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Page name : Collusive Piracy Prevention in P2P Content Delivery Networks , Posted by: project report tiger p2p guardian mac, p2p file sharing for mac, p2p global security, Ne,
Collusive piracy is the main source of intellectual property violations within the boundary of a P2P network. Paid clients (colluders) may illegally share copyrighted content files with unpaid clients (pirates). Such online piracy has hindered the use of open P2P networks for commercial content deli..................

Page name : MPEG seminar report , Posted by: computer science crazy mpeg dash, mpeg decoder, mpeg codec for mac, mpeg converter for mac free,

MPEG is a famous four letter word which stands for the moving pictures Experts Group.
To the real world, MPEG is a generic means of compactly representing digital video and audio signals for consumer distribution. The..................

Page name : Firewire IEEE , Posted by: computer science crazy firewire bus, firewire boards, firewire for macbook pro, firewire for mac,

The article discusses about the IEEE 1394 networking standards also called as Firewire. Firewire was designed to link the personal computers, digital cameras, televisions, DVD players, printers and other electronic equipments. Another competing technology for Firewire called the unive..................

Page name : Web based Mail Client , Posted by: mechanical engineering crazy exchange mail client android, iphone mail client app, mail client for gmail,
Project Name: Web based Mail Client
Web based Mail Client is a full-featured email client based on the Java mail framework. It is designed to combat spamming, and it works with POP3 and IMAP mail servers.

One of the earliest Webmail services was Hotmail. Other ver..................

Page name : OS securityPolarisVirus safe computing , Posted by: computer science crazy os security audit, os security fundamentals, mac os security features, palm os security features,
Hey folks,
Here is a very raw/under developed seminar on the topic of operating systems.
This seminar is a based on a paper which i'll try to attach with this, You guys can absorb a very basic idea with these slides to research more. Although this project is very old and perhaps it has been droppe..................

Page name : Online address book with up-to date information , Posted by: pkeagomang address book gmail, date, what is plaxo address book, mac address book gmail,
i am interested on this topic, can someone send its details, my email address is [email protected]

Page name : X Internet , Posted by: NithinShetty x internet doc, droid x internet browser, X Internet, os x internet connection,
I need to give a seminar this month on Xinternet, it would be helpful if i get a complete report of the same....................

Page name : Bewip , Posted by: seminar projects crazy softphone for iphone, softphone echo cancellation, softphone download, free softphone for mac,
A proprietary soft phone that operates like the PDAs / pocket PCs and smartphones it unifies Voip (based SIP) and cellular ccommunications GSM on mobile GSM/WIFI mobile which is based on the microsoft windows mobile operating system.

The Microsoft ActiveSync based address book present in BeWip is..................

Page name : MPEG-4 Facial Animation , Posted by: Computer Science Clay facial animation freeware, facial animation maya, facial animation in 3ds max, the influence of facial animation on smile characteristics,
MPEG-4 Facial Animation

For real time facial animation on the web, following are the important requirements:

1). Easy installation: like in most of the application, the virtual presenter is not the most important attraction of the proposed services. ..................

Page name : X- Internet , Posted by: Computer Science Clay allow activex internet explorer, mac os x internet connect, enabling activex internet explorer, os x internet connection,
X- Internet

Many people think the Internet and the Web are the same thing. They're not. The Internet is a piece of wire that goes from me to you and from me to 300 million other people in the world. The Web is software that I put on my end of the wire,..................

Page name : Z-MAC A Hybrid MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks full report , Posted by: project report tiger Z MAC A Hybrid MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks pdf, wireless sensor networks ieee, routing protocols wireless sensor networks, z mac a hybrid mac for wireless sensor networks,

Z-MAC: A Hybrid MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks

Presented By:-
Subodh Kumar Gond
Roll. No. 08EC6415
M.Tech. 1st Year
Telecommunication System Engineering


What is MAC

-Controlling access to the channel
What is Z-MAC..................

Page name : To Design an Efficient MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network under Mult , Posted by: seminar surveyer Network, ethernet mac protocol, Acoustic, Efficient,
Presented By:
Reena Kumari
M.Tech (ETC)
Roll No: 851015
3rd semester,2009

To design a efficient MAC protocol for underwater acoustic sensor network suitable for multi-hop network

Different emphasis from mid-semester surveys:
Challenges and opportunit..................

Page name : Mac OS X Programming , Posted by: smart paper boy advanced mac os x programming, Mac OS X Programming, os x programming, Programming,

Mac OS X Programming
Using Cocoa with Objective-C
What is covered:
Cocoa application development
Objective-C as the primary programming language
Jaguar (10.2) Developer Tools although most comments apply to Xcode (Panther)
What is not covered:
Carbon applicat..................

Page name : Challenges and Recent Advances in QoS Provisioning Signaling Routing and MAC protoc , Posted by: project report helper ma, a survey on mac protocols for cognitive radio networks, mac protocols wiki, mac protocols for wireless systems,

Challenges and Recent Advances in QoS Provisioning,
Signaling, Routing and MAC protocols for MANETs

Shivanajay Marwaha Jadwiga Indulska Marius Portmann
School of ITEE, University of Queensland and NICTA Queensland Research ..................

Page name : Mac Analyzer , Posted by: computer science technology mcdonalds, mac addr, mac federal credit union, mac game demos,
Description : In this paper we introduced a new MAC sub-layer protocol for multi-hop Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks (RTWSNs). This protocol makes it possible to transmit time-constrained data with given priorities and end-to-end delays. Such data are needed in multimedia applications implemented..................

Page name : WIN32 EXECUTION OF LINUX BINARIES , Posted by: nit_cal win32 fakevimes, win32 bredolabaa, win32 folder, win32 fakeyak,


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