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Page name : Text Editor , Posted by: akram44 advanced text editor, download text editor, Editor, best text editor,
i had done a mini project on text editor and
i need an source code about how to highlight
the syntax in any programming languages

It has been developed using java programming language and i need to add the addition featureslike
1.Displaying the line numbers
2.Enabling password to the file..................

Page name : speech to text conversion , Posted by: snehav speech to text conversion, speech to text conversion pdf, speech to text conversion in net, free speech to text conversion software,
i am a btech 3rd yr student,completed 6 7th semester i have to conduct a seminar which is part of our curriculam.i want more information on the topic speech to text conversion including the abstract,seminar report and presentation...................

Page name : BIRCH An Efficient Data Clustering Method For Very Large Data bases , Posted by: project topics birch reduction, birch algorithm, data clustering ppt, data clustering techniques,

This paper presents a data clustering method named BIRCH(Balanced Iterative Reducing and Clustering using Hierarchies), and demonstrate that these especially suitable for very large data bases . BIRCH icrementally and dynamically clusters incoming multy dimensional metric data point..................

Page name : Secure Clustering in DSN with Key Predistribution and WCDS , Posted by: seminar topics Secure, clustering around an average, with, WCDS,

This paper proposes an efficient approach of secure clustering in distributed sensor networks. The clusters or groups in the network are formed based on offline rank assignment and predistribution of secret keys. Our approach uses the concept of weakly connected dominating set (WCDS) to ..................

Page name : Text Mining , Posted by: project topics Text, text data mining, text mining software, Mining,
Text Mining

The explosion of on-line information has given rise to many query based search engines and manually constructed topic hierarchies. But with the current growth rate in the amount of information, query results grow incomprehensibly large and manual classification in topic hierarc..................

Page name : TEXT EDITOR IN JAVA , Posted by: seminar class java text editor, text editor in java source code, TEXT, java swing text editor,


The project is based on “Text Editor”. This project is carried out at Netmax Technologies. This software firm deals in developing software for its clients.
Text Editor: - A text editor is a type of program used for editing plain tex..................

Page name : Locating and Recognizing Text inWWWImages , Posted by: project report helper recognizing text pattern, recognizing text structures, recognizing text features, recognizing text structure in reading,

Locating and Recognizing Text inWWWImages

Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Inc., 600 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA
Summus Ltd., Suite 2200, 2000 Center Point Drive, Co..................

Page name : Text Summarization system , Posted by: seminar presentation text summarization and singular value decomposition, automatic text summarization by paragraph extraction, Text Summarization pdf, text summarization code,
The Internet has come to be of much use primarily because of the
support given by Information Retrieval (IR) tools. However with
the exponential growth of the information on the Internet, a second
level of abstraction of information from the results of the first
round of IR becomes necessary. Th..................

Page name : TEXT MINING APPLICATIONS , Posted by: project topics text mining algorithms, text mining application programming ebook, text mining pdf, text mining information extraction,

This paper presents on TEXT MINING APPLICATIONS.A general definition includes all types of text processing that deals with finding ,organizing and analyzing information.A more formal definition restricts text mining to mean the creation of new information that is not obvious in a co..................

Page name : data clustering and its applications , Posted by: k.nsudeepthi data clustering and partitioning in dbms, data clustering and classification, data clustering definition, expression profile data clustering and analysis,
please show me a power point presentation of the topic Data Clustering and its Applications..................

Page name : SPEECH TO TEXT CONVERSION , Posted by: 447446 speech to text arabic, speech to text android 21, speech to text app for android, speech to text google,
I WANT INFORMATION ABOUT speech to text conversion, electronic nose, an ATM with an eye. please post urgent..................

Page name : Text Searching , Posted by: Electrical Fan Text, text searching algorithm, text searching highlight, text searching algorithms,
The Internet is increasingly a vast information resource. Information is frequently stored in large text files. The project is to study methods for finding text items satisfying user specified criteria, usually in the form of keywords or logical combinations of keywords. The most important part of t..................

Page name : Graphical Text Editor , Posted by: nit_cal text editor blackberry, text editor ed, text editor encoding, text editor buttons,

Graphical Text Editor..................

Page name : project on text editor , Posted by: raju.vishwanath text editor for windows, text editor cygwin, text editor column edit, text editor for myspace,
i want a detailed description about the project on text editor. please provide me and help me. thank you...................

Page name : Text Clustering with Seeds Affinity Propagation , Posted by: jp16586 with, text mining clustering, text cluster, Affinity,
Check out the attachment..................

Page name : Frequent Term-Based Text Clustering , Posted by: project report maker frequent term based text clustering, text clustering techniques, text clustering java, text clustering tools,


Text clustering methods can be used to structure large sets of text or hypertext documents. The well-known methods of text clustering, however, do not really address the special problems of text clustering: very high dimensionality of the data, very large siz..................

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