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Page name : Transportation Services , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy transportation broker training, transportation department, transportation clip art, transportation business,

Title of the project: Transportation Services


Computerized System is the system, which manages all aspects of this materialistic time in an efficient manner. It has become an integral part of human being in this modern and competitive era. Without computerization it ..................

Page name : Multicast Routing with Delay and Delay Variation Constraints for Collaborative Applic , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy Multicast Routing, ibm collaborative application lifecycle management seminar, collaborative application product developed, collaborative application markup language,
Multicast Routing with Delay and Delay Variation Constraints for Collaborative Applications on Overlay Networks

Maximum variation in the delays from a source to the destinations. The time-complexity of our Algorithm is O (|E| +nk log (|E|/n) +m2 k), where n and |E| are the nu..................

Page name : PLATONIS - A Validation Platform for Protocols and Services , Posted by: seminar projects crazy validation by kurt kuenne, validation and verification, validation block attributes, validation by educational experience,
Advance in network technology leads to the design of new protocols and services. In order to assure successful communication among those new products, testing and validation activities for conformance and interoperability play an important role in the development and deployment of them. In this lect..................

Page name : Artificial Intelligence Substation Control , Posted by: Computer Science Clay artificial intelligence by elaine rich, artificial intelligence books, artificial intelligence berkeley, Substation Control,
Artificial Intelligence Substation Control

Controlling a substation by a fuzzy controller speeds up response time diminishes up the possibility of risks normally related to human operations. The automation of electric substation is an area under constan..................

Page name : Face Recognition using the Techniques Base on Principal Component Analysis PCA , Posted by: computer science crazy face recognition algorithm open source, face recognition algorithm, face recognition android, face recognition a literature survey,
During several past few years, Face Recognition has become more significant. Although, other identification methods such as Fingerprints or Iris recognition are currently in use, face recognition has its own application. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) has been variously used in pattern recogniti..................

Page name : Teleportation , Posted by: computer science crazy morning teleportation band, teleportation data, teleportation definition, unstable teleportation bioshock 2,
Teleportation is the name given by the science fiction writers to the feat of making an object or person disintegrate in one place while the exact replica appears somewhere else. How this is accomplished is usually not explained in detail, but the general idea seems to be that the original object is..................

Page name : Nano Technology , Posted by: computer science crazy nano technology danger, nanotechnology biology, nanotechnology devices, nano technology discussions,
It is any technology, which exploits phenomena, and structures that can only occur at the nanometer scale, which is the scale of several atoms and small molecules. Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers, where unique phenome..................

Page name : Ultracapacitors , Posted by: presentation Abstract Ultracapacitors,
General Electric engineers experimenting with devices using porous carbon electrodes first observed the EDLC effect in 1957. They believed that the energy was stored in the carbon pores and the device exhibited exceptionally high capacitance, although the mechanism was unknown at that time. Gen..................

Page name : ultra capacitors , Posted by: amit chauhan ultra capacitor battery, super capacitors, ultra, ultra capacitor,

I amit chauhan, i wanna paper and ppt presentation on ultra capacitors and sensors in medical science for my college seminar.please send me within one email id is [email protected]

Page name : ULTRACAPACITORS , Posted by: seminar projects crazy ULTRACAPACITORS,
The electrochemical ultracapacitor is an emerging technology that promises to play an important role in meeting the demands of electronic devices and systems both now and in the future. This newly available technology of ultracapacitors is making it easier for engineers to balance their use of both ..................

Page name : simultation of breakthrough curves for dry desulphurisation of flue gas in a packed b , Posted by: subine simultation of breakthrough curves for dry desulphurisation of flue gas in a packed b, breakthrough, simultation, flue,
simultation of breakthrough curves for dry desulphurisation of flue gas in a packed bed reactor..................

Please provide me with more details on the subject..................

Page name : Ultracapacitors for Renewable Energy Storage , Posted by: mkaasees Ultracapacitors for Renewable Energy Storage, Storage, Ultracapacitors, Energy,


‣ Supercapacitor
‣ Electrochemical Capacitor
‣ Double Layer Capacitor
‣ Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor

What is an Ultracapacitor?

Energy Storage Device
‣ 10 - 100 Times the Power
of Batteries
‣ 10..................

Page name : An Introduction to Artifical Life , Posted by: computer science crazy Artifical, Artifical Life, artificial life forum, artificial life benefits,
Artifical Life also known as alife or a-life, is the study of life through the use of human-made analogs of living systems. Computer scientist Christopher Langton coined the term in the late 1980s when he held the first 'International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems' (ot..................

Page name : Ultracapacitors , Posted by: seminar projects crazy ultracapacitors breakthrough, ultracapacitors batteries, ultracapacitors and solar pv systems, ultracapacitors bank,
Electrical energy storage is required in many applications ? telecommunication devices,such as cell phones and pagers, stand-by power systems, and electric hybrid vehicles. The specifications for the various energy storage devices are given in terms of energy stored (Who) .and maximum power as well ..................

Page name : ultra capacitors , Posted by: computer science crazy ultra capacitors and wind energy, ultracapacitors buy, ultracapacitors india, ultracapacitors for sale,
Ultra capacitors & Super Capacitors store electricity by physically separating positive and negative charges?unlike batteries which do so chemically. The charge they hold is like the static electricity that can build up on a balloon, but is much greater thanks to the extremely high surface area of t..................

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