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.pdf  BIOCHEMISTRY.pdf (Size: 68.32 KB / Downloads: 69)


1. Perspectives of Biotechnology


1. Bio-molecules and their characteristics (Structure, Physical and Chemical
properties of Lipids, Nucleic acids.)


1. Principles and application of colorimetry and Fluorimetry
2. Principles and Applications of Sectrophotometry
4. Isoelectric Focussing
5. Determination of Pk values of Functional groups of Amino acids
6. Principles of separation and isolation techniques for Proteins and Nucleic
7. Enzyme immobilization techniques.


1. Chromosome Mapping
2. Sex-linked inheritance
3. Sex Determination
4. Gene transfer in Bacteria

Answer any FIVE questions. 5 x 15 = 75

All questions carry equal marks
1. Discuss various perspectives of Biotechnology
2. Write an essay on the sex – linked inheritance
3. Discuss various modes of determining the sex of an individual, elucidating specific


4. Write short notes on any TWO
a. Chromosome Mapping
b. Gene transfer in Bacteria
c. Structure of DNA
5. Describe in detail the Principles of separation and isolation techniques for proteins.
6. Give an account of the principle and instrumentation of Spectrophotometer
7. Describe the Principle, procedure and application of Enzyme immobilization.
8. Write notes on any TWO
a. Isoelectric focusing
b. Colorimetry
c. pK values of amino acids

Answer any FIVE Questions. All Questions carry equal marks. 5 x 16 = 80

Draw diagrams wherever necessary.

1. Discuss the Principles of Classification of Micro-organisms
2. Describe the process of growth in Microbes
3. Define nutrition and describe the various modes of nutrition in micro-organisms
4. Describe the ultra structure of Bacteria
5. Describe the biology of viruses
6. Explain the biology of Saccharomyces Cerviciae (Yeast)
7. Describe the various economically useful and harmful Algae
8. Write short notes on any FOUR 4 x 4 = 16
1. Bio-geochemical cycles 2. Microbes in Food Production
3. Microbes in improvement of soil 4. Cyanobacteria
5. Mycoplasma 6. Ultra structure of Fungal cell
7. Economic importance of Fungi 8. Ultra structure of eukaryotic algae.


I. D N A as the bearer of genetic information
Replication and transcription of DNA
Role of DNA polymerase
RNA Polymerase – Reverse transcriptase
Principles of DNA sequencing by Sanger’s Dideoxyribonucleotide Method./
And Maxam and Gilbert Method.
II. Genetic Code
Important features of genetic code.
Major steps in protein biosynthesis.
Inhibitors of protein synthesis – regulation of gene expression.
II. Damage to DNA – And repair
Mutations – Spontanecus & Induced Mutations and their mechanism.

Cutting DNA Molecules, Restriction Endonucleases their uses nomenclature and
target sites – Restriction maps – Southern Blotting and Northern Blotting. –
Mechanical Sharing of DNA isolation of Gene Fragments by Different Methods.

2. Elementary knowledge on the ligation of DNA

DNA Ligase
Double linkers
Homopolymer tailing
Cloning of DNA by Homopolymer tailing
Full length C-DNA cloning
Genomic DNA libraries.
3. General account of cloning vectors used in Escherichia coli like plasmids,
bacteriophages and cosmids.
4. Expressions of clonedgenes, in E.coli-factors influencing the expression of foreign

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