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"in vehicle communications and assistance systems"

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Page name : Automated Robotic Vehicle for Effective Locomotion and Effective Patient Monitoring , Posted by: ajukrishnan Automated, robotic vehicle companies, Robotic Vehicle, robotic vehicle contest,

Asthra is an automated robotic vehicle for the disabled patients using embedded systems as its prime running technology. It is primarily dedicated to work at the hospitals. Healthcare is a core area which needs improvement from its present status. The early hours of medical treatm..................

Page name : Re-entry of Space Vehicle , Posted by: computer science crazy space vehicle dynamics and control, space vehicle construction, Vehicle, Space,

The successful exploration of space requires a system that will reliably transport payload such as personnel and instrumental etc. into space and return them back to earth without subjecting them an uncomfortable or hazardous environment. In other words, the spacecraft and its payloads..................

Page name : Online Vehicle Hiring System , Posted by: seminar surveyer tds on vehicle hiring, vehicle hiring sri lanka, vehicle hiring tenders in india, Vehicle Hiring,
Vehicle Hiring System


The Vehicle Hiring System is being developed for customers so that they can book their vehicles from any part of the world. This application takes information from the customers through filling their details. A customer being registered in the websi..................

Page name : electric hybrid vehicle , Posted by: SUNITACHANDRA luxury hybrid vehicle from lexus, hybrid vehicle fuel economy, hybrid vehicle firefighting, hybrid vehi,
please send the report of the topic electric hybrid vehicle..................

Page name : THE NRL MITE AIR VEHICLE , Posted by: projectsofme air vehicle planning system, VEHICLE, personal air vehicle fly, international micro air vehicle competition,

Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) offer the promise of affordably expendable, covert sensor platforms for a range of close-in situational awareness activities. Since 1996, the US Naval..................

Page name : artificial vehicle locator , Posted by: cn31789 vehicle locator jobs, dodge vehicle locator in texas, vehicle locator houston texas, new vehi,

Page name : micro air vehicle full report , Posted by: project report tiger full, micro air vehicle army, vehicle, micro air vehicle pdf,



Have you ever thought of a class of air vehicles which are less than 15 cms in size (most prominent linear dimension), can hover for two to three ho..................

Page name : Hydrogen Vehicle , Posted by: computer science crazy hydrogen vehicle conversion, hydrogen vehicle engines, Hydrogen Vehicle, hydrogen vehicle benefits,
A hydrogen vehicle
A hydrogen vehicle is an automobile which uses hydrogen as its primary source of power for locomotion. These cars generally use the hydrogen in one of two methods: combustion or fuel-cell conversion. In combustion, the hydrogen is burned in engines in fundamentally the same me..................

Page name : In-Vehicle Networking , Posted by: project topics in vehicle infotainment systems, universal infotainment systems corp, in vehicle technology, infotainment systems have taken,
In-vehicle networking, also known as multiplexing, is a method for transferring data among distributed electronic modules via a serial data bus. Without serial networking, inter-module communication requires dedicated, point-to-point wiring resulting in bulky, expensive, complex, and difficult to in..................

Page name : Optical Communications in Space , Posted by: computer science crazy Optical, optical communications engineering sdn bhd, Communications, optical communications by keiser,
Optical Communications in Space

In summer 1977, ESA placed the first technological study contract in the domain of intersatellite optical links. Now, twenty years later, a major milestone has been reached with the SILEX laser terminals having been flight tested for integration with their host spa..................

Page name : Vehicle Insurance System , Posted by: mechanical wiki System, vehicle insurance australia, Insurance, vehicle insurance companies,
Vehicle insurance is a major task now. This project is on Vehicle insurance system in dotnet language
The project link is given below and if you like leave a comment


Page name : Free Space Laser Communications , Posted by: Computer Science Clay Space, laser communications bandwidth, Free, overview of the mars laser communications demonstration project,
Free Space Laser Communications

Lasers have been considered for space communications since their realization in 1960. However, it was soon recognized that, although the laser had potential for the transfer of data at extremely high rates, specific advan..................

Page name : Embedded Vehicle , Posted by: seminar surveyer embedded vehicle computers, vehicle auctions, embedded systems ppt, embedded c tutorial,
Presented by:

What is an Embedded System?
Examples of Embedded System.

What is an Embedded vehicle?
Autonomous Car..................

Page name : Integrating Enterprise Communications into Google Wave , Posted by: projectsofme communications credit union, communications concepts, communications and power industries,
This article is presented by:
C. Mohit, Xiaotao Wu, Venkatesh Krishnaswamy
Avaya Labs Research, 233 Mt. Airy Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, USA


Google Wave is a new tool developed by Google for ..................

Page name : Free Space Laser Communications , Posted by: computer science crazy communications center, communications family therapy, communications field, communications concepts,
Lasers have been considered for space communications since their realization in 1960. However, it was soon recognized that, although the laser had potential for the transfer of data at extremely high rates, specific advancements were needed in component performance and systems engineerin..................

Page name : Aeronautical Communication , Posted by: computer science crazy communications capital group, communications family therapy, communications concepts, communications firms nyc,
The demand for making air traveling more 'pleasant, secure and productive for passengers is one of the winning factors for airlines and aircraft industry. Current trends are towards high data rate communication services, in particular Internet applications. In an aeronautical scenario gl..................

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