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difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g technology ppt
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please provide full details about G technology .and how they are emerging nowdays
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to get information about the topic "difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g technology" full report refer the link bellow
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Difference between 1G 2G 3G 4G

.doc  Difference between.doc (Size: 116.5 KB / Downloads: 50)


In 1G - Narrow Band (Frequency which is specific frequency range in the Radio frequency range) Analogue (amplifying the strength of the signal or varying the frequency, in order to add information to the signal) Wireless Network is used. In this Technology Circuit Switching (the path is decided upon before the data transmissions starts. the system decides on which the route the data should follow) is used for transmission of data which is voice or text. In this generation the data transmission is not reliable or strong enough to reach the destination and very slow to reach the destination 9.6 Kbps is speed.

In 2G -Narrow Band Wireless Digital (sequence) Network. In this also Circuit switching is used as in 1G. The basic difference is in 1G it is Analogue-continuous like voice, where as in 2G it is Digital-sequence like text message.
In both analogue and digital data transmission it mainly like involves bandwidth or frequency capacity. In Analogue it is very less frequency is required like about 4.5Mhz that is equal to 145Mbites/s whereas in Digital it requires about 75 MHz that is equal to 1455Mb/s transmission capacity.
Where in there is one more key difference in terms of Physical or hardware ability. In A (analogue) and D (Digital) there is both transmission and Receiving capability. But in A at receiving end it not sure whether we get in right form as it send. There may be some disturbances in between. Where as in D as name suggests Digital only 0's and 1's we use for transmission, we can d send in digital form can be received in same form. Even though if there is any loss of data/duplication/disorder at receiving end receiving device can rearrange them by using some mechanisms like Error checking/correcting as they sent.
From this we can say that 2G is faster reliable, error free than 1G.In 2G GPRS is lacking.
There is one more generation in between 2G and 3G that is 2.5G
frankly it is click that much as the initiatives does not reflect that much. From 2.5G itself GPRS (Global Positioning Radio System) is started, EDGE-Enhanced GPRS.

In 3G-Wide Brand Wireless Network is used. Data is sent by using Packet Switching. Voice calls are sent by Circuit Switching.
Here there is one more term called packet switching. its nothing same as circuit but here data is transformed like letter which has from address and to address. In PS data is divided into packets and each packet has sequence number, header (from address) and footer(to address) generally. so by this method data can find its own smallest path to reach the destination. And receiving end by using sequence number data can be received as it is.
In this generation band width is 15-20 Mhz.
Still in India its usage is very less because due to lack of Wide Band Frequency Spectrum
Technologies used in this generation are like WCMA-Wide band Code division Multiple Band, EVDO-in this technology download is 280MB/s and upload is 75MB/s, HSPA-High Speed Packet Access.

Difference b/w 2G and 3G -
2G is only Semi global facility is available whereas in 3G Global level with rooming facility is available.
3G technology much costlier than 2G.Data Transmission charges are high in 3G

4G- This is successor of 2Gand 3G generations. In this the Data transmission is much higher than 3G.That is download is 100Mbps. along with facilities of 3G some more like Multimedia ,Television with high speed and clarity. Even Live video telecast can be viewed using this generation mobiles. The targets by ITU(International Telecommunication Union-which regulates Radio spectrum globally , domestically by FCC Federal Communication Commission) for 4G are 100 Mbps for High Mobility communication like in railways, roadways etc. 1Gbps speed for Low mobility communication like pedistraints, household etc.

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