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physics investigatory projects for class 12 cbse
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please help in making project on 'to study various factors on which the emf/internal resistance of the cell depends' as early as possible
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HEY...please help me by giving details of my project AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
my topic is...To study the relation between
1. input and output voltage
2. no. of turns in primary and secondary coil in a self-made transformer[/b]
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plzz some good topics for physics investigatory project for class 12 CBSE...!!!Idea
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please suggest good investigatory projects for class 12 -physics.
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i want a simple and effective physics project strictly according to the syllabus of cbse 12
Post: #6
project on factors affecting internal resistance and emf of acell
Post: #7
to investigate the relation between the ratio of (1) input and output voltage and (2) number of turns in the secondary coil and primary coil of a self-designed transformer.
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please help me to get my physics investigatory project done on any topic
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why dnt u ppl try to demonstrate the working of AND OR & NOT gate?
Post: #10
i want the phsics project on logic gates complete
Post: #11
can u help me in finding physicsinvestegatory on logic gates
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Hii plzzz suggest me a topic for investigatory project...plzz..:-)
Post: #13
i need quick project basically simple project of physics of 12
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Hey! If you are a class 12 student and looking for physics investigatory projects, do not miss CoolJunk DIY(do-it-yourself) physics kits: CoolJunk Physics Investigatory Project Kits

Using step-by-step visual instructions & detailed theory manual, you can make your physics investigatory project within hours & score 100% marks in practical. Here is the list of topic based projects for class 12:

1. Verification of Kirchhoff Laws and Ohms Law
2. Variable Resistors: Potentiometer, Preset & LDR: Sequential glowing of LEDs, Internal structure of potentiometer/preset, Working of LDR
3. Capacitors-Charging and Discharging With Resistors & Time Constants
4. Relay & Electromagnetism- Burglar Alarm, Alternate Switching, Oscillator
5. Diode- VI Characteristics & Working, Low Resistance Path, Protection Device
6. OR and AND Digital Logic Gates using Diodes
7. NOR and NAND Digital Logic Gates using Diodes
8. Zener Diode- Working & Reverse Breakdown Voltage, Voltage Regulator
9. Transistor as Amplifier & Switch: Cut-off, Active & Saturation Regions
10. Touch Activated Switch (Passing current through body) using a Transistor
11. Darlington Pair (Multi-stage amplifier using transistors)
12. Automatic Night Lamp using transistor and LDR
13. OR and AND Logic Gates using Transistors
14. NOR and NAND Logic Gates using Transistors
15. NOT Gate (Transistor as an Inverter)
16. LED Blinker (or Flasher) using a Transistor
17. H-Bridge (Motor-driving circuit used in robotics) using transistors
18. DC Motor: Studying relation between RPM and Voltage
19. Wheatstone Bridge: Calculating the unknown resistance using two fixed resistors and a variable resistor (potentiometer)
20. Full-wave Bridge Rectifier (Using diodes and a 12V AC transformer)
21. Full-wave rectifier using diodes and a center-tapped 12V AC transformer
22. Joule Thief: Drawing energy from a dead cell using an inductor
23. IR (Infrared) Security or Intrusion Alarm System
24. Temperature Sensor using a thermistor
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