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Page name : AUTOMATIC SWITCHING OF MOBILE PHONE PROFILE BASED ON CURRENT SPEED OF THE VECHILE , Posted by: shiv11113 mobile phone cases, mobile phone banking, mobile phone barcode, mobile phone carriers,
Hi i need some details regarding this topic can anyone help me with the details.....................

Page name : HTTP Web Server , Posted by: nit_cal web server design, web server administration, web server administrator, web server dmz,
This software is an implementation of HTTP Web Server. It works just like an Apache Web Server. has implemented it in Java. It can accept many number of HTTP requests at the same time and parse each of the HTTP request. From the parsed request it will get the requested _le from the server..................

Page name : WEB MINING , Posted by: seminar projects crazy web mining example, web mining based on genetic algorithm, web mining bdf, web mining book download,
The purpose of Web mining is to develop methods and systems for discovering models of objects and processes on the World Wide Web and for web-based systems that show adaptive performance. Web Mining integrates three parent areas: Data Mining (we use this term here also for the closely related areas ..................

Page name : An Agent based Autonomous Web Crawler for a High Performance Network Grid Computing E , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy web crawler framework, web crawler flash, web crawler firefox, web crawler downloader,
Recent surveys have shown the WWW is still remaining undiscovered by Search Engines and through Human Intervention. This is primarily due to the lack of Infrastructure and cost factor of such hardware which required to carrying out such processes. My endeavour in finding a solution to this will be f..................

Page name : MOBILE PHONE BASED ATTENDANCE TRACKING SYSTEM , Posted by: seminarsonly mobile phone barcode, mobile phone carrier lookup, mobile phone booster, mobile phone browse,

In existing system, professor takes the attendance manually and records the details of absentees or presenters. Using this records professor stores the student’s attendance in each day in the attendance list and calculates the attendanc..................

Page name : WEB 20 A SEMINAR REPORT , Posted by: Computer Science Clay web 20 backgrounds, web 20 badges, web 20 for kids, web 20 for education,
WEB 2.0
Submitted by
in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree
AUGUST 2008Page 2


Page name : Google car , Posted by: rpraveen88 google street view, Google, google automated car, google street car,
Please give me a seminar report and ppt about google's self driving car....................

Page name : Web Mail Filter , Posted by: projectsofme web mail bakerhughes, yahoo web mail beta, web mail dot, web mail itesm,

Web Mail Filter for mails is an efficient and popular communication medium. Like every powerful medium it is prone to be misused. One such case of misuse is the posting of unsolicited ema..................

Page name : A KNOWLEDGE BASED SYSTEM FOR WEB-SEARCH , Posted by: nit_cal my web search games, web search advertising, web search germany, web search games,


Page name : Multilingual Web Search , Posted by: computer science crazy web search advertising, web search ask, web search activities, web search anonymous,

Today Internet has large information contained within it. Different countries connected to Internet may have information pages in their native languages or any widely used language like English. So when users in any particular country want to search on a particula..................

Page name : CELL PHONE VIRUSES AND SECURITY , Posted by: Computer Science Clay cell phone antenna booster review, cell phone addiction, cell phone blocker, cell phone accessories,

As cell phones become a part and parcel of our life so do the threats imposed to them is also on the increase. Like the internet, today even the cell phones are going online with the technologies like the edge, GPRS etc. ..................

Page name : Web 30 , Posted by: computer science crazy web 30 blog, web 30 history, web 30 best practices, is web 30 here,
Web 3.0 is a term used to describe the future of the World Wide Web. Following the introduction of the phrase Web 2.0 as a description of the recent evolution of the Web, many technologists, journalists, and industry leaders have used the term Web 3.0 to hypothesize about a future wave of Internet..................

Page name : web 30 , Posted by: abhijna web 30 gartner, web 30 graphic design, web 30 concepts, web 30 explained,
plz send more info on web 3.0.....................

Page name : web 30 , Posted by: abhijna web 30 explained, web 30 graphic design, web 30 conference, web 30 graphics,
i want more information regarding the architecture and practical applications of web 3.0....................

Page name : Google Wave , Posted by: sharat_2020 google wave and google buzz, google wave dies, google wave android app, google wave download,
I want to have information about GOOGLE WAVE...................

Page name : Webphone , Posted by: computer science crazy web phone download, webphone cdr, web phone dialer, web phone directory,
Real time transmission of voice over the Internet also known as Internet Telephony is sure to take a big leap into the modern world of technologies. Web phone lets two users to talk over the Internet for only the cost of connecting to a local server instead of calling over regular phone lines and pa..................

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