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Full Version: 3E What it does
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3E What it does

It greatly improves the burning rate of fuel by allowing oxygen to more readily combine with the fuel. This allows for a guaranteed 10% decrease in fuel consumption, but in some field testings the fuel savings is over 20%. There is also a huge decrease in emissions..up to 43%..
The 3E minimizes NOX by reducing particulate matter (PM), harmful carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC). The 3E is proving to be the answer to today’s environmental challenges, as well as a solution to the rising fuel costs.
3E How it works:
Fuel flows through the 3E causing a primary catalytic transformation of the fuel, which breaks down the long chain alkene molecules into shorter alkenes and the very short chain alkene molecules join onto the end of the alkenes, thus providing the ideal form of hydrocarbon molecules for complete combustion.
During the catalytic transformation small molecular size particles of tin are released, gradually coating the surface of the combustion chamber, lubricating and removing carbon build up and producing more power and efficiency.
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