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Page name : Analogy based Software Cost Estimation , Posted by: project topics project cost estimation, cost estimation, software project cost, cost estimation techniques,
Analogy based Software Cost Estimation (Java)
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Vol. 32, No. 2, February 2006

Cost estimation is a vital task in most important software project decisions such as resource allocation and bidding. Analogy-based cost estimation is particu..................

Page name : Performance analysis of channel estimation and adaptive equalization in slow fading , Posted by: project topics Performance, fading, equalization, adaptive,

Performance analysis of channel estimation and adaptive equalization in slow fading channelPresented By:
Zhifeng Chen, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida
In our project, we fir..................

Page name : MIMO-OFDM-BASED AIR INTERFACE full report , Posted by: computer science topics mimo ppt, mimo technology pdf, multiple input and multiple output, ofdm technology,




Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing is a popular method for high-d..................

Page name : RESOURCE ALLOCATION IN OFDMA WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS SUPPORTING MULTIMEDIA SE , Posted by: electronics seminars ofdma access, ofdma acronym, ofdma and ofdm, ofdm history,

We design a resource allocation algorithm for down-link of orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) systems supporting real-time (RT) and best-effort (BE) services simultaneously ..................

Page name : mitigating selective forwarding attacks with a channel aware approach in WMNs , Posted by: angeltvm live tv channels, WMNs, tv channels, channel 7,
i am attaching my base paper ,please help me to find ppt&project report on this topic..................

Page name : Frequency Variation of Adaptive MIMO OFDM , Posted by: seminar surveyer Frequency, mimo ofdm system, power line frequency variation, power frequency variations,

In this paper we consider the variation of eigenvalues and eigenvalue sums across the frequency bins of a MIMO OFDM system. In particular, we consider the changes in the ordered eigenvalues and the eigenvalue sum or link gain, between two distinct frequency bins. The size of such..................

Page name : Project Estimation using Function Point Analysis Approach , Posted by: project report tiger Estimation, project estimation template, project estimation sheet, project estimation interview questions,

Project Estimation using Function Point Analysis Approach
Function Point Analysis (FPA) is a sizing measure of clear business significance. First made public by Allan Albrecht of IBM in 1979, the FPA technique quantifies the functions contained within software in terms that are m..................

Page name : OFDM for Mobile Data Communication , Posted by: preeti21 ofdm tutorial, ofdm wiki, advantages of ofdm, OFDM,
give me aproject report on the above topic..................

Page name : MIMO Wireless Channels Capacity and Performance Prediction , Posted by: aditi.patil wireless channel congestion, wireless channel capacity, wireless channel belkin, wireless channel country,

Seminar details on the topic:
MIMO Wireless Channels: Capacity and Performance Prediction
please send the information with necessary diagrams n figures..................

Page name : Studies on DWT-OFDM and FFT-OFDM Systems , Posted by: seminar surveyer a performance analysis of ofdm systems in excessively dispersive multipath channels, ber sensitivity of ofdm systems to carrier, cross layer optimization of ofdm systems for 4g wireless communications, ofdm systems for wireless communications,
Prepared by:
Khaizuran Abdullah
Zahir M. Hussain


Comparative studies on DWT-OFDM and FFTOFDM systems are presented. The model for DWT-OFDM includes zero-padding and vector transpose for transmitting the OFDM signal. MATLAB simulation commands are also desc..................

Page name : Channel Tracking in Wireless OFDM Systems full report , Posted by: seminar topics Channel Tracking in Wireless OFDM Systems ppt, what is channel tracking, channel tracking, weather channel tracking hurricane earl,
In the presented paper, the principle of frequency domain channel estimation for wireless OFDM systems will be shown. A well known noise reduction technique will be adapted to HIPERLAN/2 and IEEE802.11a standards, and its positive effects will be demonstrated by simulation resul..................

Page name : channel estimation , Posted by: vaasu1533 on channel estimation in ofdm systems, ofdm channel estimation, blind channel estimation, channel estimation,
hey i want a project on channel estimation....................

Page name : OFDM on Mobile Data Communication , Posted by: shibin.sree ofdm blind channel estimation, multiband ofdm alliance, ofdm basics, OFDM,

OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a modulation and multiple access technique that has been explored for over 20 years. Only recently has it been finding its way into commercial communications systems. OFDM, or multitone modulation, is presently used in a number of comm..................

Page name : High Speed OFDM Packet Access , Posted by: Computer Science Clay ofdm definition, ofdm and multipath, ofdm advantages, ofdm disadvantages,
High Speed OFDM Packet Access

High Speed OFDM Packet Access (HSOPA) also called as super 3G can be said as the successor of HSDPA and HSUPA technologies specified in 3GPP releases 5 and 6. This expected fraction of 3GPP s Long Term Evolution (LTE) upgra..................

Page name : WIDEBAND OFDM , Posted by: computer science crazy ofdm csiro, ofdm channel estimation, ofdm cck, ofdm and mimo,
Orthogonal frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is multicarrier transmission technique. OFDM is a communication technique that divides the communication channel into a number of equally spaced frequency bands. A sub carriers a portion of the users information in each band. Each sub carriers is ort..................

Page name : ofdm , Posted by: varunknp ofdm and mimo, ofdm and mc cdma, ofdm chip, ofdm concepts,
need ppt on ofdm..................

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