Requirement Analysis
2. Requirement Specification
3. Requirement Validation

Requirement Analysis:
Requirement Analysis is a software engineering task that bridges the gap between system level software allocation and software design. It provides the system engineer to specify software function and performance, indicate software’s interface with the other system elements and establish constraints that software must meet.
The basic aim of this stage is to obtain a clear picture of the needs and requirements of the end-user and also the organization. Analysis involves interaction between the clients and the analysis. Usually analysts research a problem from any questions asked and reading existing documents. The analysts have to uncover the real needs of the user even if they don’t know them clearly. During analysis it is essential that a complete and consistent set of specifications emerge for the system. Here it is essential to resolve the contradictions that could emerge from information got from various parties.
This is essential to ensure that the final specifications are consistent.

It may be divided into 5 areas of effort.
1. Problem recognition
2. Evaluation and synthesis
3. Modeling
4. Specification
5. Review

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