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brake failure indicator
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hey, i just want to know more information about "brake failure indicator"...
am doing a project on this topic, so give me more information about it..!!! please help... Sad
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more information on brake failure indicator is in the following thread. please go through it. you can find more details.
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more information on brake failure indicator is in the following thread. please go through it. you can find more details.
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I am doing a minor project on "brake failure indicator" . But I am not getting the appropriate information that I need to prepare my project report.Huh
I've completed the circuit by the help of the circuit diagram of "brake failure indicator'...Sad Now all I need is to know how does the circuit operates & why it needs these specific ICs used in this circuit. As I belong to the branch Electronics & Telecommunication, I need to know more about the circuit operation & function of the IC chips used in it.Exclamation
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more information on brake failure indicator is in the following thread. please go through it. you can find more details.
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.pdf  BRAKE FAILURE.pdf (Size: 121.59 KB / Downloads: 83)

Do you want to get an early warning of brake failure while driving? Here is a brake failure indicator circuit that constantly monitors the condition of the brake and gives an audio-visual indication. When the brake is applied, the green LED blinks and the piezobuzzer
beeps for around one second if the brake system is intact. If the brake fails, the red LED glows and the buzzer stops beeping. The circuit will work only in vehicles with negative grounding. It also
gives an indication of brake switch failure. In hydraulic brake systems of vehicles, a brake switch is mounted on the brake cylinder to operate the rear brake lamps. The brake switch is fluidoperated
and doesn’t function if the fluid pressure drops due to leakage.
The fluid leakage cannot be detected easily unless there is a severe pressure drop in the brake pedal. This circuit senses the chance of a brake failure by monitoring the brake switch and reminds you of the condition of the brake every time the brake is applied. The circuit uses an op-amp IC CA3140 (IC2) as voltage comparator and timer NE555 (IC3) in monostable configuration for alarm. Voltage comparator IC2 senses the voltage level across the brake switch. Its non-inverting input (pin 3) gets half the supply voltage through potential divider resistors R3 and R4 of 10 kilo-ohms each. The inverting input (pin 2) of IC2 is connected to the brake switch through diode D1, IC 7812 (IC1) and resistor R2. It receives a higher voltage when the brake is applied. Normally, when the brake is not applied, the output of IC2 remains high and the red LED (LED1) glows. The output of IC2 is fed to trigger pin 2 of the monostable through coupling capacitor C2. Resistor R1 is used for
the input stability of IC2. IC1 and C1 provide a ripple-free regulated supply to the inverting input of IC2. IC3 is wired as a monostable to
give pulse output of one second. Timing elements R7 and C4 make the output high for one second to activate the buzzer and LED2. Usually, the trigger pin of IC3 is high due to R6 and the buzzer and LED2 remain ‘off.’ When the brake pedal is pressed, pin 2 of IC2 gets a higher voltage from the brake switch and its output goes
low to switch off the red LED. The low output of IC2 gives a short negative pulse to the m o n o s t a b l e through C2 to trigger it. This activates the buzzer and LED2 to indicate that the brake system is working. When there is pressure drop in the brake system due to leakage, LED1 remains ‘on’ and the buzzer does not
sound when the brake is applied.

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