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Page name : Samba Fileserver , Posted by: computer science crazy file server backup best practices, file server backup, file server functions, file server best practices,
A Samba is a suite of UNIX applications that speak the SMB (Server Message Block) Protocol . Many operating systems, including Windows and OS/2, use SMB to perform Client- server networking. By supporting this protocol, Samba allows UNIX Servers to get in on the action, communicating with the same..................

Page name : Antivirus Solutions , Posted by: presentation Abstract Antivirus Solutions, Antivirus, Solutions,
Virus attacks and intrusion attempts have been causing lots of troubles and serious damages to almost all the computer users. Ever the day, one starts using a computer, virus infection becomes an issue of concern. One is always left in a frightened situation, worried about the security of crucial da..................

A computer virus is a coded program that is written in Assembly or a system programming language such as ‘C’ to deliberately gain entry into a host system and modify existing programs and/or perform a series of action, without user consent. In the mid-eighties, so legend has it, the Amjad bro..................

Page name : Virus And Antivirus , Posted by: computer science crazy Virus And Antivirus, Antivirus, Virus,
The goal of this kind of analyze would be to mainly understand the current thinking in addition to awareness that affect buyer considering pertaining to the net in addition to pc virus threats. Computer system Security Computer software can be a finished personal computer safety answer which include..................

Page name : ppt on Antivirus , Posted by: project girl ppt on Antivirus, Antivirus,

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a small program written to alter the way a computer operates, without the permission or knowledge of the user. With an ability to replicate itself, thus continuing to spr..................

Page name : Mobile hacking software , Posted by: smart paper boy windows mobile bluetooth software, software, wireless programs download, Mobile,

Mobile hacking software
The Jargon File, a compendium of hacker slang, defines hacker as A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and stretching their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum..................

Page name : hou to download , Posted by: [email protected] free video downloaddownload antivirus free, youtube music download, free video download, music download sites,
howto download the project information ,related ckts,solution..................

Page name : portable application for pendrive , Posted by: prashantdhage88 pen drive brands, pen drive bootable, pendrive akció, pendrive background,
hello sir,

m studying in 3rd yr of B.C.A. & i have taken seminar subject.
my seminar topic is Portable Application For Pendrive but i cannot found project on that topic
so please help me for just making documentation.. i got already 10 page information , but my college r..................

Page name : Spyware , Posted by: dharam super spyware, spyware protection 2010, system tool spywarespyware antivirus, spyware removers,
full report..................

Page name : firewall full report , Posted by: project report tiger firewall appliance reviews, firewall blocker, firewall bypass, firewall access,

by: Submitted by:
We presented the design and implementation of the FIREWALL that features high scalability, a variety of scanning methods, easy deploymen..................

Page name : spyware , Posted by: sanith spywareblaster 44, spyware blaster download, spyware bytes, spyware blocker,
hi ..................

Page name : Firewalls , Posted by: Computer Science Clay firewalls for home, firewalls for linux, firewalls compatible with windows 7, firewalls and antivirus,

The Firewalls and Internet Security seminar defines three basic types of firewalls: packet filters, circuit level gateways, and application gateways. Of course there are also hybrid firewalls, which can be combinations of all three. Packet fil..................

Page name : Commwarrior mobile antivirus , Posted by: projectsofme Commwarrior mobile antivirus, Commwarrior, commwarrior mobile virus, commwarrior removal tool,
Commwarrior mobile antivirus

Commwarrior-A is the first known mobile phone virus capable of replicating via MMS messages, which captured the world's attention in March 2005. The virus..................

Page name : Sandboxing for Antivirus Solutions full report , Posted by: project topics sandboxing javascript, sandboxing technique, Solutions, Sandboxing for Antivirus Solutions,
Virus attacks and intrusion attempts have been causing lots of troubles and serious damages to almost all the computer users. Ever the day, one starts using a computer, virus infection becomes an issue of concern. One is always left in a frightened situation, worried about the security of ..................

Page name : Anti Virus Engine , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy antivirus engine for ifo returned, comodo antivirus engine is not initialized, spyware doctor antivirus engine not installed, antivirus engine for spyware doctor,

As the networks are growing larger, so is the amount of viruses that hit the loophole. A relatively new unknown virus is said to cause some damage before being identified and prevented by existing Antivirus Engines since conventional approach is a reactive solution. The need of the hour ..................

Page name : Cloud antivirus , Posted by: smart paper boy windows xp antivirus, win 7 antivirus, xp antivirus, windows antivirus software,

Cloud antivirus
Introduction about antivirus
About cloud antivirus
Panda cloud antivirus performance
Fixes cleared by this antivirus
Comparision of panda cloud and DR.curlet antivirus
Introduction about antivirus
Antivirus or anti-virus software is used to preve..................

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