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.pptx  ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC BRAKING SYSTEM.pptx (Size: 67.44 KB / Downloads: 126)

Electro hydraulic brake system combines the control flexibility of electronics and the power of hydraulics to create a versatile braking system. Ideal for on- and off-highway applications, the electro hydraulic system offers an alternative to traditional mechanical braking.

Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB)

developed by Toyota Motor Corporation initially for its hybrid and Lexus models, is the world's first production brake-by-wire braking system.
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.ppt  ELECTRO HYDRAULIC.ppt (Size: 908 KB / Downloads: 127)


This is a system which senses the driver's will of braking through the pedal simulator and controls the braking pressures to each wheels
The system is also a hydraulic Brake by Wire system.
In the true sense of the definition, any EHB vehicle may be braked with an electrical “joystick” completely independent of the traditional brake pedal.
Hydraulic fluid is used to transmit energy from the actuator to the wheel brakes.


EHB supplies a braking force proportional to driver input, which reduces braking effort.
The boost characteristics also contribute to the pedal “feel” of the vehicle.
If the boost source fails, the system resorts to manual brakes where brake input energy is supplied in full by the driver.

Conventional vacuum boosted system

The conventional system utilizes a largely mechanical link all the way from the brake pedal through the vacuum booster and into the master cylinder piston.
Proportional assist is provided by an air valve acting in conjunction with the booster diaphragm to utilize the stored vacuum energy.
The piston and seal trap brake fluid and transmit the hydraulic energy to the wheel brake.

Pedal Force Emulator – Master Cylinder (PFE-MC)

The unit consists of a master cylinder with emulator piston and spring assembly.
As the driver’s foot applies the brake pedal, an input push rod displaces the primary master cylinder piston, while at the same time the isolation valves in the HCU are commanded to close.
This blocks both primary and secondary master cylinder outlet ports. The secondary piston becomes locked in place due to the trapped fluid.
The fluid contained by the primary piston is displaced into the drill path, which leads to the emulator assembly.
As pressure continues to build, the spring begins to deform under the load from the hydraulic pressure acting on the surface of the piston.
This causes the brake pedal to move in proportion to the force exerted by the driver.

Comparison of EHB & Conventional Braking System

Reduces Braking Effort in EHB
the pedal forces vs. vehicle deceleration characteristics are significantly affected in EHB
pedal force input limit of 500 N, the difference between the resulting brake line pressure is 2.5 MPa unboosted vs. 8.5 MPa boosted - vehicle deceleration is achieved easily
largely mechanical link is used in conventional


EHB design allows system flexibility, inherent accumulator precharge isolation, and the ability to tune for optimum failed system stopping performance for all vehicle classes.
A carefully designed and implemented EHB system holds the promise of enabling the new brake-by-wire features while still reliably performing the everyday task of stopping the vehicle.
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Electrohydraulic brake system (EHB) is a system that detects the will of the driver to brake through the pedal simulator and controls the braking pressures of each wheel. The system is also a hydraulic brake system by wire. Many of the vehicle sub-systems in today's modern vehicles are being converted into "by-wire" type systems.

This normally implies a function, which in the past was activated directly through a purely mechanical device, is now implemented by electromechanical means by signal transfer to and from an electronic control unit.

Optionally, the ECU can apply additional "intelligence" based on the input of other sensors outside the influence of the driver. The Electrohydraulic Brake is not a true by-wire system with the thought process that physical wires do not extend to the wheel brakes. However, in the true sense of the definition, any EHB vehicle can be braked with an electric joystick completely independent of the traditional brake pedal. It simply happens that the hydraulic fluid is used to transmit power from the actuator to the wheel brakes.

This configuration offers the distinct advantage that today's production wheel brakes can be maintained while a manually applied integrated hydraulic safety backup system can be incorporated directly into the EHB system. The cost and complexity of this approach typically compare favorably with an electromechanical brake (EMB) system, which requires a significant reversal in the vehicle's fail-safe electrical architecture, and some require a 42-volt power source. Therefore, the EHB can be classified as a "stone of progress" technology to complete electromechanical brakes

A base braking event may be described as a normal or typical stop where the driver holds the vehicle in its intended direction at a controlled deceleration level that does not approach close to the wheel lock. All other braking events where additional intervention may be required, such as wheel brake pressure control to prevent locking, application of a wheel brake to transfer the torque through an open differential or application of a torque induced to one or two wheels selected to correct a lower or higher steering condition can be classified as controlled brake performance.

Field statistics indicate that most of the braking events come from base brake applications and, as such, can be classified as the most important function. From this perspective, it may be of interest to compare modern electrohydraulic brake (EHB) systems with a conventional vacuum brake application system and observe the various design options used to achieve performance and reliability targets.

It can be understood in the following video:


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