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Page name : QUIZ GAME , Posted by: smart paper boy quiz games free online, impossible quiz game, QUIZ GAME, quiz games,

General Introduction
This 'QUIZ GAME' Project is designed for a question in which you can generate and manage a simple database for questions. The question number is automatically generated by the software and is stored in a binary file by the name 'QUESTION'. This data b..................

Page name : Sudoku game , Posted by: seminar class download sudoku game, free printable sudoku games, online sudoku game, Sudoku game,
Submitted by : -
Vaibhav Kumar Tripathi

C was one of the first general-purpose high-level programming languages to gain almost universal use, and today you can program in C on almost any platform and machine. It was created by Dennis Ritchie in 19..................

Page name : Expo Management System , Posted by: project topics expo management alexandria va, expo management group, expo management buenos aires, expo management brasil,
With the increasing growth in the number of industries and the competitive run for the trophy of perfection and profit, these industries round the globe are in the lookout for a roof to exhibit their products in the most convenient ,profitable and successful means. Chambers of Commerce and Industri..................

Page name : infrared electronic shooting game , Posted by: Zak_8 ir game, the game infrared, wild west shooting game, west shooting games,
Need project report and data sheets on infrared electronic shooting game
Pls help...................


Abstract of the project
This project is aimed at developing a Multiplayer Snakes and Ladders Game, which can be played over LAN. This game has been built using Java which is platform independent and applet based hence lightweight.

Page name : JAVA 2D GAME , Posted by: smart paper boy open source 2d game engine, open source game engine 2d, open source 2d game engines, platform game programming,

This is a java based game .
it is a gui application using graphics 2D...................

Page name : Super Market Management System SMMS , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy supermarket management game for mac, supermarket management for mac, supermarket management free download, supermarket management game,
Title: Super Market Management System (SMMS)

Technology used: Visual Basic & Oracle


 Title of the Project
 Introduction
 Objective
 Tools and Platform (VB, Oracle)

Page name : Snake - GAME , Posted by: seminar presentation Snake GAME, snake game download, Snake GAME ppt, snake game in java,
The snake game is simple game.In this game the snake is eating some foods and get its size larger in step by step and getting some score.

Problem Definition:

This is small game .In this if the player has to change the direction of the snake for getting food for ..................

Page name : Game Playing in Artificial Intelligence , Posted by: iitbuji Game, game playing ai, game playing in artificial intelligence ppt, history of game playing in artificial intelligence,

Game theory has history from the birth of the Artificial Intelligence. Most of the games in AI are two players, zero sum games. Game trees are used to represent the game. Minimax tree is the representation of game configuration possibilities along with the utility..................

Page name : Introduction to Game Theory , Posted by: computer science crazy game theory basics, game theory games, game the, game theory graduate program,

Game theory is a distinct and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human behavior. Game theoretic concepts apply whenever the actions of several agents are interdependent. The concepts of game theory provide a language to formulate, structure, analyze and understand strategic..................

Page name : Development Analysis of a 3D Game Engine Using Object Oriented Software Engineering , Posted by: nit_cal 3d game android, 3d game animation for dummies, 3d game board, 3d game creato,

Real-time rendering is one of the most dynamic areas in computer graphics. Three dimensional computer games are in other way the most profitable commercial application of real-time rendering (and Computer Graphics as a whole). With every generation of 3D accelerators we ..................

Page name : Prison Information System , Posted by: seminar presentation Information, prison information group, federal prison information, Prison Information System,

Prison Information System can maintain the all details about the Prison. It covers the core functions of a prison performed by the Remission Section of the prison. It is useful for both performing the day-to-day routine jobs as well as for providing appropriate information for ..................

Page name : Game , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy game boy, game boy micro, game exchange, game elements,
Bricks ball game is a game which is arranged in the form of bricks and a circular ball. The ball is being controlled by a player. The ball is colliding with a paddle which is on the bottom of the screen and is being controlled by keyboard or mouse. On collision with paddle the ball bounces in the up..................

Page name : Tic toe game , Posted by: project topics psp game download, perfect game baseball, game birds, game guides,

Project Report


Submitted by “ ABHAI KUMAR
( 2001101)
Project Guide “Prof. H. Bindu
Professor IIIT-Allahabad
This is to certify that ABHAI KUMAR (2001101) of Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad had taken an..................

Page name : Development of a Prison management system , Posted by: computer science crazy prison management structure, prison management system srs, prison management system using java, prison management software,
Development of a Prison management system

This project is aimed at developing a prison management system that is a collection of registers and reports for the effective management of prisons. This system should contain the modules li..................

Page name : ManagePrison , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy prison dogs, prison articles, prison break season 2, prison alternatives,

prison management system

This project is aimed at developing a prison management system that is a collection of registers and reports for the effective management of prison. Besides this poli..................

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