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Page name : Electricity Generation Through Walking Floor , Posted by: mkaasees Through, Electricity, Electricity Generation Through Walking Floor, Floor,
When people start dancing on the walking floor then the current is generated by the EMF produced through the magnetic coil placed under the floor. This is done with the help of jumping of the persons on the floor. The voltage produced through the walking floor is displayed on the voltmeter and also ..................

Page name : Development And Study Of Floor Cleanser From Modified Black Liquor , Posted by: mkaasees Cleanser, Modified, From, Floor,
In paper industry about 8-10 tonnes of black liquor effluent is generated per tonne of finished paper produced. Here an attempt was made to develop a floor cleanser composition based on HCL treated black liquor, SLS, SLES and polymeric surfactants.
In paper industry about 8-10 tonnes of black liquo..................

Page name : Eliminating Nonproductive Trolly Movement On The Shop Floor By Adopting Synchronised , Posted by: mkaasees Eliminating Nonproductive Trolly Movement On The Shop Floor By Adopting Synchronised, Trolly, Movement, Adopting,
Its absolutely a new idea and can bring revolution in manufacturing organization. This concept is basically applied to manufacturing firms which are engaged in assembly line example. Automobile industries, Electronic industries, etc. While making assembly we need inventory. Inventories are brought t..................

Page name : Measurements of Man-Made Spectrum Noise Floor , Posted by: seminar flower Measurements, Measurements of ManMade Spectrum Noise Floor, Spectrum, ManMade,
Measurements of Man-Made Spectrum Noise Floor


This report consolidates research carried out at Clemson University and Stanford University where a series of
measurements were undertaken to identify the man-made radiation..................

Page name : voice user interface , Posted by: shilpa49 interface europe, user interface, audio interface, interface carpets,
plss help meee...
add its pdf & ppt.....................

Page name : Online Text Tile On ICON tiles , Posted by: seminar class Text, wall tile, bathroom and kitchen, tile on tiles,

This is a software which can be used by a Icon tiles for keeping the records of tiless which is to be oredered by costmers. It helps to keep a record of all the transactions and a password login is created for security.
In Regularly system we do not ha..................

Page name : AN FPGA-BASED ARCHITECTURE FOR REAL TIME IMAGE FEATURE EXTRACTION , Posted by: annavava australian architecture, architectural floor plans, architecture plansTIME, architectural competition,
if u have the materials for this project can u send please sent it to dis id

[email protected]

its urgent...and i also needed some guidance on dis project..please



Page name : Air powered cars , Posted by: Alen John air powered fence post driver, air powered elevator, air powered engine plans, air powered file,
Dear sir,
Pls forward the abstract & the detailed report of the seminar topic air powered cars to my mail id ([email protected]) .
with regards,

Page name : robot floor cleaner with wireless remote control , Posted by: mkaasees control, remote, floor, wireless,

Nowadays, the high living styles have become highly request. The robot floor cleaner with wireless remote control will be advantages for the user to complete house task. For the final year project, this project is about an instruction given to from the w..................

Page name : floor cleaner robot , Posted by: seminar code floor, robot, cleaner, floor cleaner robot,
Abstracts: It’s very hard to clean the floor in big space like colleges; hospitals etc. Main function of cleaning machine is reducing the human efforts & manpower for cleaning such areas without time factor. A floor cleaning machine includes a self-contained and propelled, power driven body mounti..................


Machine vision refers to applications in which the PC automatically makes a decision based on visual input from a camera. Machine vision is a term typically used in industrial manufacturing, where applications ra..................

Page name : Ultrasonic Trapping In Capillaries For Trace-Amount Bi Download Full Seminar Report , Posted by: Computer Science Clay ultrasonic frequency, ultrasonic facial, ultrasonic gun cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner solution,
Nonintrusive manipulation by standing-wave acoustics has been widely used for levitation and trapping of macroscopic objects.1 The standing-wave field creates an acoustic radiation force on the object that depends on its size and acoustic parameters.2 In the present article we demonstrate size-selec..................

Page name : green-steam-energy-engine , Posted by: Computer Science Clay mr green steam carpet cleaning, green steam engine, green steam car wash, green steam engine review,
Robert Green, an American Inventor, has developed a brand new technology which generates kinetic energy through the conversion of waste heat (as well as many other fuel sources). The Green Steam Engine is piston powered and designed for a wide assortment of practical applications. These steam engine..................

Page name : Vacuum Braking System , Posted by: computer science crazy vacuum braking systems, vacuum coffee maker, Braking, seminar on vacuum braking system,
A moving train contains energy, known as kinetic energy, which needs to be removed from the train in order to cause it to stop. The simplest way of doing this is to convert the energy into heat.

The conversion is usually done by applying a contact material to the rotating wheels or to discs at..................

Page name : reactive powder concrete , Posted by: pushpa powder concrete color, powdered concrete color, powder concrete floor cleaner, powder concrete fasteners,

Page name : multi floor compact model car parking system , Posted by: vimal chaudhari model, vacuum cleaningcompact, dyson vacuum cleaner, dyson,
My project is multi floor compact model car parking system. me need some technical data in this project.....................

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