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Page name : need source code , Posted by: akansha1101 application source code, android application source code, source code android application, code quality,
i want the source code of this project please mail me at [email protected]

its urgent please do reply..................

Page name : Shift Invert Coding SINV for Low Power VLSI full report , Posted by: project topics sinv terminal, full, Shift Invert Coding SINV for Low Power VLSI pdf, Shift Invert Coding SINV for Low Power VLSI ppt,
Low power VLSI circuit design is one of the most important issues in present day technology. One of the ways of reducing power in a CMOS circuit is to reduce the number of transitions on the bus and Bus Invert Coding is a widely popular technique for that. In this paper we introduce a new..................

Page name : Modified JPEG Huffman Coding , Posted by: vinay.f6 JPEG, huffman decode, modified huffman coding, lossless coding,
I am a final year student of an engineering college and was looking for project topic . I was very interested in some topics and would very happy if you provided more information on them.
I want to know more (Synopsis) about the following topics :-

Generalized Load Sharing / Traffic Scheduling ..................

Page name : A Design of HDB3 CODEC Based on FPGA , Posted by: projectsofme hdb3 framing, hdb3 encoder, hdb3 amphenol, hdb3 encoding rules,
A Design of HDB3 CODEC Based on FPGA

The basic principles and structure of HDB3 was briefly introduced in this paper, and the shortcomings of the existing HDB3 encoder and decoder was analyzed...................

Page name : Multi View Video and its transmission , Posted by: project report tiger multiview video coding standard, multiview video coding, Multi View Video and its transmission pdf, multi view video codec,

Multi-View Video and its transmission


¢ A little history:
“ Motion pictures
“ T.V broadcast : live, digital.
“ DVD, BD, VOD etc
¢ Single View Video
¢ Limitations:
“ Only one view
“ No interaction

Basic ..................

Page name : Code Excited Linear Prediction modified using Root Cepstrum , Posted by: ajukrishnan Excited, linear predictive coding tutorial, linear prediction excel, linear predictive coding,
Due to increasing demand for speech communications, efficient techniques in low-rate speech coding are of interest.Here a new compression technique using root cepstral analysis has been proposed. Implementing the proposed method causes the coder to deal with root cepstrum coefficien..................

Page name : SQL Server Basics , Posted by: smart paper boy Basics, basics of sql server 2005, sql basics, sql server 2005 basics,

SQL Server Basics for non-DBAs
Independent consultant (Austin, TX)
Author of several SQL Server books
Instructor, “Implementing and Managing SQL Server 2005” (Keystone Learning)
Info: or [email protected]
Overview and Agenda
SQL Server 200..................

Page name : Basic of Communication , Posted by: seminar surveyer Communication, optical communication basics, satellite communication basics, data communication basics,


-communications system
is a collection of individual communications networks, transmission systems, relay stations, tributary stations, and data terminal equipment (DTE) usually capable of interconnection and interoperation to form an integrated whole.

Page name : Bit-Allocation Scheme for Coding of Digital Audio Using Psychoacoustic Modeling full , Posted by: computer science technology Audio, Bit Allocation Scheme for Coding of Digital Audio Using Psychoacoustic Modeling seminar report, Modeling, Coding,

A New Bit-Allocation Scheme for Coding of Digital Audio Using Psychoacoustic Modeling

In this paper we present a modified adaptive bit-allocation scheme for coding of audio signals using psychoacoustic modeling. Statistical redundancy reduction (lossless coding) gen..................

Page name : c code to implement des algorithm , Posted by: pradips fibonacci code in c, embedded c coding standardcode, c coding standard, c coding style,
c code to implement des algorithm,also substitution and transposition..................

Improved space“time coding for multiple-input and multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing is studied for wireless systems using QPSK modulation for four transmit and four receive antennas. A 256-state code is shown to perform within 3 dB of outage capacity (and wit..................

Page name : Speech Coding , Posted by: vishvakanthi speech coding tutorial, speech topics, speech coding basics, speech coding using lpc,
hiiii dis is vishva..i wanna know more bout speech coding.....................

Page name : Network Coding , Posted by: Electrical Fan network coding for the internet, network coding capacity a functional dependence bound, network coding bibliography, network coding an introducti,
Multiuser information theory has been an important research area since the 1970â„¢s. In the past few years, there has been a surge in research activities in the area due to its potential applications to communication networks. In particular, the recent theory of network coding reveals the surp..................

Page name : Seminar Report On NETWORK CODING , Posted by: Computer Science Clay network coding iptv, network coding institute, network coding in java, network coding in wireless networks,
Seminar Report On
Submitted by
2007 2

Page name : coding and modulation for a horrible channel , Posted by: electronics seminars coding by convention, coding at home, coding boot camp, coding best practices,

Designing a system able to cope with a hostile channel is a typical challenge for data communication Engineers. High- data- rate communication over power lines is an exemplar case: while power lines are potentially convenient and in expensive no new wir..................

Page name : EMBEDDED FOVEATION IMAGE CODING , Posted by: seminar projects crazy IMAGE CODING, wavelet based image coding an overview, exam in image coding compression, image coding for craigslist,
The human visual system is highly space variant in sampling, coding, processing and understanding. The spatial resolution of HVS is highest around the point of fixation and decreases with increasing eccentricity. By taking advantages of this possible fact, we can remove considerable high frequency i..................

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