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Page name : Railway accident avoidance tracking system , Posted by: Viswesh Railway accident avoidance, railway accidents in india, accident, romney hythe and dymchurch railway accident,
this is Viswesh.
I need some important key-types to undergo a mini-project on the topic TO AVOID RAILWAY ACCIDENTS based on INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING!
Can an..................

Page name : railway signalling , Posted by: sairam_m414 railway signaling and communications, railway signalling jobs in bangalorerailway signalling companies in india, railway signalling system, railway signalling equipment,
hello sir,
I'm going to work on a new project of railway signalling.I dont know anything about it.So I request you to send a detail project report about this topic.I would be very thankful to you if you provide this..................

Page name : embedded based railway collision detector with computer interface , Posted by: rajdeepbora999 detector, embedded, national railway, railways jobs,
I have to make a project about embedded based railway collision detector with computer interface but dont know how to start . i want some idea about it . can u please help .

Page name : reduction of railway accidents , Posted by: BLESSON T MATHEWS railway accident statistics, railway accident monitoring system, british railway accidents, rail accident,
sir i need a complete ppt and ideas and presentation on avoiding railway accidents..................

Page name : railway ticket reservation using vbnet , Posted by: santha priya vbnet, railway, railway tickets online, reservation,
i have to do project now. please help me...................

Page name : microcontroller based automatic railway gate control , Posted by: rockingyashwanth automatic railway gate control project, railway gate control system, railway gate control, automatic railway gate controller system,
I need a clear explanation of microcontroller based automatic railway gate i am presenting this studying engineering....................

Page name : Automatic Railway Gate Control and Track Switching full report , Posted by: project topics automatic railway gate control, automatic railway gate control track switching, Automatic Railway Gate , automatic railway gate controlling system,

Present project is designed using 8051 microcontroller to avoid railway accidents happening at unattended railway gates, if implemented in spirit. This project utilizes two powerful IR transmitters and two receivers; one pair of transmitter and receiver is fixed at ..................

Page name : Automatic Railway Gate Controller using FM Communications full report , Posted by: project topics automatic railway gate controller system, automatic railway gate control track switching, automatic railway gate control, automatic railway gate control track switching,
This project is mainly based on the radio wave communication. The radio wave communication can be done either by A.M or F.M. The more desirable way of communication is F.M. because F.M is less susceptible to outside interference and noise (e.g., thunderstorms, nearby machinery) than is A...................

Page name : Railway Track Breakage Alert System , Posted by: mynenisoundarya railway track material, modern railway track, railway signalling equipment, signalling in railways,

I am final year student of ECE Department. I am willing to do project on above titled so please send me the information you have....................

Page name : automatic railway signalling , Posted by: bhanu mahesh model railway semaphore signalsrailway signalling systems, railway signals, railway, railway crossing signals,
please send any abstract, conclusion, future scope for above project..................

Page name : Railway project , Posted by: kidevu haramain railway project, gcc railway project, saudi railway project, railway projects,
i was intersted in doing this project and i was wondering if you can give me some details about it like schematics and program code and other project details

Page name : Improved Railway Ticketing , Posted by: seminar topics Improved Railway Ticketing ppt, railway ticketing agents, railway ticketing, railway ticketing booking,
Title of the project :Improved Railway Ticketing
Looking for an online solution to provide travelers with all facilities on internet. It will provide the following facilities on one site:
* Information regarding trains
* Seat Availability
* Online Reservation/ Cancellation
* ..................

Page name : mini-projects on railway-track busy indicator , Posted by: Viswesh miniprojects, wooden railway trackrailway track, hornby railway track, modern railway track,
hi I'm Viswesh!
i need some idea to do project based on that to prevent rail-road accidents, it must indicate that in that rail-track already a train is running very nearer to the opposing train, so that it will cause accident!
this project will prevent direct clash of 2 trains & it will prev..................

Page name : RAILWAY RESERVAION , Posted by: project report helper railway reservation agent, railway reservation and seat availability, railway reservation agents in delhi, railway reservation availability status,



Request for availability - use case specifications

1.1 Brief Description

The main purpose of using this use case is to know details of particular trains available or not .Along with reservation ..................

Page name : RAILWAY TICKET SYSTEM , Posted by: computer science technology railway ticket booking agents pune, railway ticket booking sites, northern railway ticket enquiry, indian railway ticket extension,

The objective of RTS Project is to design software to fully automate
the process of issuing a railway ticket.
That is:-
1. To create a database of the trains
2. To accept the user information and issue PNR (Passenger Name

Page name : power generation using railway track , Posted by: mcm railway track cost, railway track cross section, railway track bolts, railway track contractors,
hi ,
can u provide me with the information regarding
power generation using railway track
thank uu..................

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