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Page name : microprocessor based ELCB , Posted by: snakeye104 load breaker, microprocessor, microcontrollers and microprocessors, 8086 micro processor,
hi guys,
i am an electronic student, at my last year degree.
iam looking for some one to help me to design a microprocessor baced Earth leakage curcuit breaker (ELCB) with solid state relay that will work as a reclouser of the ciurcuit if the fault isnt real.
can any one help me on this?..................

Page name : dc motor starter using mosfet , Posted by: mikitha brushless dc motor, mosfet, dc motor surplus, dc motor starter using mosfet,
i wanna complete documentation of dis project
need a quick reply..!

Page name : Gear Shop , Posted by: project report helper gear shop az, o2 gear shop discount coupon, gear shop alienware, basco gear shop briggs,

Gear Shop
Gear Shop

Introduction :
In gear shop the components which have gear like appearance are manufactured . A number of operation are done on these components

1. P.T.O Differential
2. B.P. left 13 teeth
3. I.C. 15/21
4. Gear 35/17
5. ..................

Page name : Warehouse Executer , Posted by: project report helper warehouse express cameras, warehouse equipment, target warehouse employment, surplus warehouse building supplies,

Warehouse Executer

Presented By
B.Narayana reddy
Roll No: 07881f0022


The aim of the project is to create and manage a warehouse for an organization. It is involved in the process of storage and discharging of an item from cargo spaces..................

Page name : STEPPER MOTOR DIRECTION CONTROL , Posted by: ANANYA RASTOGI stepper motor basics, nema 34 stepper motorstepper motor tutorial, unipolar stepper motor, STEPPER MOTOR DIRECTION CONTROL,
i want to make my final year project on the application of the above topic and i ll be highly greatful to you if you could provide me some practical low cost hardware or matlab based step by step information for doing the same...................

Page name : WAREHOUSE EXECUTER , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy warehouse demo services, warehouse bbq farmington mo, warehouse builder, warehouse bar and grill a,

The aim of the project is to create and manage a warehouse for an organization. It is involved in the process of storage and discharging of an item from cargo spaces or warehouses. ..................

Page name : Supplier Products , Posted by: Computer Science Clay products by howmedica, products business, party supplier products, products america,
Supplier Products application is intended to display the list of products supplied by a supplier. On page load the form is displayed with a Dropdown list which contains Supplier ID in ascending order. By selecting a supplier the application retrieves the related products supplied by the supplier in ..................

Page name : DESIGNING OF SHAFTS , Posted by: seminar surveyer golf shafts direct, shafts definition, DESIGNING, shafts and keys,

Prepared By;
Vivek Hayaran
Prahalad Yadav
Aniket Kumar

The shafts may be designed on the basis of -


Cases of designing of shafts, on the basis of Strength
(a) Shafts subjected to Twisting Moment only.
(b) Shaft..................

Page name : 4-Wheel Independent Suspension , Posted by: aswith independent suspension camper trailer, independent suspension inventor, independent suspension components, independent suspension in automobile cars,
please send me th details..................

Page name : 4 wheel drive , Posted by: shauryeshwar 4 wheel drive buggy, 4 wheel drive bicycle, 4 wheel drive buggies, 4 wheel drive actuator,
please i want seminar material with diagrams on this topic completely explaining the mechanism involved...................

Page name : running gear , Posted by: [email protected] running gear cheap, running gear boston, running gear blog, running gear boat,
send mi this seminor on my acc
[email protected]

Page name : Traction-system-Traction-drives , Posted by: [email protected] traction system and physics, traction system acura, enhanced traction system cavalier, Traction system Traction drives,
Please give me some project idea on traction system or traction drives . also if possible project details

Than you

plz send me on

Page name : Conversion of Surplus Picric AcidExplosive D to Higher Value Products , Posted by: seminar flower Picric, Surplus, Conversion, AcidExplosive,
Conversion of Surplus Picric Acid/Explosive D to Higher Value Products


The global demilitarization of nuclear and conventional munitions is producing millions of pounds of surplus energetic
materials. Historically, en..................

Page name : design modification in manipulator for application in heavy axles , Posted by: subine modification, axles, design, manipulator,
In this section, various factors are studied such as human comfort, area availability, type of machine, distance between manipulator and machine required, placement of the manipulator and compressor and accordingly suggest the modifications. Modified Design Once the existing design is analyzed and v..................

Page name : Manufacturing Of Axles , Posted by: mkaasees Axles, Manufacturing Of Axles, Manufacturing,
TYPES OF AXLES 1. Rear Axles 2. Spindles 3. Spindle Shafts. SUPPLY TO COMPANIES : 1. Tafe massey 2. Sonalika 3. Mohindra 4. Tata 5. John deere 6. Ford 7. Maruti MANUFACTURING PROCESS 1. Primary process 2. Machining Process 3. Surface Finishing and Clean HEAT TREATMENT PROCESS 1. Annealing 2. Full an..................

Page name : FOUR-WHEEL STEERING 4WS , Posted by: seminar projects crazy 4ws alignment tool, 4ws computer, FOUR WHEEL, 1 10 rock crawler 4wd 4ws electric rc truck rockslide,
The front wheel steering system of conventional vehicle fails to keep the vehicle stable at high speeds and prove futile for heavy vehicles like tracks and trailers, especially in tight space. But if the rear wheels too could be steered, manoeuvrability of the vehicle will be enhanced. This results ..................

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