Scrum project management pros and cons

Scrum management is a very famous framework that is very useful for innovative and byzantine product development projects. It helps out in management work often putting more emphasis on software development. The scrum framework still has got some advantages and disadvantages to it. 

But before jumping right into the project one must first understand what it is.


What is the Scrum framework?

  • The owner of the product creates a backlog or a wish list of the entire task that is more important in the project.
  • The scrum team then conducts a session of sprint plans where all the tasks are divided equally into smaller and manageable chunks.
  • Then implementations are planned by creating a sprint backlog.
  • Then the decision is taken for the time duration of each sprint. Mostly the time interval is kept for two weeks.
  • There is an everyday gathering of the scrum team for a brief meeting. These daily meetings are called as daily stand-up. These are done regularly to keep a check if everything is going well.
  • In the daily stand up each member tells of the updates that ultimately help the team and also the project manager for assessing the progress of their project.
  • There is one person called the certified scrum master. He/she is chosen by the team itself and their main purpose is to check if all the teammates are working properly or not and to motivate them to complete their works.
  • At the very end, the stakeholder and the owner of the product conducts a review.

So this was the cycle of a scrum team that helps in the project development. As one can see that there were in total three roles mentioned above that were- the project owner, the scrum team and the certified scrum master these entirely together have an important role in the exercising of this framework.

Now as the explanation of the scrum framework has been done let’s peep into the pros and cons of it.


Pros of scrum Framework-

Here is the reason why this scrum project management framework of doing projects is soo popular-

  • It helps to complete the project quickly and more efficiently.
  • If one uses this method they would be able to manage time and also save their money.
  • The large and difficult projects are divided into smaller and easily manageable sprints.
  • The development can be coded and also tested at the time of the sprint review.
  • It is a good choice for faster moving development projects.
  • Because of the scrum meeting, all the members get a clear vision.
  • The scrum project management is agile and hence adopts feedbacks from the stakeholder and the customers also.
  • The short sprints enable the team to make changes based on the feedback they get.
  • There is transparency so each member’s efforts are visible during the daily scrum meetings.

These were all the plus points of the scrum project management. No doubts that this a great way of completing projects on time.


Cons of the scrum framework-

 Though the Scrum project management is having many pros as nothing is perfect so still it is having a few cons that make people think before using it. Here are the cons mentioned below which can be sorted out if it is combined with other management techniques-

  • The scrum framework often leads to scope crepes as it does not has a definite end date so it may be sometimes tiresome to go on with this technique. But it can be resolved if a fixed and appropriate date is chosen by the team.
  • There are very high chances of failures if each individual does not put up efforts in the project. So the scrum master has to be very strict and focus on each member’s work and check on if they are daily doing their assigned work properly.
  • It may be very challenging for some to adopt it in a large team as it is very difficult to keep up with every member’s task in the scrum team.
  • Only with the experienced members, the scrum team can get success as they know how to work daily. It might be very confusing for the newbies to get on the framework as it is a little difficult to understand everything about it.
  • The daily meeting is also sometimes frustrating for the scrum members as they have to take out some time from their daily schedule to go to the meeting and report their works daily. Sometimes it happens that the members are not able to attend the daily scrum meeting and this disturbs the whole framework.
  • If by chance a member goes back and leaves the team then also it will have a great negative impact on the whole scrum team and the project won’t be completed on time.
  • The quality is very difficult to be maintained until and unless the whole team is filtered through an aggressive testing process.


Bottom line-

This was the information related to the scrum framework that one need to know before implementing it in a project. Even everything has two sides so does the scrum project management does have.

But well, if a team has properly used the method and is a dedicated team to complete the project on time with full dedication then surely that team can overcome the defects of the Scrum method. Like the scrum master must take care of each member and see if they are doing their allotted task regularly and on time.

Each member should also be allotted with defined role and responsibility so there will be no compromises on the quality and no excuses for the failure. This will also help to keep the scrum members more focused.

These were all the things that one should know and follow for better execution of the scrum project and to get a 100% sure success in their project.